my sis was in town last week and it was so great.
i cant wait for her to move up here.
if you dont know me and my sisters.. here is us in a nutshell:
the awkward ending just defines us even more.
(we were bored at school)
(we arent always this weird)
(youre just jealous of my seal noises)
[its fine ill teach you..]
and p.s. dont you love how it pauses on me with a lazy eye in the beginning? aw i just look so pretty. [jk]

Photos from the zoo

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  1. haha thanks jules! lots of practice.. jk im pretty sure kiersti taught me and sheridan in mexico one year!

    haven!!! hahahaha the corn dog story is maybe one of my favorite. we are so fat! who steals corn dogs at 3 am?!?! we are funny. miss you and hayes so bad! i just saw joe at school! lets catch up asap!