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STRIPED DRESS: BCBG // THIGH HIGH BOOTS: Stuart Weitzman // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // TAN SUEDE JACKET: BCBG (old; similar here) // A’S WHOLE OUTFIT: Zara

You guys we officially have cleaned out our closets and dressers and every drawer in our apartment!!! This was a major accomplishment. You know when you are mid deep clean and everything is a DISASTER??? Well our tiny apartment looked like it got robbed and then a tornado went through it. Then I started to get really bad contractions, which I never got with Atticus, so I was freaking out a bit that I would go into labor when our apartment was torn apart and come home to a disaster ha! Luckily I didn’t. We cleared out so much stuff we have a completely empty storage bin AND two empty drawers.. which may not sound like much but if you live in NYC maybe you can realize why we are so excited about that! We were freaking out and joking like “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO PUT IN OUR EMPTY DRAWER?!” Options are endless, really. Just kidding but seriously space is so limited here.

And it is middle of the night as I write this so before I forget, loved your feedback on the closet sale! I have a few bags of clothes and shoes I will sell after the baby comes and we get settled in with her, etc. We will donate everything to charity or a local homeless shelter.. still deciding and looking into different options but I will keep you posted on when we do it! I was going to try and bust it out this weekend but we had so much to do it didn’t end up happening like I had hoped.

The baby is still breech unfortunately so I have been trying different exercises and stretches.. pretty much anything anyone has told me + everything my doc told me to do. Someone this weekend was telling me they have had friends who did handstands in the pool and it turned the baby haha so might as well try?! I am going to a Chinese herbalist this week that my doctor recommended and he is going to try a few things and do acupuncture. I have the option of doing an ECV but I have been reading a ton about it and it sounds like it makes the baby really uncomfortable?? So I keep having a bad feeling about it.. have any of you ever had a successful experience with that? The more I think about it the more I realize I don’t want a c section for MY own selfish reasons which is silly because I just want this baby girl to be comfortable and get here safe. So if it has to be a c section then I am all for it.

This weekend was supposed to be super amazing and then ended up not really being that great ha. I would say about 95% of the time Atticus is happy and/or content and the 5% is when he is too tired or is just having one of those normal 16 month old moments (or hour). But on Saturday he just had a completely off day, the whole day. He was just not happy and would cry no matter what. It was really unlike him and we tried doing all of his favorite things to cheer him up, like taking him to the park to chase squirrels and everything. He had his happy moments and SOMEHOW we caught a couple of those on camera (that family selfie was taken while hunting out squirrels..) but dont let the photos fool you, he was not a happy boy most the day. We finally went to the ice cream store and got ice cream sandwiches and just let him go crazy with it. He probably ate like two bites and mostly just held it and squished all the ice cream out and enjoyed everyone at the store thinking it was adorable haha. I didn’t even care at that point – it was like whatever makes you happy kid! Today he was back to his normal self and we went to church, did lots of cuddling, and went to a festival in Harlem with friends.

Hope you all had a good weekend! xo

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  1. Love love love seeing photos of your family! Atticus smiles with his entire face i love it! I would love to see you share more about how you make living in a small space work. I have 2 small kids and a small house and i’m running of storage ideas and ways to organize their toys, clothes etc. to make everything more user friendly and space friendly!

  2. We live in a 690 square foot home in Seattle, with our 3 young children. I’m thinking you might appreciate this like I do: “But you know, love grows best in little houses
    With fewer walls to separate
    Where you eat and sleep so close together
    You can’t help but communicate
    Oh, and if we had more room between us, think of all we’d miss
    Love grows best, in houses just like this”

  3. ECV is soooo painful and it did not work for me. Same for my sister. I’m a fan of the ironing board trick, as you know! 🙂

  4. Hi Amber, I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of advice already but I wanted to share my experience of having a successful ECV. My baby was flipped to breech at 34 weeks and at 37 weeks my doctor suggested a ECV. I was very hesitant at first, did a lot of research, and had 2 previous vaginal births so I did not want a c-section. I knew the risks (painful, possible emergency c-section) but decided to try it. It was done in the hospital, the baby was being fully monitored, there were 4 doctors in the room and I knew I could tell them to stop at any time.

    I won’t lie… It was very painful. My husband said he couldn’t even watch. I had told the doctors I only wanted them to try 3 times but it only took 2 attempts for my baby girl to flip. I was monitored for awhile after and her heart rate remained great the whole time so I knew she was safe. She was born at 41 weeks perfectly healthy. I know every situation is different but I would only recommend doing it if you’ve tried every other option and you know it will be done in a safe and controlled setting. Good luck!

  5. C sections are even worse than ECV. I am a birth worker and I sincerely encourage you to look at all the negatives of a C section for baby. Anecdotal advice on the internet doesn’t trump facts. Sometimes babies turn during labor, and breech births are happening more and more now. If my 37 year old client can birth breech twins at home, you can do it wherever you choose to birth. Sometimes a chiro adjustment can help turn baby, and NOT dwelling on it, while enjoying the remainder of your pregnancy. Talk to a midwife, they are more versed on breech birth.

  6. This is my opinion and mine alone so take what you will from it BUT in nursing school during our labour and delivery rotation we were taught that more often than not ECV doesn’t work. It’s extremely uncomfortable for momma (as made evident by the three times I watched it performed and the poor women were crying and clenching their fists) and that it should only be performed in a hospital setting as sometimes it can cause the fetal heart rate to drop drastically and creating a potentially harmful situation for the baby. Obviously, I’m not a doctor but I am a nurse and a mother and when my son was still breech at 36 weeks, my OB recommended not doing it. He said he’d rather perform a c-section than try an ECV. I don’t have any other advice on how to get baby girl to flip for you unfortunately! I remember just laying on my right side one night around 37 weeks and all of the sudden my belly took a drastic turn and then an u/s confirmed he’d flipped. Maybe she’s just taking her time!! Take what you will from what I’ve said about ECV. There’s so many varying opinions out there! Hope things go smoothly for you! I understand the concern about a c-section BUT my two friends just had to deliver this way and no word of a lie their scares are smaller than my pinkie finger!! 🙂

  7. Love, love, LOVE your blog! I love seeing a cute and stylish mom that doesn’t just give up on fashion!
    So I know you have gotten a lot of feedback on the whole ECV thing, but here’s my experience. I’m a nurse practitioner and before that worked as a nurse. A few things I learned while in labor and delivery were: not all doctors were comfortable doing them, they would recommend them but that’s because it was their only option not because they thought it was best, they have a very high fail rate (like only 10-20% actually work) they can cause problems for the baby because no one knows exactly how she’s sitting in there, they hurt like nothing else and can end up requiring an emergency csection which is so not fun! I totally don’t want to be a Debby downer, just wanted to share what I have seen numerous times!
    Do what feels right for you and for her. I am so excited for all of you!

  8. I ABSOLUTELY love the clothes you dress Atticus in! They’re super cute and stylish xo

  9. Thanks for being real and sharing the not-so-perfect days too. 🙂 A’s hat is the cutest I’ve ever seen. Your family must turn heads every single time you step outside. 🙂 looking forward to your sale! Good idea to do it after baby- get some rest!

  10. Poor Atticus and poor you too!

    Despite not having a child yet, I can totally empathise with you on how difficult it would have been to try and make him feel better. On the plus side, however, the photos look great and you all look great, too!

  11. I had an ECV with my son that was unsuccessful. I too wanted to have a normal delivery but it just wasn’t in the cards. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t have an ECV. It was actually pretty painful and in the end if my son was breech I felt like it must have been for a reason and c section was the safest option. We tried something called moxibustion- which didn’t work for us, but it has for others. It was actually a pretty hilarious process. Unfortunately it smells really bad which is not ideal I’m sure given your living space. Anyways hope all goes well with your delivery!!! Your family is adorable and I enjoy your posts.

  12. These photos are so fun and happy! Oh gosh, ice cream cookie sandwiches are THE BEST! We love making our own at home 🙂 Try not to stress about baby—I know easier said than done. I go to an eastern medicine doctor who is also an acupuncturist and have sent both my sister and friend who had breech babies to her. They both had success at flipping their babies! She did acupuncture and moxa sticks. Within a week their babies were head down. I would ask the Chinese herbalist about these methods when you go! Also, I’m sure you heard about the Spinning Babies website. Baby will come out no matter what and no matter how, and that’s all that really matters. Best of luck!

  13. Omg I just posted about those same Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots, I am beyond obsessed! They make everyones legs look so long and thin, which really helps with my round pregnant stomach look! Gorgeous as always!


  14. Amber I had all my babies c-section … They really aren’t that bad ! My best advice if you have one get up and walk as soon and as often as you can ! Good luck ???? and yay to baby girls .

  15. Superman and Wonder-Chic! The hippest MommyBaby Dynamic Duo in Manhattan!

  16. First of all, spinning at 36 weeks…you inspire me!! I just wanted to reassure you that C sections are really not as terrible as you might be thinking! During my pregnancy I was all over the place talking to people and reading everything and I knew I didn’t want to end up with one…so I ended up with one for our little man (of course, right!). I was back out hiking three weeks post partum and its been a little over a year and the scar is just a faint line. Only sad part is that some docs don’t recommend you have more than 2 C-sections total so if you want a house full of little creatures maybe ask your OB about that. Good luck, will be praying for her to get that head down!

    1. I’ve had 3 c-sections and my sister has had 4. I’ve never heard of a doctor saying to only have two. I have heard some are uncomfortable with more than 4.

  17. What a wonderful weekend! Amber, is the scarf attic us wearing from zara too? Have been looking for one like this for my nephew but its not on their site! Good lunch with your new arrival! X

  18. Amber, you truly are so wonderful. I love reading your blog. All the photos are always so effortless and beautiful. Atticus is so cute in all his outfits – he makes me want to have a baby!!
    I do have a question, could you write about your experience about moving to NY and how easy/or hard it was to find an apartment and settle in with a baby etc.
    Wishing you all the best. Lots of love from London x

  19. My baby girl was breeched from 6 months on and I tried everything to get her to flip. I didn’t want a C section mainly because I’ve never had any type of procedure or surgery and was terrified. I went in to have the ECV done, but after they ran a bunch of tests, they found out my fluid was low and that I would have to have my baby THAT DAY! This was 3 weeks before my due date, so I was freaking out! I was prepared in the sense where I “had everything” but not mentally prepared. I guess you never are! Anyway, the whole C section procedure was a breeze. It literally took 5 minutes and she was out, safe and sound! I was a little bummed I didn’t get to nurse right away, but I did get to hold her and the after surgery stuff didn’t take very long. Recovery is definitely a little longer, but not too bad. Whatever it takes for our precious babes! Hope this eases your mind a little!

  20. You have a beautiful family and your photo’s always put a smile on my face. Trust in the Father, He is more than able to do the unimaginable! Eph 3:20. Trusting for a blessed, healthy birth for you and your baby girl, whichever way!


  21. I had a friend that with her first was told baby was breech. She found a chiropractor that helped. They did some adjustments and then my friend has some exercises she had to do at home. After about 2-3 appointments baby got into the correct position and she had a vaginal delivery. Hope everything goes well and baby gets here in safety!

  22. I can’t even get over how cute A is! He seriously is the smiliest baby I have ever seen! I’m so sorry for the c section potential. I know that must be soooo disappointing. You have a GREAT outlook that is baby girl is safe and comfortable then it is the best.
    xo, tara

  23. I can’t wait to see your baby girl!! So exciting and you are gorgeous as ever! My baby boy was footling breech and the doctor told me it would be unsafe to try to flip him. I kept praying that he would turn on his own, but he just stayed put. We ended up scheduling the C-section at 38 and a half weeks (June 17 of this year :D) and all went well. The recovery is a bit of a challenge, but if you try your hardest to take it easy and not lift anything or anybody- easier said than done with two little ones, I know!!- than you’ll be great. Congratulations:))

  24. Both of my kids have gotten really grumpy and started doing all kinds of strange things like not sleeping through the night, tantruming, etc in the weeks leading up to a new baby being born. It’s like they can sense that big changes are about to happen… Good luck!

  25. My first was breech also so we choose to have the ECV done and it was a success!! My husband said it was crazy to watch too. It wasn’t fun or comfortable but the options were so limited and I just did not want to have a C section done at all. The doctor who did it had a very high rate of successfully turning other babies and he did a fantastic job. He used mineral oil on my belly which not all doctors do but it will help keep you from bruising and getting a sort of Indian rug burn on your skin. They monitor you for an hour minimum after the procedure. If the baby shows any sign of distress they will take care of you immediately which unfortunately could mean a c section after all. I’m pregnant with my second now and if this one is breech I would hands down try the ECV again if it means no c section. It doesn’t always work but it’s worth a shot if you trust them.

  26. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO HAVE YOUR BABY!! It’s so perfect, you’ll have one boy and one girl!! Also, do you go to church because you’re a christian or do you just like it?? I’m OBSESSED with your blog and reading it makes my day! xxx

  27. I have a 15 month old munchkin who has his moments and days too. So reading this made me smile and thinking ‘ah, it’s not just me!’

    Loved your moments you caught on camera..and I am especially in love with Atticus’s pea-coat!

  28. Please do an apartment tour!!! I love your little apartment in NYC!!! Especially the blue walls and pink couch!!!!!

  29. Thanks for sharing, I love your posts!

    My son is now 5, but just before I had him he was breech. I was freaking out too, and ended up going to the chiropractor (one who specialized in prenatal). I had 2 sessions and he turned. Not sure if it was just a fluke, but I would definitely give that or acupuncture a try (that was my second step if the chiro didn’t work).

    Good luck!

  30. Hi Amber,
    I found this video of a women having a successful EVC , and thought you may like to see it to see what the experience could be like. .
    Wishing you an easy and rest of pregnancy and delivery, of your perfect baby girl.
    X 🙂 Ellen

  31. What a weekend! It still sounds like fun, spending family time all together. And I think I’ve said it before but I love how much you all do together outside in the parks, I think that is so sweet!! And Atticus with his ice cream is so so cute! Can’t believe baby girl is almost here with you!! I hope she flips for you, and I hope some of the natural options work!

    Much love!

  32. I feel like I have those days myself haha where you just think to yourself “who am I right now and why am I so dang sassy?!?!” LOL and I give you two thumbs up our apt is still in the tornado stage ! So stoked for baby girl, she is gonna add so much to your cute lil fam!

  33. Your weekend looks like tons of fun!
    Sorry to hear the baby is still breech. This is probably lame to say, but you should listen to your doctors and follow their advice. All doctors always have their patients best interest in mind even they don’t express that well (I’m an urgent care doc, so I feel I can say that). Try and stay off the internet and avoid random advice. Doctors go to school for a very long time and research extensively throughout their careers to provide the best information for their patients… them! Don’t put your trust in some random internet article or some opinionated person with no medical knowledge to guide your medical decisions.
    I’ll get off my soap box now………….
    I wish you a happy, healthy, and easy delivery
    Dresses & Denim

  34. Congratulations on the empty drawers! I consider that a major accomplishment, and I don’t even live in NYC. Now you’ve given me some motivation to do the same 🙂
    I appreciate hearing about your imperfect days – although I feel for you! You would never know the little guy was unhappy most of the day by looking at those precious pictures. His little Zara outfit is adorable, especially when he’s holding an ice cream sandwich! And his smile in the pic of you holding him while he holds his stuffed dog — to die for.
    Thinking of you and your little girl in these last few weeks of your pregnancy. I hope she decided to turn around! xoxo

  35. Hi Amber,
    I had my third baby last October. With my first 2, I went in for ultrasounds monthly because my sister does ultrasounds for a living. With my last baby, I decided not to go so often because I am always a nervous wreck while pregnant and had read that too many ultrasounds can harm a baby… not sure if there is truth to that but I decided that I didn’t want to find out. SOOO, at 37 weeks I found out that the little squirt was breech! I had never even considered that as a possibility! I went to the chiropractor that specialized in the Webster Technique to turn breech babies. I went every day! I also went for acupuncture every day and spent a lot of money and a lot of time in the downward dog position that week. My doctor told me that I only had 1 week to try to turn him on my own because he was getting too big and running out of fluid to attempt a version past 38 weeks. My previous baby was 9lbs and I knew that this 3rd baby was most likely a big baby as well. Anyhow, I went back at 38 weeks and he was still breech! So, I reluctantly scheduled a version for the following morning. I was also like you and decided that I would prefer to not have a c section for my final pregnancy if possible. I told my Dr that I would let her try but if the baby was in distress then we would stop. I was not worried about the pain for myself, just did not want the baby in any danger. The night before, I watched many you tube videos (bad idea) that had me all freaked out and thinking it was going to hurt so bad. I asked around hoping to find an actual person that had had one, but never did get to speak to anyone that had been through it.
    I showed up at the hospital, they hooked me up to all monitors in a delivery room so that I would already be prepped in case anything went wrong (my Dr assured me that she had never had that happen). They also had many monitors on my belly to watch all of the baby’s vital signs to make sure that he was not in any distress. They gave me a shot of something to relax the smooth muscle tissue so that my stomach was not a rock hard soccer ball. My husband and I watched as the Dr and a nurse literally massaged the baby around in about 2 minutes. Then she said “there, all done!”. I could not believe it! There was no pain and best of all, it was a success and 10 days later I delivered a healthy 9 lb. baby boy! I hope it all works out for you no matter what you decide to do! I just wanted to share so that you know it can be a success if you decide that you are willing to try a version.

    Good luck!

  36. Well I cannot offer any baby advice, as I adopted my baby girl (now 12) from India…so I never went through a pregnancy. I do think that not wanting a C Section isn’t being selfish at all…It’s new to you and you’ve delivered a child naturally, so you’d only expect that this time around as well. However, if in the end that’s how she’s to be born, at least she’ll be here healthy and safe…so there’s that positive. I think you’ll make a wonderful recovery either way and be as gorgeous as always. I wish you all the very best at getting her turned around and for the healthiest of last few weeks of pregnancy! You’ll do great no matter what!!
    Huge hugs,
    Terrell from Oklahoma

  37. Great post Amber! Sorry to hear Atticus wasn’t having a good day, even though you cant tell from these pictures- he is as cute as ever!!

    Do you mind me asking- what software do you use to edit your pictures?

    Glad the contractions were a false alarm and hope baby girl turns in time for the big day so you can avoid a C-section, if possible!

  38. I understand what you mean about fussy baby days! Mine has his good and bad days just like I have mood swings lol, but luckily those aren’t the days we will remember! I’m dying over Atticus eating that icecream sandwich 🙂 SUCH a cutie!!


  39. Seriously how cute is Atticus? I am loving that hat on him and am tempted to buy it for myself! You will be in my thoughts and thank you so much for sharing with us! I hope she turns and you are anything but selfish!

    Have a lovely Monday //

  40. It isn’t selfish to not want a C Section, as it is a major abdominal surgery and takes a lot longer to recover from. It would only be selfish if it you refused to have a C Section, even if anything else was dangerous.

    I hope that she turns! I will pray for you! (Sorry if you aren’t religious.)

    I love your blog! Best of luck on these last few weeks!!

  41. You are so lucky that Atticus is happy 95% of the time! Such a blessing! My little guy is a little less happy go lucky but he’s so cute that we can deal with it. I think the underwater upside down thing sounds promising, hope that works for you!! You’ve got the cutest little fsmily.


  42. My son is like A: he’s a happy a kid 95% of the time. Which I think makes those off days seem extra hard, cuz we’re not used to them! LOL
    I had the best intentions of doing some deep cleaning myself this weekend, but unfortunately I cannot say I was successful at all. I have a plan now tho, to tackle little bit every night this week – wish me luck! I’m so glad for you that you had such success – its comforting when you’re expecting a little one to have things extra clean to come home to.
    And I wish I knew a baby re-positioning tip, but alas. I’m sending you good thoughts that she will turn around on her own soon. Either way though, I’m sure everything will go well. We are thankful that C-sections are an option when needed.
    All the best,

  43. SO so cute!! You guys are adorable and I totally know what you mean about the disaster! My hubby and I just moved into our house and there was a good 2 weeks of tornado ha!

    Courtney Shields

  44. Hang in there girl! Sometimes toddlers are like dealing with an angry, drunk sociopath, and it is absolutely not a reflection of you as a mom. I seriously forgot how difficult childhood could be until I started nannying. (Imagine if someone told you your teeth are going to fall out of your face in a few years!) I hope you get more happy days than temper tantrum ones!
    PS. Where did you get the amazing stripy dress? It looks so comfy!

  45. I am so obsessed with your Stuart Weitzman boots (they are on my MUST HAVE list). Yay for cleaning and organizing the apartment-I need to have a weekend organizing party soon!

  46. Once again, I comment here about my breech baby… yes, I DID go to a pool and had my husband hold my ankles so I could do handstands… It not only did not work for me, but I looked and felt hilariously ridiculous! Hahaha! To this day, I still cringe when I think about it. The LOOKS people gave me were priceless. But, like you said, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try. And, I think I mentioned before my doctor attempted a version and it was pretty painful for me and it did not work anyway. It probably doesn’t feel great for the baby either. The c-section was a super good experience, though! Then I had a VBAC for my second baby and if I had to choose again, I’d do the c-section. 🙂 Good luck! Everything will work out fine, so don’t stress!

  47. Have you heard of the Chinese root called moxibustion/Moxa? You burn it like sage and smolder it near your foot and your baby will turn around. My health teacher is an expert in birthing/women’s health and has neither babies all around the world. He swears by this!!

  48. You manage to get such cute fam photos – even if Atticus is having an off day! I don’t have any advice about a c-section, but know I’m praying the delivery will work out just fine for you + your little girl 🙂


  49. I remember with my daughter (14 months) they were sure she was going to be a c-section. I was so scared! And by the end of my second hour of pushing I was begging for one haha! It’s all perspective. I’m sure you will do wonderfully and your little girl will just be happy to be cuddled by her sweet family! Praying for an easy labor!

  50. Hy amber, the ecv depends… is She for a long time in breech ( the Most time of pregnancy) or just a few weeks? If She is for a long time in breech it Won’t work… and also be dagerous for her but go to the Chinese doctor i have also an education in Chinese Medicine ( plus the midwife study) and it Works really often ???? Not allways but often. All the Best for u

  51. Hi Amber, I think I’m within a week or so of you, not knowing your due date, but I’m due Nov. My baby was transverse breech, not only was he upside down but he was also still somewhat sideways and putting so much pressure on my ribs it was causing a bulge you could actually see. My doctor recommended an ECV do to the extreme rib pain I was in and concern for my baby. I was pretty scared of the ECV but my doctor assured me if it became too much they would stop at my request. Two days before my scheduled ECV I was reading everything I could find on how to get this baby to flip. Finally I cam across something that just make sense to me. It said to draw a bath with about 5″ to 6″ of warm water and sit in the bath. Then start to ice the top of your belly (only about 10 min at a time) I was icing my rib bulge which felt good regardless. The idea is that the baby doesn’t like cold and will turn towards the warmth… like the water your sitting in. I iced on and off 10 in at a time for around 40 min. All of a sudden I felt a strange sensation of my baby flipping, it practically knocked the wind out of me, but I knew he had changed positions because the pressure was lifted off my ribs. I called my doctor the next day they did an ultrasound and he was head down, all ready to go. My ribs also are beginning to heal and the budge is slowly going away. Good luck with your girl, and I just wanted to share what I did because it’s so simple and you can do it at home.

  52. Oh I love Atticus’s jacket! So cute! And I seriously want his ice-cream! My sister went through having a breached baby and they turned the baby around manually. If that is what ECV is? Everything turned out great for her and she was able to have a natural birth. Such a stressful thing to have to go through. I know it was a hard decision for her. I have also had friends whose babies turned around last minute on their own! I hear you about a c section. I pray you will have a natural birth!! Don’t you just love a clean organized house! Honestly the BEST feeling! I could imagine even better when you are getting ready to bring your new baby home! Have an amazing day Amber!


  53. Hey Amber! My second baby was breech as well and I was totally freaked out about it, too. I tried doing head stands, yoga poses, and even got acupuncture and tried moxibustion (the mugwort herb stick you burn next to your pinky toes!). You should try all of them! Unfortunately, none of it worked for me, and like you, I just did NOT feel right about ECV. We ended up having to do a c-section because he came a couple weeks early and I am SO happy we didn’t do the ECV. His legs were basically doing the splits and it would have broken his legs. Not saying this is the case with you, but you have your mother’s intuition for a reason and you should trust that. As for the c-section scar, I was concerned about it too, but it is actually super small and you can’t see it is bikinis or anything. And honestly, whenever I look at it now it reminds me of my little guy and I feel like it is a badge of motherhood. Anyway, crossing my fingers she will turn soon! You will make the right decision with whatever needs to happen. xo

  54. Hi Amber,
    I had an ECV with my daughter. I would not recommend it, unless they are going to perform it in an operating room under anesthetic (spinal tap). Thankfully that’s what happened to me, but not all hospitals do that. They were successful in turning my daughter, but she didn’t tolerate the flip and her heart beat went extremely low. Because we were already in an operating room and I was already under anesthetic they were able to perform an emergency c-section and get her out quickly. If I could do it all over again, I would have just had a planned c-section. Less stress on everyone, especially baby! Best of luck with everything!

  55. I’ve not heard of an ECV until googling just now and it sounds very uncomfortable! I’ve had a few people tell me not to feel bad about a C-section if it comes to that, all that matters is a healthy baby, and it sounds like you have the right mindset so good for you! Congrats on the deep clean and thanks for sharing your weekend – I love the ice cream sandwich trick, whatever it takes, ha! Have a good day 🙂 – Charlie,

  56. Whatever your son was eating I want one now!!!!!! YUM!

  57. Hey Amber! I had an ECV… was unsuccessful. Looking back on it- I wouldn’t recommend it. It was very stressful for me and my baby. I was really just trying to do the best thing for him and in my mind at the time that was a vaginal delivery. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Lots of love and im so happy for your cute little family!

  58. Ahh! You must be so close to welcoming your little princess! Isn’t it amazing how much we can accomplish when we are nesting haha! I love your outfit in this post as well as Atticus’! I’ve been wanting those Stuart weitzman boots for quite se time and I think I need to just make it happen. I hope you have some time to give me a little bit of insight on our upcoming trip to NYC next week! It’s our first time, we will be staying with family in Manhattan and we are coming with our 8 month old son! What do you suggest we do for 4 days of visiting?!? Would love to get your help! Thank you:)

  59. My second baby, my daughter, was breech. I tried everything also, even acupuncture. Nothing worked. I didn’t want to have the doctor try and move her, that did not sound right to me. He told me that he wasn’t comfortable doing it either, so that was that. My baby was born with her ankles up to her ears, weighing 10 pounds, 9 ounces! It took six weeks for her legs to stay down lol. Now she’s four and doing great at gymnastics! 🙂 It will be fine, just walk around as soon as possible after your c-section, and DON’T stop the pain meds because you think that you’re feeling fine. I had a much easier recovery after my c-section than I did the first time I gave birth (that was naturally–like no meds). Then I ended up having a second one with my third baby, because a VBAC didn’t sound good to me. Good luck!!! Oh and I was SOOO worried about nursing after a c-section, and it was fine. Probably because my babies are huge!

  60. Whoo Hoo!! You go girl! Cleaning like that can be so exhausting. I’m really jealous, I need to do that too. I’m sorry you are stressing about the baby. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do things for yourself. It will all work out how it’s supposed to, I’m sure though!

    Sara Kate Styling

  61. oh my goodness, it’s almost go time!! And well done on clearing things out! I did the same thing right before moving into my new flat and I feel like a whole new woman! Ha 🙂 It’s crazy how fast things can accumulate! x

  62. sounds like a weekend in our family! kids have good moments and bad moments. normal! but what adorable moments you captured. ha ha.