Barefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central ParkBarefoot Blonde in Central Park

DRESS: Ulla / WEDGES: Vince (30% off) / SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker / Atticus – SHIRT: J Crew (30% off with code SHOPEXTRA)

I know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t look like a pool. But this pond in Central Park is called “The Pool.” We actually went to go feed the ducks. We saw the clouds rolling in so we tried to beat them only to find out 1) the ducks weren’t there and 2) there is a big sign saying not to feed the wildlife. Needless to say, Atticus was a little disappointed.

We love this part of the park. It’s really underrated and we are always one of few there. There are some of the best playgrounds and splash pads, and right by the “pool” there is the best sledding hill which is where we go in the winters. It’s always quiet and shaded so we love it. Chauncey is always so tempted to jump in the water. We wish he could!!!! We miss taking him up the canyon to our favorite lake and playing fetch in the water. I love these pictures of Atticus and Chauncey together. There’s just something special about a boy and his dog.

A lot of you asked me about this dress. I love the length and the lace detail. It’s a great summer dress, even on a muggy NYC summer day.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sorry this is like my third comment in the last five minutes! I am catching up on all the posts I have missed. The dress you are wearing here is perfect, I wonder if it would work for maternity…. I keep meaning to tell you I just found out one of my best friends from college (xian mackintosh) grew up with your husband. I saw David comment on his wall the other day and asked how they knew each other and he said “oh david was friends with my older brother, always at our house, eating all our food” ???????? I thought that was such a random coincidence and thought I would pass it along since it made me smile.


  2. Amber I just love reading your blog so much. It feels like your own personal magazine that I get to read and see into your life. You were my inspiration to start my own blog! I’m curious too…how do you travel around NYC so easily with little babies? Especially with the strollers and all their stuff.

  3. Hi Amber! I really love your blog and it’s so fun to see your happy babies. They are so sweet. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Love the dress too!

  4. So gorgeous!! Those reflections!! And that dress is sooo pretty!

  5. Lovely pictures! I am absolutely in love with your dress! xoxox

  6. Hi Amber! I love reading your posts and seeing all the pictures! Where do you get Rosie’s outfits? They are so cute!

    1. Hi Corinne!! Thank you so much!! And this particular outfit is from Spell and the Gypsy Collection! But I also love Shop Sweet Threads, Zara, H&M and Baby Gap 🙂

  7. Hey Amber! I love your blog. You are such a gorgeous girl with such a love for life. We all need to learn from you! By the way, I have met your aunt in Arizona and she is really sweet. I was just thinking about how you have been blessed with such a diversity of followers from all over the world and that maybe it could be a blessing to another blogger. I have never met this blogger but her story has weighed heavy on my heart. I just thought if you shared her story on your blog or even Instagram you would provide this family with the financial support and blessings they need through your many followers. She is a 25 year old mother of 5 who is going to lose her husband any day now. They are trying to raise money to help with all of the medical bills. Here are some links to the fund raising and her blog.

    1. Hi Jen!! Thank you so much!! That is so sweet of you 🙂 And no way?! Which aunt as it? I have a couple in Arizona! And oh that is so sad!! Thank you for sharing those links!! I will do what I can to help!!

      1. Amber how sweet of you to reply. I was not expecting that at all especially with your busy life and sweet babies. I think her name is Mimi? My mom knew her and I was able to meet her one day. I have to admit I was a little star struck knowing she was related to you! She spoke so highly of you to my mom! My mom still talks about how she is one of the sweetest people she has ever met. You have a very loving extended family! Well, I hope I have her name right. It was a while back so it is hard to remember. Take care!

        1. Of course!! You are so nice to take time to comment, so it is the least I can do 🙂 And oh my goodness yes my Aunt Mimi! I adore her so much!! She is my dad’s sister 🙂 That is so nice hearing that! Thanks for passing that along!! xo

  8. Amber,
    Im not sure if you saw my other comment, (if you did just ignore this) but I was wondering if you have any advice for a young teenager like me who wants to become a fashion blogger?

    1. Hi Hannah!! I saw it, but I will just answer here 🙂 I can give you some blogging tips if that’s what you’re looking for?! You can message me on my Barefoot Blonde Facebook page and I will get those to you. xo

  9. Beautiful as always Amber! I follow you religiously and must know where you get Rosie’s clothes. Especially these adorable pieces. My daughter is 16 months old and am expecting again in the winter, we aren’t sure of the sex yet but i’m always on the look out for cool baby clothes. Please let me know???? Thanks again for providing such beautiful wardrobe, hair and beauty info as well as family tips !

    1. Thank you so much!! That is so nice of you!! One of my favorite places to get clothes for Rosie is from 🙂 And I don’t remember where the specific pieces she is wearing are from but I will check and let you know! And congrats to you!! That is so exciting!!! xo

      1. Thank you, you are simply the best! I really wish we could be friends . I feel like I already know you, which I’m sure is the point of your blog in general but I think we would have a lot of fun together and we seem to share a lot of the same interests. You look like you are always having such a wonderful time with your family and how you look so good doing it all is a true aspiration of mine.

  10. Love these pictures, they are so cute! Also I need a pair of those shoes they look perfect for the summer!

  11. So, so cute! And Rosie’s little outfit is to die for!

  12. Awwe this is so precious, perfect photos ! I love that color on you by the way, it is stunning ! Your camera is soooo good also, you always have the most amazing photos !


    1. Thank you Jessica!! That’s so nice of you!! Glad you liked the post 🙂

  13. Rosie’s excited face is just too much for me I think I may have passed out she’s just too cute!!!!!! Absolutely love this outfit, Amber! Hope you’re having an incredible time in Italy!


    1. Oh my goodness you are too nice!!! Thank you so much!! We are having a great time 🙂

    1. Thank you Jessie!! Dresses are definitely my go-to in the summer 🙂

  14. This place is gorgeous! I feel like you guys live by so many amazing parks. I love the picture of Rosie smiling so big in the swing. 🙂 She is so precious!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. Aww thank you!! I love that one too 🙂 She is so smiley lately, it’s so fun!

  15. Love the dress and your hair. We love feeding ducks at the ponds in our neighborhood! I can’t wait to go back to NYC this November.

    1. Thanks so much!! I am glad you like the look! And yes! Feeding ducks is the best 🙂

  16. Aw Rosie and Atticus are getting bigger and cuter with every post! ❤️ Makes me so excited to have kids! And your outfit is gorgeous as always!

  17. i love you rosie belle. i am waiting your vlog the pool and your vlog go to italy

    1. There will be more vlogs to come!! Thanks for following along 🙂

  18. OMG! How beautiful Amber!!! You are stunning!! Those little cuties of yours are just gorgeous and getting big so so fast!!!!!!!!! I know I say this all the time but I just love seeing Chauncey!!! He is so dang cute!!!! He brings a smile to my face!!!! We just lost our dear boy Hunter last month so I always enjoy seeing Chauncey!! He is a beauty!!!! Lovely post! Thanks for ALWAYS making all of my days bright!! Love ya!!! xoxoxoxox

    1. Thank you Lori!! That is so nice of you!! They really are growing up too fast, I can’t handle it!! But I do love seeing them at so many new stages 🙂 And oh I am so sorry to hear that! That is always hard. Glad Chauncey could put a smile on your face! Thanks for reading!! xo

  19. Hi Amber,
    Have you ever thought about doing a blog for just baby clothes and mommy tips? Your little ones always look so stinkin cute. Im always curious where you get all of Rosie’s clothes and accessories.

    1. That is such a good idea!! Thanks so much for the suggestion 🙂 I will definitely remember that idea for future posts!!

  20. That dress is so beautiful! I love that one picture of you holding Rosie and Atticus and Chauncey in it – classic. So adorable. You have such a gorgeous family. Hope you’re having fun in Italy! I get so excited when I see you have a new post. You are so talented, Amber! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much!! I adore that picture too 🙂 And aww thanks!! We are having a great time so far!! xo

  21. Beautiful dress, suits you very well. Love the pictures of the park.

  22. Rosie looks adorable in her headband!!

  23. What do you use to photoshop your photos? They are so cute and always look amazing!

    1. I agree! Amber should definitely do a post on her photo editing secrets!