The Pink Palace

You guys this pink palace!!!! Inspo for Rosie’s room…. 😉 jk maybe just the paint color haha. Now that I am building a home and am aware of the costs to do custom molding, trim, etc I just kept thinking wow this room is so expensive haha. Which is obvious but now anywhere I go I pay attention to all those little details of building. I guess the person who built this never even used the room they said! I kept picturing all of the amazing parties to be had in that space – wow. I know I have said this for years on my blog but I really just want to have an excuse to dress up SUPER SUPER nice and have a mega dance party with all our friends. This would be my ideal space to do that. All of us kept twirling and pretending to be ballerinas 🙂

What I’m Wearing : Coat | Dress | Sandals

Images by Jessica Janae & Tezza.

A Day at the Flower Fields

I am currently in NYC with Atticus and my sisters! I had to come out here for a job and since I had a travel credit I brought the crew along. Since I did have one work thing to do out here I thought bringing both kids might be kind of hard so I decided to bring just Atticus and have it be a fun one on one trip for us. I lovvvvve one on one time with my kids and since Atticus was in preschool I got quite a bit with Ro girl which was wonderful. But I needed some with my cute boy and we are in heaven! He was a dream on the red eye and is still just the best and most patient traveler. He is truly such a joy to have around and I am so happy he came with me.

My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

I am sharing my everyday five minute makeup routine, using all of my favorite products from Nordstrom.  I also decided it would be a nice challenge to try my makeup routine with Atticus and Rosie crawling on me, ha ha,  and it still only took me about five minutes, so I promise these products get the job done!

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  1. These photos are gorgeous Amber! Per usual! Love love love that pink blazer too!


  2. Amber, these pictures are amazing! So cool you get to travel and go to these amazing places with your job.

  3. i live quite close to schloss benrath and never see it so empty, the gardens (and palace itself) are normally quite full! how did yall manage?!

  4. These photos look so amazing and I can’t get over the room! Will you be posting about your trip to New York?

  5. Such gorgeous photos! I love the setting of that pretty pink palace


  6. Where is this, Amber? Did I miss the info anywhere? Gorgeous photos! Have a nice weekend! XOXO M

  7. That room is gorgoeus! It looks like something out of a fairytale! I’m also obsessed with your pink coat, it is such a gorgeous color. Where is this link Oakland’s? Can I move in? Haha. Enjoy NYC! It sounds like a wonderful quick trip. xAllie