Tahitian Tropics : The Perfect Day in Tahiti

Sharing some more photos from the perfect day in Tahiti! These are from a day we spent on a tour of local villages in Tahiti which was just the most amazing day. They showed us which plants they use to heal certain wounds or sicknesses, they told us how they live off the land, how they read energies, they made us their local food which they eat every day (it was really good!!), taught us how to make coconut oil, and much much more. It was one of our favorite travel days ever. If you are ever in Tahiti I highly recommend doing this tour! We stayed at Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort to break up the the trip. So basically you fly from LA (or wherever your home base is) to Papeete and then from Papeete you take a flight to whichever island you are going to – there are a lot! So it was nice to spend the night in Papeete to break up all those flights. We filmed a little travel diary like we did last time we were in French Polynesia so if you want to watch that it is below!!! I love having those to look back on!

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  1. Hey this is where I grew up! Tahiti <3
    I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. I’ve always thought that you guys are an incredible family. You guys go above and beyond for your children. You make it all about them and they shine because of that. Your new little babe is blessed to be apart of this.
    Much love from Seattle ♥️

  3. What was on your butt at the end of the video that you guys were laughing about? Was it a bug?

  4. Amber, this video is everything. I absolutely love how you make your vacation all about your children. You guys are such great parents and such an inspiration to all the parents out there. I am often guilty of just wanting to have “my own time” on vacation and away from my daughter (being annoyed that she wants me in the pool an hour or two straight at a time catching her jump) while I’d rather work on my tan 😉 But you guys motivate me to be more “present” as a parent. I literally laughed out laud watching A & R jump from your hut to the float over and over – what fun! And the sharks!? You weren’t scared? I’d be mortified swimming around them! Anyway, such a great video. Thank you so much for sharing! Your children are very lucky! XOXO

  5. Lovely Post <3
    I wanted to pin this but the link does not work. The other options fpr sharing work, the pinterest one unfortunately not 🙁