Sorry I have been M.I.A. !!
I am going to play catch up on some emails!
A few boys asked what my opinion is on getting a girls number at the gym.. so this is my response.
I used to be totally against it.. and if a guy asked for my number at the gym I would say no. It has such a negative social stigma. But, in the past couple years I have dated 2 really really great guys that I actually met at the gym. So lame, I know. But I mean if that is the only place you see them, then why not get their number? Girls can tell if you are a creep or not and if they think you are then they won’t give you their number. But if she keeps making eye contact with you and even the treadmills can feel the sexual tension and chemistry between you two, then I think its time you did us all a favor and just asked for her number. Plus that means you both like working out, which is always a plus.. for me at least. BUT try to catch her on her way out of the gym so its not in front of everyone.. because I hate giving my number out when like 50 people are walking by and you know they are listening… its just weird.
But I say, girls need to get over thinking its weird and you guys should just go for it.
Also I posted this in an outfit post just a bit ago but maybe some of you didn’t see so for those who asked, this “a” necklace (seen below), that I wear every day is from

Photos from The Gym

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  1. Alyssa! Seriously you need to get one I wear it every single day!! And I am glad you agree with me on the creeper gym part and totally agree that there are way too many creeps at the gym these days! Thanks for reading baby girl! xox