It’s so great and yet so annoying all at the same time.
While I would love to sit and dwell on all of the fantastic things Provo has to offer.. I’m choosing to talk about certain men in Provo. (I feel like this is okay on the account of, I recently did a post about certain girls in Provo.. I’m just evening things out.)
Look at the million engagement pictures you have on your fridge. Guarantee that 80% of them, the girl is more attractive than the guy. Girls seem to have an easier time looking through the outside appearance. 
In Provo the hot girl to hot guy ratio is probably 3:1.. wouldn’t you say? Which then brings about “the grass is greener on the other side” or “ohh myyy goshhh there is so much green grass I just gotta roll down ALL the hills” mentalities. So annoying. There are so many beautiful women in Provo, each of them having something different to bring to the table. One might be very intelligent.. the other might be super funny.. and then the next is extremely spiritual. Of course we all want the full package.. but not every girl in Provo is going to be the complete package. Everyone has their flaws, but yet, boys see one tiny flaw in a girl and think, “well there are 900 other beautiful girls soo see ya!” and the cycle continues until before they know it they are 30 and not married wondering why.
find an amazing girl whose flaws you can deal with and forget all the rest.
you WILL NOT find a girl with no flaws.. and there will always be lots of other green grass. 
“you may think the grass is greener on the other side, but if you took the time to water your own grass it would be just as green.”

I have watched so many guys sabotage relationships and let amazing girls slip through their fingers because they were spending too much time worrying about the girls they didn’t have and not enough time worrying about the girl they DID have. Later I will hear them say, “if I could go back, I would do things much differently and treat her much better.”

Men lust after the “hot” they don’t have and forget to take care of the pretty one they do have.
if that sentence didn’t make sense it is because you haven’t read this amazing article.
click here to read it. (its pretty short, and really amazing so read it!)

Photos from The Green Grass.

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  1. slayer- agreed! and you can be a “bad a” if you want 🙂 xoxo

    mc- thanks babygirl! miss you so much!

    jeremy- 🙂 that is very mature/good of you and you sound like a great guy!

    kate- i know huh?! me and my friends always talk about it as well! so sad to see! dang boys…

  2. Guys can be pigs for sure. Provo offers many advantages and many disadvantages to go with it. For me personally I think a girl’s imperfections are what make her perfect.

  3. Amber I absolutely love that article, so good! Your blog is so fun to read.

  4. Soooo true! Its funny because there can be the hottest girl in the world with the dirtiest lifestyle and mouth (automatically ugly in my eyes), but women are the only ones who see those traits past the surface. Men… obviously from mars.

    P.s. What would I be considered if I don’t want to be hot or innocent but just a bonafide “Bad A”?