That Glow Though

How charming is this Airbnb in Belgium?! It was so quiet and peaceful I loved it! I feel like our new house is KIND OF going to look like this but an updated version? Ish. At least I hope! Anyway, lately everyone is obsessed with glowy skin – it’s all about the glow. And honestly, I am all about it too. I used to want matte everything and liked my makeup as matte as possible. But I’ve seen the light and love that it’s all about dewy and glowy skin because it focuses on the skin and not the makeup.

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I started using Olay’s new Cleansing Infusion face wash in the scent crushed ginger and citrus extract, and wow I lovvvvvve it so so so much!!!! I love the little exfoliating beads in it, it’s so gentle and my skin feels so soft after- plus it gets all my makeup off. Olay also has the same exfoliating formula in a body wash and I’ve truly seen a difference in how moisturized my skin looks and feels. The collection is so amazing that I had all of my friends try it and they’ve all raved about how much glowier their skin looks now. They’ve even all sent me pictures of them performing a #TiltTest to prove the glow! You should all check out the collection and tell me which scent is your favorite.

Hope you all have a good day!!!

Thank you Olay for sponsoring this post.

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  1. You look so pretty! Definitely glowing ☀️ whenever I try to get a glow, my face just ends up looking greasy ahhh it’s such a struggle!!!
    Courtney ||

  2. Love your dress and sweater! Can we get outfit details? Thank you!

  3. Beautiful!!!! Do you mind me asking where the sweater is from?

  4. What a lovely place, I love the simplicity of certain places in Europe that are so quite and lovely like this. Las year we went on holiday to Bornholm in Denmark and this place reminds me a lot about that Summer.

    I hope you enjoyed it and now are cozy back at home with your love ones.


  5. You look gorgeous! The glow suits you! I love dewy skin too, especially for spring and summer. I love Olay, I’m excited to pick this up (and get my mom to too, she’s loved Olay her whole life!)
    If you are looking for any makeup to up the glow I think the Charlotte Tilbury products are great, I love the bronze and glow.
    Hope your day is wonderful,