I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEEK!! Like I am sure everyone is. I mean two day work week? Few things are better.
We leave tomorrow for Arizona and I am so excited for mine and David’s first holiday together. All of the first’s are so fun. We got our first key to our first place together and we were both so excited 🙂 its also Davids first time coming to Mesa to see my house that I grew up in and he gets to meet my dog and two tortoises!!!
Funny how road trips are awful growing up. Fighting over who is taking up more space in the shared middle seat. Asking how much longer a million times. Begging your sis to tickle your back but she will only do a trade. Telling your brother to stop farting, but he only will if you massage him. Not having an iPhone because they aren’t invented yet. Ya know?
Now its great. I get to spend 10 uninterrupted hours with my dream man and I get one handed massages and back tickles while he drives and I relax. Ain’t too bad. (I would drive more, but men think they are just the greatest drivers….)
(and I am exaggerating, road trips with my fam are some of my favorite memories but you know what I mean)
But why does the holiday with the best array of food have to be weeks before my wedding? Torture. We decided to not worry about any dieting for Thanksgiving and the day after (left overs 🙂 ) but we are going to continue to work out while we are down there. Normally I don’t worry about what I eat or how much I eat on Thanksgiving but since I have my final dress fitting right when I get back, and my wedding a couple weeks later, I am going to focus on doing more cardio than usual.
I did a really good cardio work out today that I found on blondeponytail.com, only I modified it a bit.
She does:
I did:
I ran my first two sets on 8.0 speed, my next two sets on 7.5, and my last two on 6.5. I did a little more than her work out just because I wanted to really really push myself. And it seriously did. I was sweating bullets after the second set and by the end I was covered in sweat and my face was bright red. Thats how it should be though 🙂
Here are some pics from my iPhone these past couple weeks:
 at my cousin’s reception
 my sis and I hangin out with my soon to be NEPHEW!!! 🙂
 Me and Jace in mine and David’s backyard.
(sundays I will be found in sweats and sweatshirts and only those things.)
 My bun to go with my pearl earrings David surprised me with
 Hot tubbin with my sissy bear
 love these two.
 thats a lotttta pizzas in my backseat….
 David massages my feet while we watch football games. I didn’t even have to ask him. He just suggested that it be that way and I didn’t question him.When we were in California watching a football game just barely, he was rubbing my feet and abruptly stops and grabs his phone and says, “im going to look up foot rubbing techniques!” hahaha it was too funny.

 David is a really good chef
 Makin apple pie with the most delicious apples from his backyard (I guess its our backyard)
 Right when David gave me my very first pearls… had to take a pic
At the beach
 crying during the election 🙁
 still rockin my Romney nails. so proud of that man. such a great guy.
I could not be any more obsessed.
If you want to have them to, go: here, here, and here and buy them. NOW.
Minus I feel scared to eat off of them because they are so beautiful.


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  1. oh my gosh! I have been stalking your blog (obviously, I am back to the election) I am obsessed that you cried & had Romney nails! I wanted him to win too! I am so over the fashion & entertainment world being so into Obama and making him a fashion statement! Ugh.. and good for you for putting your beliefs out there! If I had my blog while the election was going on I’m not sure I could do it… my liberal friends feel the need to bash me every chance they get! Love your blog by the way. xx

  2. Finally, someone in the blogging world who was a fan of Romney. I was too, girl! Love the nails. Maybe 2016 is looking good for us. XOXO kaylyn

  3. I love your pearls and the makeup in that pic, what did you use esp on cheeks & lips. Happy Thanksgiving!