my family exaggerates so much its too funny.
i wanted to go see Like Crazy tonight and of course my dad and brother don’t want to go because its a chick flick..
so my brother and dad pretend to be sick
carl: “no one even cares that me and dad are sick as dogs”
emily: “you guys aren’t even sick”
carl: “i’ve been coughing up blood basically!!!!”
mom: “carl don’t joke about that!!!”
dad: “blood? yeah well no one even cares about the cancer cells i’ve been coughing up.”

see what i mean?
i get to hang out with these awesome people for eternity.
i bet my whole family met in heaven and just instantly became best friends and then one of us said “hey wanna go to earth and hang out forever?” “yeah lets go”
best decision we ever made.
love everything about every single one of them.

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  1. colleen! i know its so true i should have liked it because i also hate fake happy endings! i guess i was just rooting for them the whole time so i was sad when they were awkward and it wasnt the same ya know?! but yeah i agree with you! and thanks 🙂 some people are so mean sometimes!

  2. I’m sad you thought the ending sucked! but I guess everyone did. I liked it because I don’t like fake happy endings haha and I thought that ending fit perfect after all they went through.

    PS. Anonymous is just jealous of you.

  3. anonymous: who ever you are.. i have news for you! youre not actually REQUIRED to read my blog! crazy i know… who would have thought. so here is an idea.. STOP READING MY BLOG AND COMMENTING ON ALL MY POSTS! MMK? and my family isnt racist.. its a joke and if you cant take one then thats not my problem. you just have poor taste in humor.

  4. uh. sounds pretty racist to me.

    just cause your family is as bitchy as you doesn’t make them “awesome”.