*im thankful for today. and its craziness.
*im thankful for spin class and ab ripper.
*im not thankful for the spin instructor who didnt know what she was doing.
*i am thankful that she gave me a new goal: become a spin instructor.
*im thankful people were nice to me at work today.
*i am thankful for my jobs and my clients.
*i am thankful that i get to go to school tomorrow.
*i am thankful i get paid tomorrow.
*i am not thankful for my still half-broken phone.
*i will be thankful when i make them give me an iphone 🙂
everyday is a blessing and a gift.
cheesy, i know. you love it.

long day. time for sleepy.
its only 11pm? what?
yeah i know.
im a nerd.

Photos from thankfulness and not thankfulness

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