IMG_9412 COAT: Sheinside; similar here and here

DRESS: Marissa Webb c/o

CLUTCH: Nordstrom

HEELS: Urban Outfitters

EARRINGS: Nordstrom


**Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

I wore this outfit to a tea party last week and never got photos in it so I got dressed up in it again so I could have it photographed to show you all because I LOVE this coat, and did I mention it was $40?? It looks so much like the $3k Drome coat I wore in this post (I didn’t get to keep that coat sadly) and I really wanted one similar without spending that much and was so thrilled when I found this one (it was only $2,960 cheaper than my dream one haha)! Unfortunately it is sold out now, but I posted a similar one next to the link!

A lot of you have expressed concerns with ordering from Sheinside and asked for my advice, all I have to say is, I have been 100% happy with my purchases. While I have read bad reviews, I have personally experienced only positive things! So I guess it is up to you whether you purchase from them!

I am headed to Arizona early in the morning with my sister and husband and we are meeting up with the rest of my family there! I cannot wait for Thanksgiving, it gets me so giddy every year because I cannot wait to eat my mom’s rainbow jello and my husband’s pies (forget the dang turkey, I go straight for desserts)! Have a good Tuesday! xx

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  1. Don’t expect every Sheinside experience to be like Amber’s … I bought two dresses from them this month. Waited 12 days. My Sheinside account said they were delivered – I never received them. I contacted Sheinside’s “live” chat and after 41 minutes, someone responded telling me that my order was shipped. That’s it. Order at your own risk. That was my first time ordering something and I never received it, never got a refund. Nothing.

    1. Aw, I am so so sorry that happened! I have heard a few horror stories like that so when people ask I always say its a gamble, I guess I just got lucky but again I am so sorry that happened. I hate sharing where I got something and then when a reader tries to do the same and it doesn’t work out I feel so bad! Maybe I won’t be sharing any more Sheinside purchases! Thanks for sharing

  2. You are so gorgeous Amber. Literally one of the most beautiful people in the world. On another note, your fashion sense is fabulous and you have inspired me so much. Love you!

  3. I love your style!! This look is gorgeous. : ) I just ordered for the first time from Sheinside so I hope I get my order…?! Didn’t know there were concerns. I guess I’ll find out!
    Thanks for being so inspiring. : )

  4. I know I already told you how much I love this coat, but I’m seriously dying over it! And I’m pretty much depressed that it’s sold out!! You are a dream in this entire outfit! Perfection. Loved seeing it in real life! 😉


    1. Aw thanks girl!! I know I wish it was not sold out! Loved meeting you as well! xx

  5. What are the size of your coats? You said you order a size larger. What size do you typically order?

    Thank you in advance :0) Love your blog!

    1. In this one I actually ordered my normal size (small) and this one fit fine! The others are all a medium though and fit as well and I am not sure I could have done a small, I just got lucky with this one

  6. After you responded to my last comment I placed an order and actually snagged up this jacket, so glad I didn’t hold back now that you mentioned it is sold out.

    This entire outfit is perfect for a tea party and so feminine! Have fun in AZ I am here visiting family too and it’s been quite chilly the past few days, hopefully it warms up:)

    xx Cara

    1. Oh good I am so glad you bought it!! 🙂 Have you got it in the mail yet? I hope you love it! And yes ah it has been chilly – praying it warms up! xx

  7. Love this outfit- so cute! They have high tea at the Ritz here in Phoenix if you ever decide to go again. I am sad you are coming right when I am leaving. Are you ever going to do a blogger event in AZ?

    1. No way?! I love going to teas haha so I will have to go to that sometime! I am not sure if I will ever do a blogger event in AZ.. it would be fun though! If I ever do I will announce it on the blog so you will know about it! 🙂

  8. Gorgeous as always!! I’m so tempted to order from Sheinside.. I’m happy you’ve had a positive experience with them.

  9. This outfit is so cute! I can’t believe that coat was only $40! That’s amazing, too bad it’s sold out, I will have to check the similar one!! You are just like me when it comes to Thanksgiving, I go straight for the desserts also lol!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Haha glad we both go straight for desserts 🙂 kinda a chick thing! Thanks girlie!

  10. Hey Amber,

    I love seeing your favorites repeat in posts! Those shoes are fab and they deserve to be recognized!
    We’ve noticed many of the Sheinside coats lately, just wondering about the size you wear, and how you find the fit.
    I think there are a few of us who would be interested in hearing 🙂
    Happy Almost Tuesday!

    Sarah Lynn

    1. Thanks girl!! Glad you like the shoes because they are totally my favorites right now!! And I order a size medium in coats from there! 🙂 xx

  11. Amber, These pictures have to be my absolute favorites of you!!! You look so Beautiful in the pink girl! Safe travels to Arizona and I go straight for those desserts too, Yum!

  12. Oh Amber you look lovely!
    Absolutely a great outfit for a teaparty 🙂
    Have fun in Arizona with your family!
    PS : still waiting for you to answer my tweet from a few weeks ago that I already sended for the second time + asked it on Instagram, also with no answer 🙁 .. Sorry for being annoying but it’s about sizes & I need your advice since you own that piece of clothing !
    I hope you don’t remove this comment or ignore it because I’m a true follower of your blog 🙂 xx Lyn

    1. Thanks Lyn!! I answered your comments are here a couple times, not sure if you are checking back or if they are making it to you 🙂 Anyways I order a size small!! xx

  13. Ah sorry I should stop reading things on my phone in super small font. Bummer its sold out, but I also love that site!