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One thing about my kids is that getting new shoes for them is the best day ever. Especially Atticus. I wish you could see his face when I tell him he has a new pair of shoes to open… and then his face when he sees them on his feet is PRICELESS. He loves it! So telling him that not only did he get new shoes from DSW but his sissy and mama and daddy ALSO had new shoes that matched – lots of excitement was going on haha.

I was having one of those days where we were indoors and I felt like I just kept saying “no” a million times. “No I won’t open that bottle of baby tylenol for you. Where did you find that?!” “Don’t dump out the box of q tips again!” “No jumping on the bed with your scissors! Here is your construction paper.” “No Rosie, don’t eat that!” hahah ahhhh. The funny thing is, saying “don’t eat that! Yucky!” comes out of my mouth soo much because Rosie is my little scavenger finding anything and everything to consume. That is why I like to just go OUTSIDE. Where they can break sticks, jump off rocks, “tickle” each other with the weeds, find stones to collect, climb trees, whatever they want. And I get to take a break from playing mean mom who won’t let them do all the fun stuff like pull out my box of teeeeeny tiny hair ties and throw them all over the room! Sometimes those types of things are funny and it’s like you see lipstick on the wall and you can’t help but think it’s cute because they are so proud of their art work. But ya know then there are the “no” days and those make me crazzzy.  So we ended our day by putting on our new kicks from DSW and having the best evening together at a really pretty lookout.

With DSW’s “March On” campaign they want to show mama’s that all you need is a positive outlook and your FEET to overcome any unexpected or hard days. Or a “no” day 🙂

Thanks to DSW for sponsoring this post

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  1. Yes! Being cooped up is like putting bars up literally. Love this, I would be outside all the time, and I love that your kids are too, kids need to be outside to let go of all that energy!


  2. So cute! From where is this lovely Dress? <3 xo Carolin

  3. I totally understand “no” days! You feel like you say it so much that it completely loses its meaning! What a great idea to take them outside after a day like that!

  4. Aw, love this, haha! We are just entering the no phase, and that sounds like the perfect way to just get out in the fresh air where they can stretch out and make all the noise they want! Love your little family!!❤️❤️

  5. Love that DSW sent the whole family shoes! They’re a great brand to partner with! Atticus and Rosie are the cutest and happy the kids love the partnership just as much and you do. Maybe one day the will have the blogging bug as well 🙂

  6. This is so true! I love getting my little one outside so she can explore with much less restraint!

  7. That’s funny that Atticus loves shoe! Most kids would rather receive toys, but I bet at his age, everything is wonderful and new!

    Simply Lovebirds

  8. I love following your blog! You and your family are the cutest! Thank you for sharing your experience about “no” days! It’s so true!

  9. This was such a sweet and encouraging post. Thank you for inspiring us !!

  10. I have those shoes and they are so comfy also where are those super cute mommy and me dresses!! Anything mommy and me is a must have in my book! Haha!!


  11. Ahhhh! You should definitely frame that picture of you and Rosie, where you’re holding her and both grinning ear to ear. Your family is beautiful!

  12. I’d love to know where you and Rosie’s dress is from!! So cute!!

  13. I love those shoes! DSW always has such cute ones.

  14. Amber! These photos! Gorgeous! Can I ask where these dresses are from?

      1. Still can’t believe people think it’s ok to make these comments! 🙄

  15. Ohh, that age where they stick *everything* in their mouth! I was a nanny for years and this age was always trickiest because I’d be pulling things out of their mouth while they were putting more in!

    xo, Sofia

  16. Im one of the many wondering where your adorable dresses are from.

  17. that’s a great idea…to get out of the house when you feel like you’re saying “no” too much! definitely saving this post for when i have toddlers of my own one day! thank you for the tip 😉

    oh, she’s lovely

    1. Thanks but not pregnant and its probably not the most polite thing to assume someone is 😉

      1. Maybe it’s just your glowing smile Amber that has people thinking you must be pregnant! you look wonderful just as you always do. Your matching dresses are adorable too! love this shoot.

    2. Wow! It’s actually VERY rude to assume that someone is pregnant!!

      1. Especially where there’s no evidence whatsoever? What a kind of bump??? I don’t see anything in the first place… god…

  18. Oh my gosh, where is that dress from? It’ so cute and looks so comfy!

  19. This is so cute! I love your and Rosie’s matching grey dresses! Where are they from??

  20. Thank goodness for the outdoors and gorgeous weather! It feels so overwhelming when you have to be the one who says “no!” to everything. You are a great Mom and your family is beautiful! Hope you guys get to enjoy a sunset together this evening <3

  21. I am pretty sure that I saw you and Atticus in a commercial today for New England Fertility! It popped up on my newsfeed today and I’m pretty sure it’s you but surprised to see it in a local ad. I wanted to make sure that they have your permission! LOVE YOU and I LOVE following you and your beautiful family!!!! 💛🤗😘💃🏼

  22. Love the shoes – but love even more the matching dresses! Where are they from?

  23. You should try creating a safe, “yes” space for your children inside your home. That way they can play and explore without you constantly interrupting and having to tell them no, which is frustrating for everyone. Janet Lansbury has a lot of good gentle parenting advice.

  24. These pictures are great! Thanks for always being so REAL, Amber!!

  25. Adorable pictures! I would love to know where you got your matching dresses, they are so cute!

  26. These photos are beautiful, I can’t get over that view! This made me so happy, your little family is so cute 🙂 You’re such a good momma!

    Lauren Lindmark |

  27. LOVE these photos! They made me so happy, your little family is so cute 🙂 You’re such a good momma!

    Lauren Lindmark |

  28. Such a sweet and positive post. Thank you for kick-starting my Wednesday with light and love. And you and Rosie in your matching dresses…..just STOP….I can’t even. Too adorable for words. hahaha

  29. The lookout ist soo beautiful! I really want to go there and take pictures 😀 it looks so perfect!
    Your pictures are so cute a always and I really love that you and Rosie are wearing matching dresses and you all are wearing matching shoes. So fun!
    My dad always says it’s better to say : Be careful, it’s hot. Rather then: Don’t touch it, you’ll burn your hands. Maybe you can start doing that! (I hope you know what I want to say 😀 )

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  30. These photos are magical! I love how in the future you will be able to look back and have such great photos to take you back to the little moments. I hope I can get some shots like this of my family in the future!


  31. What kind of heat protectant spray do you use? I saw in a previous post that you were using the Sexy Hair 450 protect, but this seems to be sold out everywhere that I have looked! Any other suggestions?

  32. I love when you and Rosie match!! I have twin girls and am not-so-patiently waiting for them to be a little older so I can start buying us all matching outfits <3

  33. Similar but clearly not the same, we just got a new puppy so the amount of times I say “What are you eating? NO!” to my new pup is insane! Poor pup! LOL Y’all are too cute in these photos!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  34. love this view, if I’m not mistaken that’s Waimea Bay down there? If you ever get the chance right across the roadway on Thursdays is the Haleiwa Farmer’s Markets. Its cute and has some awesome vendors . Look for the vendor that sells honey and fresh made salsa, they have the best salsa. I’ve seriously considered ordering and overnighting to myself, it is so good! And they use all sorts of Asian chiles in it so its very unique.

  35. Love the matching dresses! I have a little boy almost exactly Atticus’ age and a little girl just a few months younger than Rosie. Can you share where the matching mother-daughter dresses from? I would love to get them and match with my little Gracie Girl! Thanks!

  36. My mother always told me that one of the hardest part of parenthood was the saying ‘no’ part. Those pictures are adorable, and the shoes look really good with that dress as well!
    Lucie, xx

  37. These pictures are too cute. You guys always look like you have so much fun together 🙂

    Briana |

  38. I love your dress do you mind linking it please? TIA!

  39. Hi Amber I enjoyed your post, it seems that you have a lot of fun with your kids, that is precious.

  40. Amber, thank you so much! THE NO DAYS!! 😅 I love how you tied DSW into a topic that hits home to so many people. You’re so classy with sponsored posts. Annnnd I LOVED seeing so many pictures of your whole family in this post. Thanks for sharing with us.

  41. where did yours and rosie’s matching dresses come from?! just precious!

  42. Your family is so so precious. These photos are truly beautiful. xx