Tacos & 12 Things

Since today is Tuesday I figured it would be appropriate so share these taco pics from a little while back. First I wanted to say thank you for your comments on my last post! Love hearing what you other mamas do and you guys always have good advice or just the nicest comments that brighten my day. I always read all comments even if I don’t have time to respond. I started writing a draft of a blog post for next week – it is about things I want to do or see before I turn 30 and it got me thinking that I would love to hear what your things are too. So be thinking of that and get ready to share in the comments next week. But it could be any number depending on how old you are – things you want to do before you turn 20, 40 or 50 or whatever milestone is next for you. And the things on the list can be anything from running a marathon or being a more decisive person… anything. And because you know I love these lists…. here are 12 things.

12 Things Barefoot Blonde Hair Edition

1. We picked out our windows for our home yesterday!!! We went with white windows and we decided to have all the windows casement windows so that we can open them in the winter when its nice outside. We did a square grid pattern with smaller squares instead of rectangles! This is my first time building a home so excuse me if my lingo is off haha.

2. We also had to decide between black and gold for the hardware of our home — the handles on the doors and cranks on the windows.. I was having the hardest time because I lovvve gold .. but I decided on black just because we are going to have a black front door and we do have black accents in our home so I thought it would tie in nicely. We also have gold light fixtures and some gold knobs so I worried it would be too much gold.

3. Somehow I have a pretty deep cut on my tongue and I have no clue how I got it but it hurrrts and is really annoying.

4. I am now on week 9 of the PWR program on the Sweat app… and after every single work out whatever muscle I worked is so sore the next day – but like to the point where it feels like I got hit by a car haha I am not even kidding. That probably sounds dramatic but the couple days after leg day I for real have to waddle around!!! BUT I lovvvvve the program so much and am seeing muscles forming on my body AND I feel like I kinda sorta have a butt for the first time in my life!!!

5. My day was made when I saw that Lauren Conrad’s team featured Barefoot Blonde Hair in a blog post (you can see it here!) It was such a fun surprise for me!

6. I have the worst crows feet smile line wrinkles – and I don’t even care because if you can get wrinkles from smiling then those are the wrinkles I want. Also that big massive smile is the same smile I am doing in all photos of me as a kid.

7. I am sitting here eating Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups while I type this in my office. I have a huge container of them and normally I don’t like dark chocolate but these are sooo good.

8. Before I started the PWR program I was told a lot that I looked “too skinny” and now that I have gained about 13 lbs (hopefully most of that is muscle) I get comments that say I look pregnant or am looking like I gained weight. So I am here to tell you that you CANNOT WIN so don’t even try (let me be clear that I didn’t start weight lifting to make the people happy who said I was too skinny) but moral of the story do whatever the F you want.

9. David and I watched the movie Wild.. FINALLY! And we absolutely LOVED it!!!! We immediately planned a backpacking camping trip .. albeit a short two night one since we do have kids with us .. but I lovvve backpacking and am super excited. The whole time during the movie I could see in David that he was getting a hiking bug ..  he loves outdoors and loves to camp, fish, hike everything. And so do I since my dad always took us growing up!

10. I ordered Coco and Greatest Showman on Amazon and they came in the mail so I am so excited to watch them with the kids! We absolutely loved Coco and they haven’t seen Greatest Showman yet!

11. I am getting laser hair removal!!!! I am so excited. I went for my first appt and will go back in about 5 weeks. I am getting mine done at LaserAway for those who have asked. They have a location in Chandler that I went to and I was prepared for it to hurt really bad — but it only hurt in a couple areas and even then wasn’t too bad. Definitely not what I was expecting. I hope it works for me! I am getting my Brazilian, legs, and armpits.

12. We might go to Tahiti this summer and I am sooooooo so so so so excited!!!!


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  1. Darling, your weight is absolutely fine. Don’t let other peoples opinions bother you, this is your body and if you feel stronger and healthier since starting the Sweat app that’s the most important part of it. You look very strong and have defined muscle, you’ve done awesome job, you should be very proud of yourself.
    I cannot believe how big the kiddos are, they are super cute. Love following your blog and Instagram adventures 🙂 still my favourite blogger.
    A lot of love to you and your family.

    Mari-Liis (@mammu_liisu)

  2. I love these 12 things happening in your life! It is really nice to get to know you better and what goes own behind the pretty pictures ❤️ Hope you and your family are well.


  3. Don’t let people bother you about your weight!! I think that you look super healthy for your body type and I can tell that you have gained a lot of muscle!! I know that was one of your goals so I’m glad for you!! Love your blog!!

  4. Love your hair and top in these pics! I have the worst smile lines too- I started noticing them when I was 22!!! I go to the dermatologist regularly to stay up on my skin but alas I don’t think anything will stop the lines from forming! I feel like no one ever warns you that lines come sooooo early! I always thought they’d come when I was like 35 .. not 24.. lol oh well! I hope you go to Tahiti- I’m sure the pictures are going to look incredible!!! Have a good weekend!!
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  5. I loved #8 with all my heart💕. I started school at NYU in the fall and since they had a gym I started to do the weightlifting by just looking at Kelsey Wells Instagram feed and I grew muscle (YAY) and then when I got home everyone told me I gained so much weight in my legs. But I love my muscle weight in my legs and I have a butt now too lol so I couldn’t have cared less;)) Anyways thank you for sharing🤗

  6. I started doing BBG and am also 5’10”, I was kind of alarmed to see I was gaining weight instead of losing it but I am soooo happy with how my body is changing. It looks strong and fit and mentally it makes me happy & confident. Keep it up – being fit & healthy is such a positive thing for women!

  7. Good for you gaining weight. I started weightlifting – powerlifting within the last year and also gained 10 lbs. If you really want a butt, start lifting real heavy! (i mean carefully and gradually of course). You’ll never really get a butt til you start pushing the weight. I started getting one for the first time now that i’m squatting/deadlifting close to double body weight and easily doing weight barbell thrusters with 2x++ bodyweight!

  8. Oh my God, if YOU look pregnant like that than pregnancy has never looked better. And no, of course you can’t win. Never. Ever. I learned that early on and although I’m not immune to some things people say to me, let me tell you that living the way you want to live and doing what you want to do feels bloody amazing.

  9. You’re just so cute! I love this post! My 11th graders read Wild for one of their summer reading novels, and I am teaching juniors next year for the first time, so I need to read it! I will also watch the movie, too! I heard Coco is amazing– can’t wait to see it. Those TJ peanut butter cups are amazing. Love them tons (and I also don’t like dark chocolate!!).

  10. I freakin love you! I was so pumped to see your hair extension line on Lauren Conrad! Yay! Go Girl! Also i couldn’t agree more, people will always have opinions so do whatever the F you want absolutely! You always look amazing! Keep doing you girl! xoxo

  11. These pics are so fun! Girl, the crows feet are real over here. When we have two littles I feel like we should be smiling majority of the time. You are going to rock 30! It’s nothing but a number and an accomplishment. Tahiti is on our list too so I can’t wait to hear if you go!! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  12. Hey Amber! I am currently trying to decide on where to attend college and FIT in New York is one of my options. Could you maybe do a post on advice on living in New York?

  13. I am sitting here eating Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups while reading this post! Haha The best!

  14. Before I turn 50 I want to be promoted to full professor at my institution, write a grant, publish at least 2 papers per year as a first or senior author, contribute my skills to make a better world, continue to travel the world, continue to exercise, continue to enjoy my life, and NOT worry about wrinkles.

  15. Just a quick note about laser hair removal – it should never actually hurt – if it does, tell them to stop. I suffered through a session, and it left me with first degree burns on both of my calves. It left me badly scarred for many, many years (I can actually still see them a bit after 20 years!). It can work – but it should be painless. – Good luck!

  16. I’m also doing the PWR program and on week 2, and man! I know the feeling! Every single time I’m sore after, and especially after leg day!
    Also, I love your comment on how you can’t win when it comes to body comments, there will always always be someone who will criticize. So yeah! Do whatever the F you want!

  17. I’m on week 7 of that program and I’m currently experiencing one of those “hit by a car” days because leg day was two days ago, haha!

  18. What manufacturer did you choose for your windows? We are also in the process of choosing windows for a home we are building and there are so many options!

  19. I definitely have seen a change since your new workout regimen. LOVING the muscle. You look healthy, energetic and powerful! Super inspiring! x

    chevrons & éclairs

  20. Awww!! Super cute photos and I LOVEEEE tacos! 🙂 I also LOVED Coco cartoon, my daughter wants to watch it over and over again too. 😀
    Number 8 is just so annoying… I don’t understand people who find it fine or interesting to comment on other people’s bodies. Stupid…


  21. You are so cute! I love that you share these posts letting us know what’s new with you!

  22. You are amazing!! And you look AMAZING! People are always going to say something negative no matter what. I’ve also been using the Sweat app and you are so right about being sore! People think I’m injured 😂 it’s the best though!!!

  23. You look amazing!! You really cannot win people always have an opinion.. but you really do look great. I am pregnant with my third baby (2 boys, and we are having a girl!! 🤗) and I want to do bbg after I have my baby. You are my motivation! Also let us know how the laser hair removal goes… especially the Brazilian. I would be so nervous!! 😳

  24. I honestly thought that you have looked better than you ever have in your photos lately!! Look super healthy and fit!! #goals

  25. Happy Tuesday! Can’t wait to see some more house updates/ pictures as the build continues. I Would love to hear more about the laser hair removal treatments. I have been thinking about going and researching it for a couple months. Please let me know if you think it was worth it after a few treatments 🙂

  26. I love your blog posts because I feel like you are so genuine and love that you add little comments like “eating peanut butter cups” lol! Seriously, never change. Also I have to add that I’m very jealous that you already have the greatest showman dvd!! I thought it wasn’t being released until April 10th?! Anyway, keep doing you, girl. Xoxo

  27. Loved this post Amber!! And you do you girl!! You seriously look so good, and inspire me with my workouts! <33