Our Family Vacation on Board Symphony of The Seas

We recently got back from our families first cruise vacation together. We went to Europe to get a first look at Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Symphony of the Seas. The 7-night Western Mediterranean itinerary started off in Barcelona and stopped at Palma de Mallorca, Spain; Marseille, France; and La Spezia, Rome and Naples in Italy. You’ve already seen posts on here from most of those places! It was really nice to be able to go to all those countries in one vacation with the kids and not have to pack everything up and take a train or road trip or anything like that! We either did our own excursion that we planned or one planned by Royal Caribbean – you have the option to do either at any port you visit! So, if planning things to do in foreign countries can be stressful for you, then their planned excursions like their “Private Journeys,” which we did, would be a good idea.

Plan Your Adventure

I hadn’t been on a cruise since our honeymoon, so it has been a long time, and this cruise was much different (and way more adventurous!) than the one we went on. This brand new ship was packed with fun things to do like rock climbing, a zip line, mini golf, ice skating, a FlowRider surf simulator, a carousel, water slides and the tallest slide at sea The Ultimate Abyss which David, Atticus and I all were brave enough to try. There was so much more than that too I was so confused how they fit all of it on the ship, but somehow they managed to do it without it feeling crowded or overwhelming. We tried new restaurants each night and I think my favorite was Jamie’s Italian! If you ever go on the ship, then order the lasagna because it was soooo yummy! This trip was so perfect for the kids because they had kid pools, cupcake decorating classes, fun shows at night an aqua show with high divers, face painting… enough fun things where the first few nights after the cruise they were asking if we could go live on the ship again.

If you have never tried a cruise vacation before, I’d definitely recommend checking out Symphony. The ship is going to sail from Miami to the Caribbean beginning this fall, and will be stopping at several islands, including Royal Caribbean’s very own private island called Perfect Day at CocoCay in the Bahamas.

Thanks for having us, and for sponsoring the experience Royal Caribbean.



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  1. Hi Amber! Where is your linen shirt/skirt/hair tie from in these pictures? The third outfit <3 <3

  2. Amber, I can’t help this, but you look like a princess in disguise in these pics! 🙂

  3. Will you be posting about your trip you planned on your own after the cruise?! Very interested in that itinerary!!

  4. I have to admit I never really looked into cruises (or any other planned trip really) because for me planning the trip is half of the fun of vacation. But I saw all of your pictures on instagram and I have to admit it looked so pretty and you got to visit so many places in no time at all so it does actually look quite appealing!


  5. Wow! You are a rockstar. I always wanted to try and take a cruise with my family. We went to Europe last year and I just travel hacked the whole thing. It would be nice to go and just cruise along without planning all the hotel stays.

  6. I love your dress and your whole family is so cute. Good luck to you on your pregnancy.

  7. I have wanted to do that itinerary for a long time. I love cruises.

  8. Hi Amber! You have an amazing family and blog! I have two granddaughters and would love to know how to braid their hair in just the typical single or pigtail braids. Do you have any tutorials out there for young children? My granddaughters are 8 and 7 years old. Thanks!

  9. We did the same cruise back in April on the maiden voyage. We took 3 kids, ages 4, 7, & 10. It was the best part of our 2 week European adventure. I highly recommend this cruise as the best way for families to see Europe with low stress and lots of fun.

  10. Words can’t describe how incredible Royal is, we did Oasis of the Sea. Similar ship, great, great time!!!

  11. I enjoyed following your trip on Instagram! I am defiantly going to look into a cruise!!