Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

SUSPENDER SKIRT: Mara Hoffman / GREY SHIRT: Enza Costa / PINK SHIRT: Zara / SANDALS: Steve Madden (Similar here) / SUNGLASSES: Miu Miu and Miu Miu

We had such a good time in Australia. Everything was incredibly kid friendly and there were tons of fun things for us to do with them. We went to pools, parks, the zoo (we loved the zoo!), took them to see a children’s play at the Sydney Opera House, a petting zoo, outdoor movie, and more. For this trip we tried to pack a lot less and I only brought things I was willing to wear more than once. I wore this jumper/skirt 3 days in a row! I love love love it. I am now only hoping that the stain the kids got on it comes out! I feel like all my clothes have some spot on it somewhere, its unavoidable!

We are in the process of going through our many many videos to make our travel diary and itinerary. I felt really happy leaving Sydney feeling like I had done and seen everything that was on my list! The only hard part is not getting to eat out at the restaurants we wanted. By the time we get home and get the kids down it is always so late and we always forget to make reservations ahead of time. The good ones you guys recommended were already booked out! So mental note to myself to make dinner reservations a couple weeks BEFORE we go on the trip and not the day before we want to go out to eat 😉 But I will include all of those in the itinerary since you all had tons of good suggestions and I looked them up and they looked delish!

Have a great day everyone!!!

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  1. You went to Taronga! So crazy I lived in Mosman right by the zoo just a couple of years ago… you would have driven right by my street there! And now I live in Laie and work in Haleiwa so I’m probably driving right past your street all the time haha so weird!

  2. Suspender skirts are my absolute favorite, and this is probably my favorite one I have ever seen! Such an adorable post
    ♡ Natalie |

  3. Hi there, I came across a photo on Pinterest of the cutest white halter, maternity one piece with a black leaf down it. Where did you get that? I couldn’t find it on your blog. Thanks!

  4. Hi Amber,

    You have such amazing blog posts. I am moved by all that you and your family get to do together. Sydney Looks stunning from your lens. Your children are so lucky that they are able to have these types of experiences this early in life. At 22, I have not traveled as much as your two beautiful children. Your blogs posts are so fun to read. My trip to the Amalfi Coast happened because of your post about how beautiful it was.

  5. Sydney has been on my bucket list for so long now! I really want to spend a New Years there! Seeing your photos make me wanna go more now! Have fun x

    I blog daily from Los Angeles. I would love it if you check my blog out! Thanks x

  6. Hi Amber, I really admire you. I was wondering how you stay motivated to be such a beautiful, well put together person. I don’t even have kids yet, and it feels hard sometimes. Any advice would be amazing. I’m a teacher, and also trying to get my own blog off the ground. ?

  7. Your trip to Australia looked so fun! Loving all the family posts 🙂 Your dutch braid is too cute!

    Lauren Emily Lindmark

  8. Sounds – and looks – like you had an amazing trip! Looking forward to seeing the travel diary video too 🙂
    Also, your outfit is so adorable, perfect for Australia! <3

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

  9. yes please do let us know more about your photos. Need to take some of my family. Australia looks amazing!!!

  10. Love the photo? Who takes your photos of all four of you when you are travelling on your own? And do you just use auto? Are they edited as you nail lighting all the time. Can you please give us an insight on how your photos are so amazing all the time. Thanks

  11. What color is your lipstick? I tried to match an earlier post with it and I feel it’s too dark. Help!

  12. The zoo brings back so many fond memories! So of my favorite childhood memories happened at the zoo!! Also, really looking forward to the video! You and David do an *amazing* job with your footage!

    xo, Sofia

  13. Your family is the cutest!!! You guys travel so much. Do you have any advise on flying with a 2 month old? It will be my daughters first trip by plane to Denver and I am freaking out a little bit. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

  14. Hey amber ! Love you and your family and blog so much ! Love how you share with such honesty and warmth. .. I truly admire that ! I was just wondering how you guys deal with being far from family while raising two kiddos? Is it better for you guys as a family to be on your own or do you really miss the family being around ? Also how do you put together / organize/pick your photos when you have soooo many !?? Im trying to find a smart way to do that !? Perhaps you could do a tutoral? Thanks so much ! Have an Amazing time in hawaii !

  15. Amber when I click the link to your hair section on this site, it’s telling me there is no content.

  16. Such amazing photos! I love your braid and AHH that skirt! Mara Hoffman is my absolute fave and you rock it so perfectly!

  17. Where is your little girl’s hat from? And A’s sunglasses? So cute!!

  18. I LOVE that photo of your two kissing Atticus with his sunglasses off kilter. Too cute!

  19. I love going to Taronga zoo, the view of the city is amazing from there and the animals are so cute! I love what you’re wearing its so cute!
    xxxxxx Isobel

  20. Your family is so beautiful! I would love to visit Australia!! Everything looks amazing 🙂

  21. Love the dress, and the pictures are really beautiful! Wish to travel to Sydney one day if God willing! Lots of love!

  22. This is my all time favorite skirt. I wish it were a little cheaper or I’d buy it in a heart beat:). I have been following you since the beginning and have loved seeing your family grow. This is my first time commenting and figured you deserved it. I love your positivity, focus on family, and you’re desire to have fun. You are so genuine, truthful, and speak from the soul. I admire the way you have a relaxed way of mothering, and think it’s wonderful how you share all that goes with that. Hope you have the best 2017!

  23. Your outfit is soooo cute!! You’re adorable and can pull anything off! Love these pics.

  24. Hello Amber! I love your blog and instagram posts.
    I am wondering where you got rosie’s hat? very very cute!

  25. I love these photos! Your little ones are so adorable–and I love that skirt too!


  26. Omg I love that suspender skirt!!!!!! It’s darling! Looks like you guys had a blast 🙂 Love your blog Amber!

  27. Are there any photos of the zoo? The Opera House looks amazing but would be good to see some of Koalas or any of the other awesome animals in the zoo and some more info about that.