Swimming and Sweets in Cassis

Some pictures from beautiful Cassis today!!! I love love love Cassis – it is a beautiful little port town that offers the most incredible hikes and views. We didn’t have time (or the correct clothing lol) to do a hike but instead we hung on the beach and rented a paddle boat which was so fun. The kids searched for pirates and jumped in the freezing water followed by getting some gelato which you can tell the kids were very into. It is always fun going back with kids to places David and I have been before and have memories. We kept talking about all the familiar spots we passed – the parking lot we slept in (we slept in our car haha), the place we went to get hot coco because I was so cold that morning, the hotel we parked outside of hoping to get some free wifi 😉 haha such freeloaders omg. I love the poor newlywed memories and think they are the absolute funnest to look back on.

Outfit Details : Top | Purse | Swimsuit | Sunglasses

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This top I got 75% off which was such a steal only it was in a size large so I did have to have it tailored! But I just loved the sleeves and knew it would make such a cute maternity cover up over a swimsuit. My bump was so small that day – it is funny how much of my bumps in the beginning are really just bloating probably – or I have no idea why else the size changes so much day to day and even just throughout the day. I can finally feel baby kicking though – not on the outside (only a few times on the outside) but I can definitely feel the baby moving around on the inside. I love the feeling so much.



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  1. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL : the colors, the setting, you and you’re family… I love them 💕 Big bisous from a follower living in the South of France.

  2. This is so cool to see that you were visiting the EXACT SAME spot that we did this summer! Ouh I love France so much! And the water was freezing to you as well?! I thought that we had some kind of off day 😀 I guess it’s just the price you pay for that beauty! 🙂 <3

  3. I remember in the beginning of my pregnancy when my bump always came and went depending on the day haha! That’s beside the point though. Came here to say these are stunning photos!! As usual of course 😉

    xoxo Carolyn @ http://www.mychicobsession.com

  4. oh my gosh. you standing on the boat in just your swimsuit is THE BEST SHOT EVER!! seriously belongs in a magazine. and the sleeves on your top!!! unreal. i am the hugest sucker for sleeves. and pink! bu ah, this just all looks so heavenly!!! so glad your fam is having the best time!!! xoxo
    brittany | http://www.lifeofcharmings.com