These are from a couple weeks ago when we were in SD and went swimming with cousins! I have been staring at this screen for like 30 min and literally don’t know what to say beyond that haha. I just like our matching swimsuits and it was a fun day and thats basically all.

I have been kind of MIA on here but have some fun posts coming up so keep checking back! We just brought on our first contributor to the blog – she is coming on our trip to Europe and her and I will be doing a lot of fun beauty related posts together. She was an aesthetician and knows so many good skin and make up tips and tricks so I think you guys are going to love her. I will do a formal intro on here next week so stay tuned!

Off to Iceland we gooooo!

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  1. Hey Amber, gorgeous photos! quick question about swimming with makeup. Is there a type you use, do you remove it before swimming or redo it afterwards?

    1. I don’t try to wear makeup when swimming but if I happen to already have it on then I just remove it after 🙂

      1. Wow thanks Amber. In that case your skin is fabulous! You look stunning with and without makeup!

  2. These photos are so fun Amber, you and the kids look like you had a fab time. Rosie is so precious in her matching bathing suit!! x

    Sarah Lilly || The Lilly Mint Blog

  3. What a fun photo op with your children! I am living for your matching bathing suits! And omg I loved Iceland when I visited! Enjoy!

    Simply Lovebirds

  4. Amber you are such a babe! I’m so into you exercising and working hard to become stronger, it’s such an inspiration. Plus, I can tell it’s been paying off, I see a nice bum in these pics 😉

  5. This is the life that every woman dreams of having, great job making the best of your new career as a mother, as well as keeping your kids pure and happy 😊

  6. Amber! awe i just saw this!! these pictures melt my heart!! you and sweet rosie are the perfect models in my suits!! You’re the sweetest for posting. sending love! elle

  7. These photos are so cute and your matching swimsuits are to die for! Have a great time in Ireland xox
    xxxx Isobel

  8. This is too cute! I love the suits. Is this a private home? If not, I’d love to plan a trip with my kids. LMK where in SD?

  9. I love your blog and family so much!! Y’all are the cutest and you are such a good mom! Can’t wait to see Iceland pictures! XO

  10. Your blog is going to be so precious for your babies to read in years to come! I wish i had something like this for my three babies! 😊 keep being you Amber! Kerry (silent follower of yours for years 😘)

  11. The pictures are so so cute! I love Rosies and Atticus face on the slide 😀 So so cute! And I love that you wear matching clothes so often and now that Rosies hair is so long, she can also wear it in a bun just like you 🙂 so adorable! <3
    I am super exited to get to know your very first contributor! She is so lucky and it must be so fun to work with you and travel to Europe with you 🙂

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

    1. You are too nice!! Thanks so much 🙂 Swimming is the kids favorite thing to do lately!!

    1. They loveee swimming, it’s the best! And thank you!! We are looking forward to it 🙂

  12. I love following your blog Amber! The internet is weird, it makes you feel like you know people & they’re your friends even though you haven’t met!
    I hope you don’t feel pressure to find something to post all the time. Your readers love you.

    1. You are the sweetest! Thank you for making my day 🙂 I appreciate that! Love ya!! xo

  13. **amber says she’s been MIA** **i’m still fascinated by every post she publishes**

    I love these photos :)) Can’t wait to see your Iceland pics!!! xoxoxox
    Fondly, Emily