conference was amazing.
A little sad that Holland didnt speak but after this conference I have a new found love for President Monson.
After President Hinkley passed away I couldn’t imagine loving a prophet as much as I loved him, and for some reason felt hesitant about getting a new prophet for our church. I just could never have imagined Heavenly Father creating a human as precious and perfect as President Hinkley and couldn’t comprehend how anyone could possibly fill his shoes.
President Monson officially melted my heart this weekend though.
So adorable. When he started his talk on saturday by saying “Hello!” I just about died because it was the sweetest thing ever! He is so amazing and I adore his sense of humor and his precious smile. What an amazing man.
I am still just so sad that Holland didn’t speak! He always has the most powerful talks. I know he spoke in Priesthood session (so jealous) and my friend emailed me his notes from Elder Hollands talk and it was amazing how strong I felt the spirit even just from reading notes on his talk.
conference is just so unreal.

Elaine S. Daltons talk was so great. It’s so true what she said.. “the greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is love her mother”
every girl just adores their dad.
my papsy is the reason i have my pointy (button) (ski slope) nose.
he is the reason i pucker my lips (unintentionally) when i am concentrating.
he is responsible for my love of mowing the lawn and pulling weeds.
he is the reason why i expect to be treated like a princess.
seeing my dad come home from a long day at work and before anything else give my mom a kiss, rub her feet, and make her a milkshake (fillerup sweet tooth gosh dang it) has showed me what i can have.
the other night my sister texted me and said, “omg am, mom and dad have been in their room CRACKING up laughing for hours now and won’t stop! its adorable. we will have that one day.”
i love that they are giddy highschool sweethearts still so in love.
i love hearing my dad tell my mom how beautiful she is.
i love hearing my parents dying laughing 24/7.
i love that they have given me and my sisters such high standards for what we can have one day.
i love that my papsy is my best friend.
i love that i get texts almost every night saying, “goodnight princess” “goodnight pumpkin” “goodnight my amby” “i miss you so much” etc.
i adore fathers.

Photos from sunday thoughts.

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  1. jules- i love you! thanks again for being so great so my sissy this weekend 🙂

    jess- ahh papa fill is just the best!!! i LOVVVE YOU!