Summertime in Utah

Well here I am watching bachelorette and doing my blog post! Pretty sure this is becoming a tradition. Also I am sorry I have really gotten off track with my series that I started at the beginning of the year! I am hoping to pick back up after summer 🙂 But now back to bachelorette – it is bugging me soo bad that they are making such a big deal of colton being a virgin?! like whyyyyy does that have to be portrayed as such a bad thing and need to be announced at all? I find it so annoying! That is all. Who are you guys into?

We took these pics up Sundance canyon in Utah – I love summertime in Utah and love getting to go up there to hang with family each summer. I can’t believe we used to live with those mountains as our backdrop ahh they always take my breath away every time we go visit.

Hope you guys are having a good week! Sharing some Tahiti pics, Fourth of July, and camping pics this week so stay tuned!! xoxoxoxo

What I Wore:
Midi Skirt | Mint Messenger Bag | Olive Green Tank Top

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Amber Fillerup wearing an olive green top and enjoying the summertime in Utah.

Soaking up the sun in this retro look.

Amber Fillerup enjoys dreamy summertime in Utah in a retro outfit from Modcloth. Amber Fillerup/Barefoot Blonde
Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde wears an olive green top while enjoying Summertime in Utah.
Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde wears a retro outfit while enjoying Summertime in Utah. Barefoot Blonde.
Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde wears a retro outfit while enjoying Summertime in Utah. Barefoot Blonde.


Tayler Malott in a yellow dress applying her favorite beauty products for the summer. Barefoot Blonde.

5 Summer Makeup Products

When it comes to summer I always like to change up my makeup routine. With all the travel, and hot summer days I strive to find products that are easy to put on and wear. Let’s be honest, as the temperature rises the last thing you want is to feel as if your face is heavy with makeup. It’s important to simplify your routine and create one that accentuates that beautiful, natural summer glow.

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  1. I don’t watch The Bachelorette, but I read/review contemporary romance and it drives me nuts all the manwhore character types. Virgin heroes are so hard to find, but so refreshing so I know how you feel.

    Pretty necklace and cute shoes!

  2. Totally agree about Bachelorette! My husband and I were so annoyed that they made Colton’s virginity seem like such a negative thing.

    Beautiful outfit and photography! I live for being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine–so jealous that you have the mountains to explore!

  3. I’m with ya about the Colton thing, it shouldn’t be a big deal or a game changer at all. I don’t like that she walked out for a bit that seemed rude and I don’t understand why it would be a big deal! Love your pics above!!!