black high waisted bikini: here / shark clutch: here / printed hat: here / pineapple cover up: here / tortoise sunnies: here / striped tote: here / star print bikini top: here, bottoms: here / lemon bikini: here / printed one piece: here / sparkle sunnies: here

I am dying for Summer to come.. especially since I have been doing all of my online Summer shopping recently. I got a few of the above things and can’t wait to finally have an excuse to put them on! The rest of the items I am lusting over .. I want it all.

I am usually an all one piece kind of girl, but I actually bought a couple bikinis for this Summer. Maybe this will seem like a silly reason but this may be my last Summer before I have kids and who knows if I will wear a bikini after kids or not, can’t really say I guess. But I am seizing my opportunity now just in case 🙂 Like I said, maybe that sounds silly to some of you but to me it is sounding totally sensible, in this moment at least.

One of the bikinis I got is a high waisted bikini, I am totally in love with the look.. which is funny because I don’t think my body looks best in the style of the bottoms, but something about the retro-ness of it makes me not really care 🙂

Photos from Summer Wishlist

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  1. Hi Amber, I love your blog! I am SO excited to see some cute high waisted bikinis because I am a mommy of 3 (including twins) – and I can’t wear bikinis anymore!! Now maybe I can again….yay!

    1. Oh my gosh yeah thats kinda what I love most about them is they cover the ‘pouch’ part of the stomach!! You should definitely get one I think they are so feminine! You would look great! xo

  2. I’m pretty sure you could look good in anything! I WISH I had your body (don’t mean that to sound creppy) haha. I’m absolutely understand though, babies and your whole body changing is scary. I’m taking a pregnancy class at BYU-I this semester because pregnancy and birth and after birth freak me out so much. My husband said if I don’t educate myself and find out it’s not that bad I’ll never want kids, sooo I’m trying it out. But since you’re so athletic and fit, I’m sure you’ll be able to work out throughout your pregnancy and your body will bounce back to your normal weight in no time!

      1. Oh my goodness NO girl!! But thank you so much!! That means a lot! And yeah I agree pregnancy is scary I have been reading tons about it and apparently if you have strong abs it helps you carry your baby better and lose the weight faster so I have been trying to get my abs strong! Not that I am having a baby anytime soon or anything 🙂 Hard to say how it will be since it is different for everyone! Do you have a blog or anything?

  3. I am 100% on the same page! I was hunting for some good, not-so-expensive one pieces and then I realized that this may be my last summer to wear a bikini so I stopped looking so hard for one pieces and decided to go for bikinis one more time!

    1. Haha thats EXACTLY how I was! We have to wear bikinis while we still can 🙂 glad you agree with me! xo

  4. I am in LOVE with the studded Topshop bikini! I’ve never ordered swimwear from them, and their sizing chart wasn’t really helpful – so I shot them an email to find out! I LOVELOVE it and MUST have it 🙂 Thanks, Amber!

    1. Oh my gosh is it not the cutest thing ever?! I am dying over it!! A size 4 is usually a small – 6 is medium – and so forth so 2 would be an extra small! I usually order 4 for top and 6 for bottom because I HATE when bottoms are too tight and the seems push into my skin – I like when they lay softly, so I always order a size up! Maybe that helps but yeah see what they say! xo

    1. I am loving them too!! They are so retro and cute! And yeah that bag is to die for I am wanting it so bad! xo

  5. totally have the same thought as you and reason for buying hottie little bikinis now that I’m married, and especially before those future little babies switch up our bods, bless their hearts… love this post. makes me want summer even mooooore.

    1. Okay glad you agree with me!! Yeah I am feeling like this could be my last Summer with the body I have haha who knows what our little babies will do to them! And yeah Summer needs to hurry! xo

  6. those swimsuits are all to die for and that shark clutch?! so awesome!!!