I recently got a chemical peel and I am in love. My friend Jade did it and she did an amazing job and she also extracted all my clogged pores and what not! I am going to start having her extract and give me a chemical peel once a month so I can get my skin back into shape!

If you read my blog you know I am head over heels for my sugar scrubs (store bought options: here and here). I scrub my face with sugar every day before I put my make up on and it helps it go on a million times smoother and prettier. Usually I scrub with sugar and water (apply water to your face then dab sugar all over your face and scrub!) then I will use a moisturizer  But I decided to try something a little different, I bought baby oil with shea butter in it and I have been getting my face wet, rubbing the oil on, then pouring sugar into my hands and applying it to my face and scrubbing! The sugar scrub with water I do daily, but it is nice to do this scrub with the oil once or twice a week to exfoliate and really moisturize my skin. I also use it to scrub my lips and hands daily and the rest of my body about once a week.
This is the oil I have been using, but really, any oil will work! I also love peppermint oil from Target and tea tree oil ! I will probably just rotate between those three since my face gets used to a certain kind!
I finally saw Hunger Games! We had to sit dead front row… but it was worth it.
{Peeta should have been hotter….}
oh and also.. I just did a photoshoot with the amazing Camilla Binks in this outfit (sold out similar here).. so excited to see them.

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  1. As an Aesthetician I would NOT recommend sugar on your face, ever!! Yes it feels great after but it is too rough for your face so save it for your body instead. Instead use baking soda, talk about falling in love. And move your hands around in circles and let the baking soda do the work. DO NOT push down hard because you will only produce wrinkles and broken capillaries. Hope that helps.

  2. Wow we just read this blog about using sugar and oil to scrub. In our boutique we have just developed a formula for a sugar scrub that we are all obsessed with. Even my mom…lol. We all use it on a daily basis everywhere. Including our face and lips. The sugar exfoliates and the natural oils moisturizer. It is absolutely amazing and 100% all natural.Would love to send you some to see what you think. Just let us know. Happy scrubbing sugar sister. Xxoo Haley & Eden.

  3. Who knew sugar was so great! I used it for the first time today and I can’t believe how soft and smooth my face is. Even my hands! Thanks for the great tips Amber!
    PS I am officially in love with that cucumber scrub, what a way to wake-up in the morning 🙂

  4. Hi amber! I was wondering what kind of sugar you used? Anything specific or do you simply use the basic granulated sugar for baking? Thanks!

  5. Ok this is soooo random, but I also use sugar on my face and just found this awesome little spice tin at World Market to keep it in! It’s magnetic (which lets me stick in on that back metal wall in the medicine cabinet) and if you twist the lid to a certain point you can pour the sugar right into your hand. Plus they come in super cute colors! You can get just one for $2 at the store, but here they are online: http://www.worldmarket.com/product/aqua-magnetic-storage-tin-set-of-6.do?&from=fn

    (Hopefully the link works because it didn’t the first time I tried.)

    Just couldn’t keep it to myself (:

  6. Is doing the sugar scrub the same as using a Clarisonic? Or are there different results? I have a Clarisonic, but might try the sugar scrub if it would help even more.

  7. love- how cute are you?!! and isnt it amazing?! haha i do it allll the time!! so great, i am glad you like it as much as I do! thanks for reading girl 🙂

  8. anonymous #2- eek I have gotten lots of requests for that but I don’t know if I would look so stupid doing that! haha I will definitely think about it though 🙂 there will most likely be one here shortly! xox

  9. anonymous- yes i would love to! if you don’t see a post here soon then email me so i can write you personally tips on how to use it!

  10. Just tried scrubbing with sugar today for the first time!! SO glad you did this post!! My skin feels so soft! I love it! Aren’t us girls all so grateful we have Amber to clue us in to all the great ideas/beauty tips out there?! Thanks Amber!

  11. Thanks for you response about your routine and the breaking out part! I found you blog through pinterest and love your posts and tips!

  12. Love love your blog! I was wondering if you could do a make-up tutorial.. If you could that would be great 🙂

  13. I just bought that FakeBake Airbrush that you mentioned in a previous post. Any tips for application?

  14. I have been washing my face with oil for about a year. I love it. I use extra virgin olive oil. I love the way my skin fells soft and moisturized yet never greasy after I wash.

  15. I have been washing my face with oil for about a year. I love it. I use extra virgin olive oil. I love the way my skin fells soft and moisturized yet never greasy after I wash.

  16. slayer- ahhhh i just texted you! im probably too late i am pissed! so sweet of you to offer!! such a sweetheart! next time i guess 🙂

  17. anonymous- no not dumb at all! i probably should have put that in the post anyways! okay so at night i wash my face like normal and then put vasoline on my whole face. then the next day right before i put my make up on i get my face wet, rub the oil on, pour sugar in my hand and apply it to my face and scrub! after that i just dry it off and put my make up on! so i dont wash it with anything else after! 🙂 it hasnt made me break out at all! in fact, i feel it helps with breakouts, but everyone’s skin is different so hopefully it is like that for you too! let me know how it works out! xox thanks for reading!

  18. Hey I am at the gem faire and they have those neon skull beads in strands from the danijo if you respond to me ill buy you some and mail em to ya jewelry text me 8017926693

  19. Love you blog! Maybe be dumb but do you wash your face with anything after the sugar? Has is broke you out? I was just wondering because I have sensitive skin..and was also interested in the baby oil thing you posted. My only fear is it breaking me out. I take it you haven’t had any problems.

    1. Sugar scrubs are not usually recommended for people that are prone to break-outs. Generally speaking sugar-scrubbing your face or using an exfoliate every single day is actually bad for your skin and will probably cause you to break out more because your body will overcompensate for the constant stripping by producing more oil. If you decide to try the oil-route, I would not recommend using baby oil by ANY means. Perhaps try to utilize some of the more lighter oils on the market like Fresh’s Seaberry oil, which is better for those who have acne prone skin. Not to discredit miss Amber here. I have browsed through some of her skincare posts and a lot of what she does would make my dermatologist scream. Chemical peels should not be done so often, and stripping your skin constantly will actually expedite the aging process.