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^^Woah to 35 week bump, 36 weeks tomorrow.. although this post has nothing to do with pregnancy I just had no other photo to use, ha. Tonight I got back from spin class and went to take a shower and when I came out I told David, “that was a successful shower”. He asked if there were “unsuccessful showers” (haha) and I explained to him that this was a hair mask, coffee scrub, shave, body butter, etc type shower 😉 which I wish I could say was every night.. but its not out of pure laziness. But about once or twice I week I will do my nightly ritual and its heavenly. The other 5 nights I do bits and pieces of it but thought I would share some of my favorite products I use on these successful shower nights.

  1. HAIR MASK. I do this twice a week and you could do it more depending on the type of hair mask but you dont want to do a hair mask every night because there is such thing as over hydrating your hair. Tonight I used the Blonde Me Hair Mask and really really liked it. It was my first time using it so I can’t say anything about actual long term results but my hair is so soft right now so I will be using it for the next few months. I also really love Moroccan Oil Restorative Mask and Kérastase Maskeratine 
  2. COFFEE SCRUB. I used to always do sugar scrub or sea salt scrub but I am not hooked on coffee scrubs!!! I like that they are grittier and my absolute favorite is the Juara Coffee Scrub.. I have tried loads of those packet coffee scrubs or the kind that just come with loose ground up coffee beans but this one is nice because it comes in a paste like form so I can actually control how much I put in different areas without it falling everywhere.. (does that make any sense?) Anyways, I just ordered more of this stuff because its so amazing.
  3. SHAVE. I have told you guys my favorite razors to use with my annoyingly sensitive skin but I have become obsessed with this EOS Shaving Cream!!! My mom got me a three pack over Christmas last year and it has lasted me so long and makes my skin feel so soft.
  4. FACE EXFOLIANT. I sometimes just use the coffee scrub on my face but I love my exfoliators that are made for the face so I generally just use those. My absolute favorite is the Kate Somerville Intensive Exfoliating Treatment – I also got my mom hooked on this stuff and she ironically texted me today about it.
  5. BODY BUTTER. I have really dry and sensitive skin which I have told you guys an annoying amount of times (sorry!) but because of this I love to put on body butter RIGHT after the shower. I have about 10 different kinds in my bathroom but I most frequently use my Soap & Glory Righteous Body Butter and my Moroccan Oil Body Butter.
  6. FACIAL. I love to try different kinds of facials so I have an embarrassing amount in my bathroom right now. Tonight I used a sheet mask  and yesterday I used my Fresh Rose Face Mask (plus the packaging is so cute!). I also really really love the Belif Soothing Mask and Glam Glow’s Hydrating Mask (I actually wear this overnight).
  7. TONER. A toner I use every night and every morning. I am 100% hooked on the Clinique Clarifying Lotion ESPECIALLY for the mornings because it makes your face feel so awake. I have tried other toners but this one is for sure the best in my opinion.
  8. ANTI AGING. This is the other thing I do every night. I really really love eye creams and different face creams. I get hooked on different ones every few months and I like to switch it up. A few weeks ago I started misting my face every night and morning with the Kate Somerville Dermal Quench Liquid Lift and then once that dries I apply Belif Aqua Bomb to my face and neck. You guys HAVE to try this stuff.. it makes your face feel absolutely amazing. I was reading about Belif’s company recently (they are a Japanese beauty line) and I have fallen in love with soo many of their products but this one is my fav for sure. I also have David put it on every night too. I also love Nude Skincare Omega Treatment Rescue Oil – I put this on right after the shower and let it soak in before bed then apply my moisturizer. Or sometimes I do just the oil.

And then obviously I throw on fuzzy socks and pajamas and watch our current show 🙂 (we just finished Bloodline and now we are catching up on Homeland!) So anyways that is an ideal night to me. Like I said that is a lot of steps and I don’t do them all every night but I make SURE to always wash my face and use my toner and cream.


Photos from Successful Shower Kinda Night


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  1. Amber I’m wondering what you used on your pregnant skin? My skin is very dry lately but I’m nervous to use certain products as I am 14 weeks pregnant with my first and paranoid about chemicals. Any tips or advice on something safe that works wonders?

    1. I have been loving Aveeno products lately, and they are safe during pregnancy too!

  2. Hi! I’m new to your blog, I found you as I was searching for new braid ideas. I love everything I’ve seen so far! Can you share how you did this simple but beautiful braid?

  3. Hey Amber I am semi new to your blog and here you reference your sensitive skin and I was wondering what you meant by sensitive because mine is too? And if we have similar issues I was wondering what products you use? BTW you and your family are so precious.

  4. hey amber what products do you think have helped with redness in the skin and wrinkles?

  5. Can you use regular coffee grounds? Also, what is it good for? I notice it is making my skin very soft by exfoliating… but I had also read for cellulite? Whats your thoughts?

    1. Hi love!! And yes! You could make a DIY coffee scrub using
      1 c coffee grounds
      6 tbsp coconut oil
      3 tbsp sea salt or sugar
      Put everything into an empty jar 🙂

      And yep, you are right! It helps with exfoliation and cellulite 🙂

  6. Hi Amber,

    I believe in one of your posts you mentioned a self tanner you used while pregnant. What tanner was that?

    Love your snapchat & insta!

  7. Hi Amber. First of all, HI FROM DENMARK! I love reading your blog and trying out all your hair tutorials 🙂 I was wondering if you are also doing make up tutorials? Have been looking for them for a while, but I cannot seem to find any on your blog.. maybe I’m just blind! 😀

    1. Hi love!! Thanks so much for following along 🙂 I am so glad you love my tutorials too! I don’t have a makeup tutorial but I have had a lot of suggestions for a makeup tutorial, so I will definitely keep it in mind for the future. Thanks!! xo

  8. If you have dry skin why are you using an alcohol based toner every night and morning? Skip it (or seriously use it less often)! The toner you are using has alcohol, witch hazel, menthol and a bunch of other stuff that is most likely drying out and damaging (seriously those ingredients aren’t good for collagen production) your already dry skin!

  9. Hi! Loved this post! I’m obsessed with eye creams and have extremely sensitive and dry skin as well so I thought I’d tell you about my favorite eye AND lip cream!! Yep, it’s a two in one, goes on like velvet, takes one sec. to dry I swear it works amazing as an under eye primer! It keeps my concealer from creasing and it lasts ALL DAY! As for a lip cream, you’ll never want to use anything else! It works like a lip primer as well and is SO amazing under lipstick! It’s the eye and lip Kräm from Gunilla of Sweden!! Give it a try! You WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! Sorry this was so long!

    1. Hi Clara!! Thanks so much!! I am glad you liked it 🙂 And awesome!! Thanks for the suggestions!! I will definitely look into those products!! xo

  10. Amber! Love your posts, so inspiration and informative. Also congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, she is beautiful! I know you recommended a facial wash on this post, after looking at it on Sephora I realized it is a bit out of my price range right now. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for facial wash that is a bit more price friendly? Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Thank you so much Kayla!! I am so glad you loved it 🙂 And aww you are so sweet!! Rosie is doing so great, we adore her. Have you heard of Cetaphil skin cleanser?! I have heard great reviews about it, and it very budget friendly. I hope that helps!! xoxo

  11. Amber! Love your posts and congrats on Rosie, she is beautiful! I know you recommended a facial wash on this post, I looked at it on Sephora’s website but I was wondering if there was a more price friendly facial wash you would recommend? Thank you so much in advance!

  12. I was scrolling through your posts last week and when I came across this one I couldn’t help but oder some of it! I bought the coffee and used it to night for the first time and I ABSOLUTELY love it!! I can already feel a difference in my skin! The hair mask is pretty great too! Have you ever used Living Proof products? I have heard different things about it… Thanks for sharing all your awesome products! 🙂

    1. Yay!! I am so glad you loved them!! It’s always fun to try new shower products!! And yes!! I heard great things about Living Proof!! I need to try more of them out so I can give an honest review though 🙂 Thanks again!! xoxo

  13. Have you tried Bloke? If so, what do you think of it? I’m looking for a cheaper option coffee scrub and would love any opinions! 🙂 I feel like you’ve probably tried the most products and have the best knowledge!

    1. I have!! I like their stuff a lot 🙂 Any scrub will work great!! Thanks for reading!! xo

      1. Thank you, just watched it this one is great! I’d love to see a tutorial for the style above sometime too!!

  14. Love seeing all the different products you use! I will definitely be trying a few of these soon, especially the body butters and hair mask, I feel like its a constant battle to keep my skin and hair moisturized! Also, love the bump pic!!!

    xo Angela

    1. Thanks so much Angela!! I am so glad you like the recommendations 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  15. This is great! What would you say is the best for stretch marks? Does the body butter you suggested help with that? Or do you ah e something specific for pregnancy you have been using?

    1. Thanks Nicole!! I don’t use anything specifically for stretch marks besides lotion!

  16. You say you wear Glam Glow’s mask overnight which instantly makes me wonder if you wake up with it all over your pillow or if you can sleep perfectly without it getting on your sheets. I can’t sleep with anything on my face without it being everywhere in the morning haha.

    1. So for this I would lay down a towel over your pillow case 🙂 It isn’t too messy though! I don’t sleep super still either haha!

    1. I agree!! It’s so important to take the time 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xo

  17. I think any mom would understand what a successful shower is. I had one of those tonight and ended my evening in my jammies and fuzzy socks while my husband and I watched our shows and I gave myself a shellac mani. It was a perfect evening.

    1. Ahh yay!! So good huh?! And wow I wish I knew how to do shellac! Can you come to my house?? haha 😉 xo

  18. I also encourage you to try food masks! Yes! Hair and face. Mayonnaise…avocado….coconut oil…egg yokes…for your hair; eh I use one at a time. Egg whites…honey..on your face.
    Try it. 🙂

  19. Hi Amber! Since you like to switch it up..if you haven’t already ventured down the path, I encourage you to check out Kiehl’s. I’m in love with their products and many friends and all family members are now happy users 🙂
    I’m getting really excited for you and baby girl Clark! You and your beautiful family are in my prayers 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks so much Lace!! I have tried some of their products and I love them as well! 🙂 And aww thank you!! That means so much to me! xo

  20. Oh my goodness those kinds of showers are the best! My absolute favorite thing to do is shave the night when the bedsheets have just been cleaned, best feeling in the world!


  21. Amber you are adorable!!! I feel for you in this stage of pregnancy but it sounds like your getting pampered and I’m sure David is helping out too. Hang in there she will be here capturing the hearts of many before you know it.

    1. Personally, I love it!! It smells amazing and goes on so smooth!! Thanks for reading Kellie! xo

  22. I just finished Bloodline too 🙂 Can’t wait to see what happens in the next season. Thanks for sharing your beauty products, it’s always interesting to hear what other’s use.

    1. Hair masks are a must for me!! Definitely try it out 🙂 Thanks for reading babe!! xo

  23. Just ordered the coffee scrub! Can’t wait to try it out! I just discovered your blog and I love it! 🙂

  24. Love that picture, I’m really looking forward to the baby girl of yours. Good luck with the delivery and I hope she doesn’t stay breached to much longer.
    I’m going to by my mom all the things above for a just because gift and on a card I’m going to write. Amber Fillerup Clark has inspired me to give you the chance to have a “successful shower” ????????????
    Have a good rest of your week!

    1. Thanks so much Emily!! That is so sweet of you!! 🙂 And omg that’s so cute of you!! She will LOVE it! I hope you have a great weekend too! xo

  25. Love this routine!!! I use the same Kerastase hair mask, you inspired me to do a beauty night!

  26. First off that picture of your belly is so cute! I actually hate showering! I grew up in a family of seven people and we only had ONE (yes, u wrote that correctly) shower. It was always wicked inconvenient to fight for my place in line and the water would run out. Anyways, I now have a shower that I just share with my husband and am starting to like long showers like these better. Thanks for sharing what you use- I want to try the coffee scrub!
    Xo, Tara

    1. Aww thank you Tara!! And ahh I am so glad you are starting to enjoy them!! I hate washing my hair because it means I will have to blow dry and style it haha! Definitely try the coffee scrub! It’s life changing 😉

    1. Oh good!! I am glad you love it too 🙂 Fun shower products make it more enjoyable for me haha!

    1. Seriously!! I look forward to it so much!! And yeah! Give them a try and let me know what you think 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xo

  27. Hi Amber! I really enjoyed this post and I also adore successful shower nights (which with a one year old don’t happen all of the time lol). I can’t wait to try the coffee scrub you recommended. I love to use coffee grounds to exfoliate, but I hate that they get everywhere.
    – Heather

  28. Never mind on the belif masks that u recommend I reread the posts and saw that the link the aqua bomb cream is linked to is the mask u stated u live by them also! Sorry

    1. It is amazing!! I think you will love it 😉 Thanks for reading Laura!! xo

  29. Hi Amber love the beauty regimen posts!! I’m such a beauty junkie love trying new products. On the belif aqua bomb the link takes u tothe belif first aid overnight hangover mask, just wondering if it’s the mask u love or indeedb the aqua bomb?! Also wondering if u have tried any of the belif masks I was reading up on them and would love to try one of those too and wanted to see which one u would recommend? One last question just wondering how many times a week u do a mask I never know how many times they should be done (maybe varies depending on the type? Btw know you are so excited for this little girl to be here. Xox

    1. Soo true!! It feels so amazing after!! It is actually a lot of work to shower haha!

  30. I love “successful” showers, but I feel like i never have time for them, or I just get too lazy. I never miss taking off my makeup and applying night repair cream – those I ALWAYS make time for! 🙂

    Monica / Mocha and Moccasins

  31. The exfoliant really is the best, and I have tried a lot! You also got me hooked on the Soap & Glory body butter, thanks for sharing your tips. Love you!

  32. I totally know what you mean about being lazy the other five days of the week haha I mean your preggers so like you kinda have an excuse and I don’t have any hahah but I love successful showers!! You just feel so good and rejuvenated afterwards. ALSO your featured on the COSMOPOLITAN snapchat today. They don’t credit you though uhg haha but just letting ya know 🙂

    {my blog}

  33. Hey Amber,
    Do you have any advice or good products for oily/acne prone skin? My face breaks out so bad! I’m always afraid to use lotions or creams because I dont want to cause my acne! What do you recommend?

    1. Hi Katherine!! Unfortunately I don’t have any product recommendations personally 🙁 But I would check out Sephora’s “acne products” page that I will link below!! Some things I would recommend is making sure you wash your pillow case at least once a week (sounds silly but that’s one acne can form) and keeping a consistent skin care routine. I hope this helps!! xo

  34. I love this post! Everyone needs a good show night at least once a week, it’s the little things!! I was actually just trying to find a toner and was debating between the clinique and another toner but I think this was a sign! ordering it right now

    have a wonderful day //

    1. Thanks so much love!! And it totally is all about the little things 🙂 And yay! You will love it!!

    1. Yay!! I am glad I am not the only one haha! Fuzzy socks make me so happy 😉

    1. Thanks so much!! You are too sweet 🙂 And yes!! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!! xo

  35. The fact that you are still taking spin classes at 36 weeks pregnant is incredible! I barely make it to my slow flow pre-natal yoga classes anymore, and I’m only 29 weeks! Loved the suggestion of a coffee scrub, it’s in my amazon cart as we speak!


    1. You’re too nice!! I am just lucky to have the energy left that I do! I know it’s different for everyone!! 🙂 Pre-natal yoga is amazing! I wish I did more of it! And yay! I hope you love the scrub!!

  36. I’m lucky now with Joaquín if I get to shower every other day! Your routine sounds heavenly!!!

    1. Seriously!! After I had Atticus I felt like my shower count went way down haha!

  37. Your ideal night sounds like my favorite kind of nights too 🙂 It’s so nice when you can actually carve out the time + have the energy to treat yourself a little. I will definitely be trying that coffee scrub! That’s one thing I haven’t tried, but should


    1. Thanks Quinn!! And yes! It is amazing 😉 Let me know what you think if you try it out!! xo

  38. I really think I need to get it together because if you are still taking a spin class and almost due, I should be able to workout. Anyway, I need to checkout a lot of these. I need to up my skincare routine!
    xo Adri

  39. It´s funny- to see other ladies being pregnant seems to go so fast- but I remember, yourself you feel like it is taking forever. I love that you take good care of your body and use great products. It´s also great for our soul. Kisses lovely, Sissi

  40. Best opening to a blog post – so funny! I get you on the successful shower concept!! Love hearing about your products, and glad you are indulging yourself, mamma! 🙂

  41. That’s my kind of shower! I do a routine very similar to this on Sunday evenings. I swear it makes it even better if you play “Spa Radio” on Pandora. I literally think I’m in a spa!


    1. I just finished watching Bloodline and it’s interesting and I will be watching next season, but I have to say my favorite new show has been Narcos (also a Netflix Original Show). It’s fascinating! Love it!

    2. It is amazing!! You won’t be disappointed! And yes!! Start watching!! 😉

      1. Hi Amber,

        How did you do your hair on the first pic? Tutorial please….. Thank you and am avid follower of your blog