Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup in Florence, Italy wearing Simone RochaBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup in Florence, Italy wearing Simone RochaBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup in Florence, Italy wearing Simone RochaBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup in Florence, Italy wearing Simone RochaBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup in Florence, Italy wearing Simone RochaBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup in Florence, Italy wearing Simone RochaBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup in Florence, Italy wearing Simone Rocha

DRESS: Simone Rocha / HEELS: Gianvito Rossi / CLUTCH: Saint Laurent / ROSIE’S DRESS: Chloé / ROSIE’S SHOES: Sophia Webster

While in Florence I got to do a few Style Labs with LUISAVIAROMA and I was so excited because they had matching pieces for the kiddos to wear too!!! Atticus was going to be in these with us but he fell asleep in the stroller on the walk over there so we let him snooze away! I wore this amazing Simone Rocha dress while Rosie wore matching Chloe! I honestly was in heaven because you guys know how much I love matching. The views over Florence were so pretty and I was wishing I got to take all of the pieces home with me. I am sure you guys saw some of the instagrams of me and Rosie in matching Dolce & Gabbana – those posts will be coming soon! I can’t even handle mama and me dresses!!!

*Thanks to LUISAVIAROMA and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Such a beautiful look! This is so sweet! Such a gorgeous view.

  2. Love the matching dresses and the amazing view! You are so inspiring!

  3. You and Rosie are adorable in matching outfits! Love it! You always dress so classy

  4. Hi Amber,

    Love the post!! Just letting you know that the link to the Sophia Webster shoes is incorrect xx

    1. I know it!! So many fun looks!! 🙂 And aww thank you!! She was so good during the shoots!

  5. Lovley photos <3 I just love that romantic dress you have, and your hair, wow 🙂 I hope you have a great day 🙂

    1. Thank you Ramona!! That’s so sweet of you!! I hope you’re having a great week!!

    1. Thanks so much Ashton!! And I agree! We feel so fortunate we were able to go there 🙂

  6. Love these pics! Where do you get Rosie’s headbands from? 🙂

  7. OMG You both look so cute!! Those dresses are just beautiful, and the viewsssss!!
    It is a shame A could shoot with you. Hope he had a nice birthday.

    1. Thank you!! It was such a fun shoot 🙂 And aww thanks! He had a great birthday!!

  8. Hi Amber!
    I really love your bangs and have been wanting to do something similar with my hair. My hair is pin straight and I also really love to braid it. Do think that the bangs have hindered you from braiding the way you did before you had them?

    1. Well bangs for me have been a really fun change but they have definitely made styling my hair more difficult 🙁 so before you get them just keep that in mind. xo

      1. I decided to take the plunge and just do it. I love them so far and will be following your looks for guidance. 🙂

  9. I think you do such a great job with your blog and your pics are amazing!!
    You are so pretty!
    Can I ask you how you get your teeth so white or if you have veneers? They are so perfect!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate that Cassie!! And I have veneers on 8 of my top teeth 🙂

      1. Thanks sweetie…they look awesome ????
        You have such a beautiful family ????

  10. I love matching my daughter too! You both look so beautiful! 🙂

  11. How amazing are those photos! You look beautiful but little Rosie is stealing the show with her adorable little face. She always seems to have a smile across her face! Does this baby ever cry or get cross? Anyway, I want to say also well done to David for capturing so beautifully all those photos, he is one talented man! Julie xx

  12. These are beautiful! I’d love to know where you took these photos. I’m going to Florence in September. Also, I wish that you would do more blog posts about the cities you go to and what you do in each city! I’m living in Europe right now and could use all of the travel tips I can get 🙂

  13. These outfits are way too perfect!! Love everything about this…. My daughter would die over the mini dress, she loves anything pink and anything fuzzy <3 I can't wait to see the rest of the looks!

    Rachael (

  14. You two are the cutest! Plus, that braid!!! AAAAL THE HEART EYES

  15. Such a stunning look!! Absolutley love this dress!!! xoxox

  16. soooooo sweet *___*
    It really looks so good.. I understand what you mean!!!

  17. Hi Amber! These are beautiful! Where are Rosie’s hair bows from? Also, in an earlier post, could you tell us where your gorgeous living room credenza is from? Thanks so much!

  18. Happy people make happy babies. I know life isn’t picture perfect but you are a good example of how close you can be to attaining it. Enjoy your time in Italy.

  19. Can you please do a Tutorial showing how you do your makeup?! I know everyone is dying to know! 🙂

  20. You and your family are seriously too precious and too beautiful! ???? Love seeing how happy you all are and the places you travel!

  21. So cute! Love seeing all your vacay photos with the kids! Your trip to Italy looks amazing and is definitely giving me the travel bug!

  22. So stunning – with that background and that shade of dress for you AND Rosie!! PRECIOUSNESS Overload! 😀

  23. Amber your dress is stunning!! This photo shoot is just gorgeous. I know someday I’ll be the mom that loves to match with my kids. Do you have any ideas of good stores where you can easily match your kids? Can’t wait to see your other matching post!


    1. I totally agree!!! I was dying at her outfit the whole time!!! So cute!

  24. You both look amazing – the LITTLE CUTIE PIE.-)