Striped Sweaters and Curls

Tomorrow is our 6 year anniversary! I really wish I had thought to put together a fun anniversary post but now that I am sitting here at 9pm the night before I am way too pooped from our crazy day. We shot a campaign, did the gym, ran a million errands, got everything organized for the packers, had meetings, took work calls, took the kids to the park, and more ah it was a very productive but also crazy day! In a good way since I love that before holidays we work really really hard so we can just relax and enjoy the holidays. But thinking about these last 6 years it is so crazy to think that it has only been 6 years!!! It is really weird to think about life before married life. And even life before married life with kids.

In 6 years we have had way too many late night meals, traveled to almost 25 countries together, watched a lot of shows, lived in 5 states, learned lots of life lessons, had (almost) 3 kids, built our first home, have tried our best to figure out the parenting thing together, started a company, had lots of kitchen dance parties, and spent a lot of time at the place where we met —- the gym lol. And lots lots more. Ready for 6 more 🙂

What I Wore :Maternity jeans here ,  Sweater

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  1. I absolutely love this striped sweater and how cute it looks with your bump!

  2. This sweater is so pretty and it looks so comfortable ! I really like to bring a little bit of colors into my outfits this time of the year as the weather can be quite sad and stripped sweaters are just the best way to do that I think !

  3. Congratulations! Some say this age is the highway of life, everything happens so fast and so many things at once; kids, house, work, travelling. Beautiful to read how you oftentimes reflect and live in the moment!

  4. Congratulations!!! When it’s your wedding anniversary, that means I’ve been following along for the past 6 years. You’re definitely my longest running inspirational mentor that has consistently inspired me over the years, even through some hard times. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being you and sharing your story with everyone as it’s happening. It’s certainly brave to put yourself out there, but I’m really glad you have. I, too, look forward to the next 6 years of following along and being inspired by you and your beautiful family. Cheers!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I’m a long-time reader (and fan), but don’t comment often. (I read posts on the way to doing other things.) How wonderful that you’re crafting your unique life as a family. My husband and I have been married over 30 years and I’m so thankful we hung in there on the days it was hard. You both are building a life to treasure, and you’ll reap the rewards. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Congratulations Amber! And David of course 🙂 Love each other for another at least 50 years! 🙂 And also I really like this sweater, soo cozy and casual looking 🙂