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PANTS: Forever 21 / SUNNIES: Miu Miu / BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile / SHOES: Zara / NECKLACE: Poppy Boutique / COAT: BCBG

Good news! The Adidas swimsuit you guys were asking about that I wore in this post while I was in St. Croix is now back in stock and available for preorder: here !

It has been cold and rainy here and I am ready for some sunshine! Some friends and I are going to have a Great Gatsby themed getaway in Palm Springs in a week and I am so excited! What are your Summer plans?!

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  1. You look so great, I love this outfit! I wish my topknots looked as natural as yours, whenever I go for a bun I just look like the competitive cheerleader I used to be :p perhaps a tutorial is in order?

    1. Haha I totally know what you mean!! I find that if I have left over curls from the day before, I don’t brush them and then do a top knot it works wayy better!! 🙂

  2. You look great! Love the messy bun. Could you post a video on how to do it please? Thanks!

    1. Thanks girl!!! Yes I will try to get a tutorial up! I am always bad at getting around to making them but its on my list!! xx

    1. Hey Laura! I am actually in Lehi, UT and this green wall is just on state street on the left when heading east.. I don’t remember what it is by, we were just driving and saw it and pulled over!!

  3. LOVE those pants!! They look much more expensive than Forever 21 🙂


  4. the link to the ADIDAS swimsuit didn’t work for me. can you reply with it again?

  5. Ok helloooooooo, you even make a messy bun look gorgeous! Possible how-to video? My messy buns just look…well…messy… Need some help! 🙂 ps loving the pants.

    1. Haha you are so sweet! Yes I will try to do a video! Thanks girl!

  6. you look gorgeous!!! love the background color and your chanel!!! so jealous 😉 top on my wish list!!!

  7. So cute Amb! I tried on those pants at F21 a few weeks ago and loved them but the last pair in my size had a big ol rip! Bummer. Lets hang out again soon! I miss Chauncey already haha.

    1. Thanks babygirl!! And yes please lets hang out! Chauncey misses you!!!!

  8. What size is your BCBG coat? XXS or XS? I’m trying to use you for size reference!

    1. Mine is an extra small!! 🙂 you will love it, my favorite trench by far!

  9. Your bun is amazing 🙂 Could you do a post explaining how you did it? I am hopeless when it comes to trying new hairstyles. Your Gatsby weekend sounds awesome! I definitely need an excuse to get away for a bit.

    1. Hey Laura!! Thanks so much! I will definitely try to do a video how to or something of the sorts! And yes you need a get away 🙂

  10. omg amber, i loooooooooooove this look!!!!!!!! i love those pants, and there is something so chic about a messy bun… you look amazing! i would love a tutorial on a messy bun!

    1. Aw Teddy you are so sweet!! Thanks so much!! Have a good day! xo

    1. Thats okay summer plans don’t need to be exciting its fun just being in the sun where ever you are and relaxing!! Thanks for your sweet comment!