Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde^^I LOVE when he reaches up to hold my hand!!!! Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde^^Atticus loves to jump but has yet to get any air hah! It is the funniest thing because I really think he believes he is jumping so high!Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

STRIPED TOP: Rosie Pope (similar here and here) // COAT: Vince // NECKLACE: Vanessa Mooney // JEANS: Citizens of Humanity // BOOTS: Stuart Weitzman 

David – COAT: CLWR// T-SHIRT: ASOS // JEANS: J Brand // SHOES: Vans // HAT: Slouch Headwear

Atticus –  SWEATER: Gap // JEANS: Gap // SHOES: Nordstrom // COAT: Burberry // BEANIE: Zara

We usually do morning and evening walks but lately I have been so tired in the mornings so David has been waking up early with Mr. A and taking him and Chauncey out so I can sleep! It has been so nice (and so sweet of him! he even comes home with a smoothie) and to be honest I hadn’t really even gotten dressed the previous five days so I decided to put on actual clothes and go on a long evening walk with my boys. My pregnancy has felt like a million years! I am at the point where people seem to feel the need to say “woah you look like you’re gonna pop!” “your belly is huge!” and I am like, “stop talking immediately.” haha. But really can we all just realize every pregnant woman at this stage KNOWS she looks like that…. MUST we tell her?! I mean commmmon. I go in to the doctor’s in the morning and we will see if I have dilated any more… fingers crossed you guys.

This weather is honestly crazy – I mean its perfect weather for November!!! I remember when we came apartment hunting here in New York last November we were absolutely FROZEN. I am soaking up every day we get this weather. Slash…. also really excited for the snow only because I think Atticus is going to LOVE it! I picture him sledding and running through the snow and I know he is going to have a blast… so I am excited for that.

I am also trying to soak up my days of wearing suede boots before snow comes.. I bought these boots a couple winters ago and they are still favorites of mine. I love over the knee boots so much and think they give a slimming/elongating look which is ALWAYS a plus.

XO have a good day!

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  1. I am absolutely OBSESSED with your boots!! Right now I live in the hottest place in country but I’m going to college next year and need some good boots! Do you have any other recommendations of where I can find some similar to yours but less expensive?? I’m such a big fan of yours. I plan on pursuing a career in fashion so I’m always keeping up with your blogs and looking at the clothes you wear. I just love it!!! Thanks so much xoxo

  2. I’m a massive fan of over the knee boots myself and wear them with jeans all the time. Pregnancy suits you darling. Too young to be a mom but when time comes I wish I looked like you pregnant, amazing and rocking that outfit xx

    1. Aren’t they the best?! I wear mine all the time too!! And aww you are too nice!! Thanks so much Ana!! xo

  3. Can you show in video how you do your cute messy bun? I have simillar lenght of hair but it isn’t as cute as yours

    1. You are too nice!! Thanks so much Karen!! I am sorry I am just seeing this 🙂

  4. Your photos soo beautiful! Perfect little family! God bless you guys!! What appt or website you guys using for your photo effects? Love those colors

    1. Thank you so much!! And I use a program called Lightroom to edit my pictures 🙂

  5. You are a beautiful pregnant woman (you’re beautiful when you’re not too, it’s just extra special now.;)) We’re at the point (my son just turned 2) and everyone is asking us if/when we’re going to have another – I admit you make me want to again, even though I remember the final countdown when you’re like, can it happen already?! LOL. I am SO amazed at you still wearing heels! I hardly put on weight other than the baby, but boy did my feet get fat! I couldn’t wear any of my old shoes during the last half of my pregnancy. I’m impressed! You look great!!
    Have a great weekend, and good luck with the dialation 😉 (that’s a funny sentence, LOL)

    1. Aww thank you so much Kim!! How sweet you are!! 🙂 Your little man is lucky to have you as a mama!! And don’t worry about rushing to have another, you will know when the timing is right!! I hope your weekend has been great so far!! xoxo

  6. You look beautiful pregnant…..I had twins and got the same ridiculous comments oh well. I never looked stylish like you do so God Bless as I’m sure you’re ready for a healthy happy baby. I love all your fashion post & your son is precious!!

    1. You are so sweet!! Thanks Jill!! How old are your twins now?! And yes! We are so ready for her 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes!! xo

      1. My twin girls just turned 20. They’re away at college studying pre-pharmacy. They have a blog which covers fashion, hair style, & decorating their dorm rooms
        Hang in there the delivery day is almost here! yeah! ????????

          1. My twin daughters blog is “Two Sassy For You” it’s all things fashion, hair & makeup. They’re so consumed with studying this semester they haven’t had time to post much. They love braiding their hair and have beautiful long hair like you do!

  7. You guys are the cutest & your hair always looks perfect!!

    You might also be interested in LBP’s Front Row 4 Day Hair Education Festival of EPIC Proportion happening this January in Wynwood (Miami FL)!! For full details you can visit !! You do not want to miss this Beauty Event featuring Oribe | R+CO | V76 | Smith & Cult | Butterfly Circus | IGK !!

      1. You are very welcome and if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them! Have a great week!

  8. You look amazing! I don’t know if you have done a post on this already, but what are your favorite brands of maternity jeans? And do you prefer the over the belly ones or the under the belly ones? I’m pregnant with my second baby and about to buy more maternity jeans, and looking for some good suggestions! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much!! And I haven’t done a specific post on maternity jeans but I include my outfit details in each post which includes maternity jeans as well! I have had a lot of luck with maternity jeans from Nordstrom and also Shopbop! I will link a pair I LOVE below 🙂 And they are under the belly but I don’t really have a preference. I have worn both!! xo

      (And you can look through past posts where I have been pregnant and see the jeans I have linked if you want more suggestions!)

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate the feedback!! Thanks for reading from the Czech Republic!! So cool 🙂

  9. Beautiful family! I wish when I get married be like this. Perfect! xx

  10. My boyfriend and I were just talking about this fall has been perfect and actually feels like fall compared to every year before were it seems to go to straight to freezing! Central park is best this time on year!

    1. Totally!! We are loving it and taking full advantage while it lasts!! 😉 Thanks for reading Ashlee!! xo

  11. What a sweet husband! I totally agree about people’s comments ???? I know they mean no harm, but c’mon? When was/is your due date? I am due at the beginning of February and my daughter Ava is two weeks younger than Atticus and I was two weeks late! Two babes under two!! We got this ???????? God Bless!!

    1. Oh I know!! 😉 They’re totally harmless! And yay congrats!! That’s so exciting!! I am being induced Wednesday!!! 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes!! I can’t believe I will have TWO kids!!

  12. You are darling! My little Wallace is 15 months old and reminds me so much of Atticus. I think it’s their blue eyes and chubby cheeks. Hope your baby girl makes her debut soon. You are so fun to follow!

    1. Aww thank you!! And aww I bet he is a cutie!! I love that name too 🙂 Thanks for following Marci!! xo

  13. You are absolutely adorable. I remember that feeling well… Often thought of carrying around duct tape for people who would say the most annoying comments. I carried my Sophie like a bullet and I was so done hearing how I could be a circus act with how my stomach looked. Your almost done!!! Hang in there. Your newest angel will arrive before you know it!

    1. Oh my goodness thank you!! You are too nice 🙂 And thanks for the well wishes!! Can’t wait till she is here!! xo

  14. I am DYING to know how your picture are always so perfect! Is it your camera or amazing editing skills? What do you use to edit your pictures with!? They are always such amazing quality!!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate it! And I use a canon 5d mark iii and I use a program called Lightroom to edit my pictures 🙂

  15. Love the pic of Atticus in the air, and so cute he thinks he’s jumping. And him grabbing your hand-can’t stand it. Adorbs.
    Hope that little one comes out soon!

    1. Aww thank you!! I love those too 😉 And thanks!! I hope so too!! We are so ready!! xo

  16. I love the post but i think it is missing at the end : this post is sponsored by Atticus in the fall hahaha He is just sooooooooo cute. Im crazy about little boys! I love it how they always want to be with mommy. I remember when I was that pregnant with Maxi and everyone felt the urge to told me that I was about to explode. That’s just what they do.
    As always you look amazing.
    Xoxo from Chile 🙂

  17. Truly you always have the most inspirational photos on your blog Amber. And I did not know Atticus can fly- and David can fly too! LOL! You are gorgeous as is your beautiful family! Kissses, lovely, Sissi

  18. Hi Amber,
    Dying to know who takes all of your family photos…I have two boys myself and you capture your “everyday” so well!!

    1. Hi Lisa!! Thanks so much!! We usually ask someone around to snap a pic of all of us or we use self timer/tripod 😉 We use other photographers too!! xo

    1. It really has been so nice!! And I better take advantage while I can 😉 Thanks for the sweet comment!! Love ya! xo

  19. You are looking so gorgeous, you must feel like you’re ready to pop! How long until the new baby girl comes do you think? I hope i’m half as stylish as you are when I fall pregnant! And how lovely of David helping out in the mornings – that’s what it’s all about! 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you so much Sally!! You are so sweet! And yes!! I am soo ready! And I am being induced Wednesday 🙂 yay!! I ca’t wait!! xoxo

  20. Hi Amber! You always take Atticus on these fun adventures…kids thrive outside! And the photos you take are always stunning; they capture those special moments we want to remember forever perfectly. May I ask you what you shoot with and what your favourite lenses are?

    1. Hi Jenya!! Thank you so much!! I appreciate that 🙂 And I use a canon 5d mark iii with several lenses: 24-70 (most commonly), 20mm, 200mm and 50mm. I hope that helps!! xo

      1. very helpful! Thank you for responding… I wish you a safe and quick 🙂 delivery. I can’t wait to hear the news 🙂 It was an amazing feeling to bring a little girl into this world…

  21. Wow, you are gorgeous!! I’m so excited for you to have your baby! Can’t wait to see pictures! Praying for a safe delivery and healthy little girl!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah!! You are too kind 🙂 And aww thanks!! We are so excited to meet her!!

  22. …and still totally gorgeous!! I hope you can get some rest before Baby arrives!! Take a break and just write a 2 sentence post saying ‘hi, have a nice day.’ 😉 we’d all understand!!

    1. Aww thank you so much!! You are too nice 🙂 And haha I totally should have 😉 I need to take advantage while I can!!

  23. Love love love these precious photos!!! So so cute…..would love to know as of late the brand, length, and color of the extensions u have been wearing lately? Eeeeek still pregnant, hopefully baby girl comes soon I imagine by this point it’s such a waiting game!! Good luck xox

    1. Thank you so much Meagan!! 🙂 I am so glad the pics!! And I have worn both Laced Hair Extensions and Euronext extensions from Sally Beauty Supply (different price points). I have both 21” and 24”!! I love 24” for braids especially!! And thanks for the well wishes!! We are so excited! xo

  24. Hi Amber????????
    I’m a HUGE fan, I seriously check your blog every night and I can’t get enough! How did you get started and how did you gain such success? I’m planning on starting my own blog soon and would LOVE some tips!! Also what’s your email?
    You look absolutely great; seriously cutest pregnant girl I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait for the little girl????

    1. Hi Madison!! Thank you so much!! That means so much to me 🙂 You can email me with questions you have! ( And aw thanks!! We are so excited for her!! xo

  25. I am eager to learn her name!

    I have had my eye on those boots for a few years now and found the right size in Vegas. They are on the top of my Cheistmas wish list. I have been very good this year!

    1. We are excited to share her name with everyone!! And aren’t they amazing?! I love them!! I hope you get them for Christmas 😉 xo

  26. You are looking absolutely fabulous! Seriously,the cutest, pregnant and not, your are just gorgeous. Love the shots of Atticus jumping, haha, too cute!! What a great hubby you have. Love to you all! xoxo

  27. Hi Amber! I know that you use Light room to edit your pictures, but are you able to tell me the “mode” you usually use? Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Any tips/tricks? Thank you so much and praying for a safe delivery 🙂

  28. I just love the pictures of David and Atticus together, they have the cutest little relationship 🙂 That is probably so rewarding to see as a wife and a mother <3


  29. Could you do a post on the kate Somerville tanning wipes? or just email me to let me know 🙂 I bought some a while back, but still haven’t tried them out, and I saw in a past post, you used them!

    I am curious:
    how often you need to reapply.
    do they rub off on your sheets, or clothes, come off in the shower
    how long does it last
    and lastly
    tips on how to prep and apply
    did I miss anything? 🙂

    I love your blog and how honest you keep things!! you seem to have a blessed life with your darling family!!

  30. Hahaha loved this post. The pictures are great. I love how we get to see the process of your pregnancy!! And believe me, I am as impatient as you. Can’t wait to see the baby. Hope everything goes well for you these days <3

    1. Thanks so much!! I appreciate the feedback 🙂 And aww thank you!! We are so excited to meet her!

  31. Hey Amber, you still look beautiful. I would like to wish you luck already when you are going into labor. ❤️

  32. Hi Amber! I’d love to hear your take and opinion on Essenia O’Neill’s decision to quit social media! I’m sure I am one of many who would love to hear your view of this!

    1. Hi Kelsey!! I think she made a few valid points but I don’t agree that social media is the “lie”. I think she let Instagram control her happiness.. and I don’t like that she generalized all bloggers as being “fake”. But that’s just my opinion 🙂 But I agree that everyone should live in the moment! I think social media can be used for good and bad, depending on what the user makes of it! xo

  33. I Just subscribe to your blog, I follow You on IG!
    Im your fan! I look everyday at your IG and copy your outfit! Haha! Atticus its so adorable I have a 14 month Baby Too and he is Just active as A <3 blessings!
    Waiting for You blessed Baby!

    1. Thank you for following along!! I am so glad to hear that 🙂 Thanks for the sweet words mama! xo

  34. Atticus looks like the happiest kid and is just such a little cutie! What a nice family you have!!

    1. Aww thank you!! He is so fun! I can’t wait to add baby girl to our family 🙂

  35. Ummmm agreed about the end of pregnancy. No woman ever wants to be told she’s huge no matter what. My least favorite was “wow your belly has grown!” From people who hadn’t seen me in two months. Yeah. Obviously. I hope it has otherwise THERE IS A PROBLEM! And the “you look ready to pop” gets real old. All I wanted to hear was, what a beautiful belly. The end.

    1. Thank goodness you agree!! Haha I always hate those awkward comments! Like hello I am pregnant of course I am huge 😉 Anyway haha thanks for the comment!!

  36. I can’t wait till you’re little one is born!!! You are looking absolutely gorgeous! Xxx all the way from South Africa

  37. You are so beautiful in every way! I mean honestly I remember when I was that far along in my pregnancy there was noooo way I could find the energy to get dressed/ready and look like that! 🙂 Haha don’t you just love (HATE) all the “You’re going to pop!” comments?! I’m about your height and my husband is 6’4″ so of course we are going to have large babies! Haha but for real, you look absolutely stunning! Oh and Atticus in these pictures is just overwhelmingly cute haha. Hang in there, and take it easy!! xo

    1. Thank you so much!! You are too nice!! I appreciate it!! And oh yes!! You will have tall kids for sure!! That’s a good thing in my book 😉 Anyway, thanks again for the well wishes!! Love ya!! xo

  38. I am sure it doesnt matter how many times someone tells you how amazing you look pregnant because you feel huge but seriously you are the most beautiful pregnant lady I have seen. It only looks like you have a bump and havent gained any weight! you are long and slender and your face doesnt look swollen either. I hope I am as lucky as you! Keeping my fingers crossed for baby girl to come!

    1. Totally!! I feel like I am about to pop haha! Thanks for being SO incredibly sweet though!! You’re the best!! I feel very swollen and huge but your comment made me smile!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much love!! That is so nice of you to say 🙂 I can’t believe she will be here so soon!!

  39. These are some of the loveliest I have seen and the three of you have never looked so happy… and so good… as a family… and Atticus is a perfect dream. Love you guys!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! We are soaking up the last few days with Atticus 🙂 it has been so relaxing!! Love you Ehren!! We miss you!

  40. I can never get over the things people say to a pregnant woman! I will forever look at pregnancy different after being pregnant myself! You still look phenomenal though! Not many people could pull over a pregnant belly and tall boots and you are rocking it!

  41. These photos are so so heartwarming. They really made my morning. I can only imagine how uncomfortable the end of pregnancy must be. I think you look beautiful, tbh. And I love the stripey top.

    Fingers crossed for you!

    1. Aww thank you!! I am so glad you liked them!! And thanks!! We can’t wait to meet her 🙂

  42. I have those same black boots and the flat ones in burgundy – they are the best!! And omg yes, when you reach those last few weeks, it is torture, and people just STARE! Good luck girlie, I hope the baby comes soon!!


    1. Aren’t they amazing?! You must have good taste 😉 And it really does drag on soo bad haha! I can’t wait to meet her already!!! xo

  43. I always love photos of your sweet little family! Atticus jumping is so cute, and my daughter does the exact same thing! It’s the best 🙂 You really do look great Amber, and I hope you’ve dilated!!! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. Thank you so much Rachel!! 🙂 And no way?! Isn’t it so adorable?? I love it!! And thanks for the well wishes!! xo

  44. I love that you and Atticus have coordinating outfits! Its so cute. Also, I could imagine that being told that you look like you’re going to pop is miserable. I would be so grouchy, haha!

    Meghan |

    1. Thank you so much Meghan!! And yeah tell me about it! I am soo ready to have baby girl already 😉

  45. Can’t wait to see your baby! I’m sure Atticus (and Chauncey) will make awesome older brothers. Wishing for a great doctors visit for you girl ????

  46. I wish you to welcome your baby very soon, like tonight! Remember myself at this stage, i was walking like a duck! And the 5-min-way to the supermarket took me like 20 min! So one day i was listening to the “best 90’s songs chart” on the radio with Britney, Justin Timberlake and Backstreet Boys and was dancing my ass off! or actually better to say “my belly off”, cause next day the baby came 🙂

    1. I wish!!! She’s still in there haha! And no way?! Maybe I need to try that out!! 😉 xo

  47. These pictures are absolutely amazing. I think Fall is the best time to take pictures.
    You defiantly rock the baby belly. Can’t wait tos ee pictures of your beautiful baby girl, when she is born
    Have a great day 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Emily!! You are so sweet!! Hoping baby girl comes soon 🙂 We are so excited!

  48. you look so beautiful, Amber! I love the way the striped tee looks peeking out from under the camel. hang in there – baby girl will be here so soon and then i hope you will spam us all with adorable baby pics – i cannot wait! love and hugs to you and your family! xo christine

    1. Thank you so much!! I am glad you like the look 🙂 And yes!! Can’t wait to meet her and share pictures with everyone!! xoxo

  49. Hi Amber! Keep on a walking to get the girl out 🙂 My friend recently tried castor oil so she wasn’t induced and it WORKED! I honestly couldn’t believe it and found it pretty funny that it put her in labor. She was seriously determined to not get induced. So excited for your and your family! By the way, I have gone to my hairdresser for the past year or so using your same formula and I love it – thank you so much for telling us your secrets (I’m naturally a dark blonde so the upkeep really isn’t bad at all)! BUT, I was wondering since I am so blonde now and want to transition to a fall color, what colors did you use for fall? I know a few years ago you went to a darker blonde and I would love to know what to tell my hairdresser. Thank you SO MUCH if you take the time to respond, but if not I completely understand. Hope everything goes smooth for when you do go into labor and give Atticus a huge hug for me because I love watching that little guy grow, he’s perfect!

    1. Oh that’s a great tip!! Thanks!! I have heard that before but totally forgot!! The plan is to get induced on Wednesday if she doesn’t come before then 🙂 So I am hoping everything goes smoothly!! And yay!! I am glad you like the formula 🙂 I bet it looks gorgeous on you love!! And for fall you can do tell your hairdresser to add more lowlights which is what I usually do, or you can even try a melted look if you’re feeling bold 😉 Purple shampoo is great too if you want that icy blonde look which is popular in the fall! Pinterest is the best for hair inspo for me!! Thanks again for the comment Kay!!! xo

  50. Loved the post! Praying that your baby girl comes soon and has a safe delivery! Can’t wait to see her! 🙂
    Xx Amber

  51. Oh my every single one of these pics is frameable! I think truly you are the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world!!! I was wearing Uggs the last month I was pregnant haha! Sending you positive thoughts for the delivery! <3

    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much Andi!! You totally made my night!! And hey I love Uggs haha! You can never go wrong with being comfy 😉

  52. You look great! You would think people would learn not to comment on pregnancy in that way… like, just say they are “glowing” or something complimentary. Seriously. As always, the boys are the most adorable 2 peas in a pod! I love the photo of David jumping with Atticus underneath! What a great shot. Get lots of rest and enjoy snuggling that baby girl when she gets here!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Sara!! And I know right?! They will never learn haha until they are pregnant themselves!! And thanks again for the sweet comment and the well wishes for baby girl’s arrival yay! xoxo

    1. Aww thank you Lauren!! He is so expressive, I love it 🙂 And thanks!! She will be here by next week yay!

  53. Aww hang in there! But you are completely correct. People really need to get a clue! haha You look amazing. I love the wonder in A’s eyes, you can tell he’s just soaking it all in.

    Sara Kate Styling

    1. Thank you so much!! I am SO ready for baby girl to come out but I am just happy I am feeling good and soaking up my last few days with just Atticus 🙂 Thanks for reading! xo

  54. I’m so glad you got to do a long walk with your boys before little girl comes! You look absolutely amazing in this fall outfit! The weather has been perfect for fall – not frigid at all, compared to last year. Hang in there, love! Baby girl will be here soon 🙂


    1. Thanks Quinn!! I am glad you like the outfit!! And it has been an amazing past few weeks soaking up the alone time with Atticus 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment!! xo

    1. Thank you so much!! And haha it is so adorable!! I love it 🙂 Have a fabulous day too!

  55. And you still look absolutely incredible even in this late stage of your pregnancy!! Thank you for always writing honestly and for inspiring with your always heartwarming photos…:)

  56. What a lovely family and great shots, I always wanted to know who shoots you guys!

    1. Thank you Tami!! I appreciate that 🙂 And if there is shots of us three, we usually do self timer or have someone else snap it for us! xo


    1. I asked the same question about a few months ago. She said they use the Canon 5d Mark iii. I’m not sure if they have a new camera, but that’s what I know. Hope that helped. :))))

    2. Thank you Rosa!! 🙂 I use a canon 5d mark iii with several lenses: 24-70, 20mm, 200mm and 50mm. xo

  58. Awwwww Amber you always look stunning!!! Don’t let others bring you down with their comments!!!! You and your family are truly amazing!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs & kisses always!!!! P.S. ❤️ Your SIL Sarah!!!!

    1. Thank you SO much Lori!! You sure know how to make my day 🙂 Love ya!! xo
      And aww isn’t Sarah the best?!

    1. We are loving it!! It’s so perfect 🙂 But yeah once it starts snowing I won’t be saying this haha! Thanks for reading Candace!! xo

  59. You look amazing!!! NYC is so gorgeous during this time (but my favorite in Christmas with all the lights and decorations). 🙂
    I wish you luck with labor and delivery and a very speedy recovery!! Excited for you to meet your little girl! <3

    1. You are the nicest!! Thank you so much!! And I agree! Christmas is the best in NYC 🙂 They already started decorating yay! And aww thanks!! I can’t wait to meet her!! xo

  60. I can still remember how whale-like I felt at this stadium. But you look great!!!! Cant wait to see the little one and hope all works well for you and your loved ones????????????

    1. I second that!! We are loving the weather 🙂 And aw thanks!! You are so nice!!

  61. I know exactly how you feel, I keep getting those comments too now. The other day someone said “your button is going to burst on your top soon!” I was like, “wow, cheers” People feel like they can say absolutely anything to a pregnant women. Anyway, moving on haha, I love this outfit, the coat looks really comfy and A looks so cute! xx

    1. Thanks so much Claudia!! And hahah!! I am so glad I am not the only one 😉 People don’t get it!!

  62. Cutest. family. ever!! Good luck with the newest one on the way…not long now! You guys are family goals honestly, seriously adorable <3


    1. Thanks so much Courtney!! We love to get out and about especially if it gets Atticus tired out for his nap 😉