Soo for all you geeks out there.. this post is for you.
You see I have a friend who likes Star Wars and so I decided to make Star Wars cookies for them. Twas quite the adventure. I saw on the box the cookies just looked so cute and adorable.. and based off of my gingerbread decorating skills, I figured my Star Wars character decorating must be on point as well. Hmmm….. no.
Too many details. Way too many.
I thought, “hm this should only take maybe an hour (to decorate)”
NO! It literally took like 3 hours just to ice the dang things.
Not that I minded at all since it was for a good friend and I wanted to do it.. but I was still so pissed at Yoda by the end of it… he was supposed to look like the Yoda I fell in love with on the box in the store! I may have even verbally abused the poor thing a few times. And the thought of chucking him across the room and into the garbage disposal may have crossed my mind. Try to understand.. it was just a shot to my domestic ego is all.
And making black and gray icing was not as simple as I anticipated either. Which it should be, I mean I payed close attention in art class growing up since supposedly I’m “creative” (my mother always tried to tell me). I know the color wheel and what not so this should have been an easy task.
I’m convinced that the cookies on the box are photo-shopped. There is no other logical explanation.
{Williams Sonoma Cookie Cutters: $20}
{Sugar Cookie Recipe: here}
{Icing Recipe: here}
Anyways here is my documented adventure:
I always add 1/8th cup of vanilla instant pudding.. to everything I bake. Pancakes, cookies, cakes, waffles, everything! 

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  1. amber these look so good!!! dont worry about the time icing those cookies it would have taken me all day! it takes me like a hour just to paint my nails!!!