Spring Sandal Steals
(left to right) $41 | $49 | $69 | $59 | $59 | $29 | $56 | $29

I am so excited that it is warm enough to wear sandals! They are my favorite thing ever. And who can resist those price tags? So many cute sandals! 🙂 enjoy!

Photos from Spring Sandal Steals


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  1. So I have to know…are the first pair of glitter ASOS sandals the ones you have & wore at fashion week? If so, I am obsessed & will be getting them immediately (in spite of my devotion to yellow gold).

    Love the blog…you’re too cute!


  2. Hi Amber,
    I absolutely adore every outfit and hair photo you share with us here and on Instagram. Love that you are always coming up with unique ways of dressing up every outfit even the casual ones.
    My husband and I are going back to Italy this May and I wanted to see if you had any hiking trails or favorite beach spots in Amalfi Coast & Cinque Terre that you could share? Thanks much and Congratulations:)

  3. Wow! ok, I am not believing the prices of these sandals, thank you for posting these amazing finds girl! I would love to have a pair of each!!! I love sandals!!!! xo

  4. Wish it were warm enough for sandals here…got to love the Midwest lol! These are some great shoes, and I am loving the low blocked heel trend 🙂

  5. Hi!

    I love all of these sandals so much. I’ve been looking to add a few more to my shoe collection before summer comes around.
    Could you possibly put the links to the shoes directly?

    Thank you,