SPF is Your BFF with Olay

The other day I was at the dermatologist and she said “SPF is your BFF” and I thought it was catchy and it has stuck in my brain. I grew up in Arizona basically lounging by the pool with zero sunscreen my whole life. I was trying to get as tan as I could and now my skin is definitely paying for that. BUT never too late to start caring about SPF and taking care of your skin!

Shop Olay SPF

I have a SPF moisturizer with me anywhere I go. I have it in all my purses, multiple in my car, my diaper bags, everything. I basically realized my biggest problem was forgetting it a lot of times so putting one in every bag AND in my car made it so I would never be without.

I wanted to introduce you to a new SPF that I think you will love. Olay’s Complete All Day Moisturizer with SPF 15 is super lightweight and won’t feel oily on your skin. I love to put it on before driving or when I am headed to the pool or to the park with the kids–basically every day! It keeps my skin moisturized all day and also has antioxidants and Vitamin E to make sure your skin is getting some nutrients. It’s truly one of best SPF moisturizers that I’ve used.

So just remember, SPF is your BFF!

Thank you Olay for sponsoring this post.


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  1. Can you do a tutorial on how you did your curls for this?! Love it! I’m always striving for this look, would love to see your technique.

  2. I have to note my favorite SPF because I think it is amazing. You have to try Elta MD Daily Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 40 – the tint makes your skin look flawless. Not sure how the price compares to Olay but I think it is worth every penny. Also, that swimsuit is beyond cute! 😍🌴

    xx Tammy

  3. I actually have trained myself to wearing SPF on my face every day, however it is harder for me to get into the habit of rubbing it all over my body I get too lazy sometimes I can’t lie! I haven’t tried the SPF by Olay so I am going to have to give it a try. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Amber what self tanner or spray tan do you use? Your color always looks great!

  5. Love these pics and love the bike as well! Where is it from, it is so classy!

  6. I use Olay’s SPF moisturizer everyday- I love it! I get the double pack at Costco and it’s such a good deal.

    This is actually my first time ever commenting on your blog… but I just have to ask where you got your swimsuit! I love it!

  7. it looks like you have some razor bumps on your bikini line. Ugh something i get too — could you do a post about hair removal stuff/have you ever tried something more permanent like laser?

    1. Yep I do. I got laser and it helped a ton but spray tans make it look worse.

      1. oooh! Amber could you make a post about your experience with Laser? what to expect/how many treatments you needed?
        definitely would love to hear more as I consider it

  8. I just love your curls and remembered the other day you mentioning you were going to share a post of the new way you curled your hair – did I miss that or have you no posted it yet?

  9. I love that rhyme! I always have sunscreen on me and make everyone around me put some in too. This formula is great! I love that it’s small enough to go everywhere! Also I love your earrings where are they from? xAllie http://www.theallthatglittersblog.com

  10. Where is your bike from? It’s adorable!

    I’ve been a pretty silent follower of your blog since the very beginning and I have to say that it’s really been a pleasure watching how you’ve grown. I also love that as readers, we still get to hear your personality in your writing. I feel like with other bloggers, as they get popular, we get a lot less personality from them. Keep being you! I really enjoy all of your honest posts and amazing photos!

    1. I agree! I wrote an article about why I recommend following the famous Barefoot Blonde called “The Mother of All Bloggers”! Amber knows how to tell a story or have a conversation with her readers – many other bloggers simply can’t seem to do that. Also, this blog is like a magazine – the quality and variety of the photos is just incredible! Dave’s involvement is also a plus.


      1. Aw thank you to both of you!! That really means so much to me! I have tried to keep my voice authentic on here so I am really glad to hear that. I love getting to interact with all of you and wish I could meet you guys in person! Thank you for commenting and brightening my day! xo

  11. Do you apply it before putting on your make up as well?! I recently ju at bought an SPF moisturizer from the FRESH brand and my skin flipped out and had an allergic reaction )= so I’m trying to find a light weight one! Thank you!