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Last fall we would always go to this spot and it is my special little spot. The walk there is stunning and its this little lawn with no one ever on it, and rarely anyone walks by. It has this pretty tree with bright red leaves and a view of the city. We walked there with the kids the other morning and let them run around with their pup for a while and find the brightest leaves. Atticus tried to help Rosie “run” and when she can finally run around with him, he will be in heaven!!

A few posts ago I told you guys how I wanted to start a new series of things I want to do better and work on that month! So I figured once a month I would share what I am working on 🙂 I asked you guys to name the series and I loved all your suggestions and decided to go with “From The Heart”!

So for my first. I have to admit that when I first heard that doctor say that I needed to have the lump removed and tested I was like.. wait! What if I am not going to live to be 100 and walk around wearing red lipstick and faux fur coats pushing my walker next to my Davey?!?! While I knew it was probably nothing I did realize some things I would love to change 🙂 (PS in case you didn’t see on snapchat, the oncology report came back and said it was a fibroadenoma (a non cancerous tumor)) So I am starting this series with this first post! Sorry if my thoughts are ALL over the place, organizing thoughts is not my strong suit. Oh and please try your best to ignore typos and run on sentences 🙂 🙂 🙂

I grew up as a very insecure girl. This was due to a few things that I am not going to get into but basically I was overly insecure through junior high and high school. I would say that I probably struggled with depression in junior high but didn’t really realize it. It is hard to know at such a young age if you are sad, if everyone is sad this much, if you are depressed, are these thoughts normal, etc. because I don’t know that anyone at school would have guessed. I never talked to anyone about the things I had going on in my life and would just pretend like everything was fine. It wasn’t until I was in a communications class in college that my teacher shared a statistic with us about mental health/depression/thoughts you have about yourself and I thought, gosh I need to change this! Something clicked in me and I think the combination of living in a new state on my own and feeling like I got to “start over” helped me a ton. But until that point I was always sooo worried about what people thought, to the point where I wouldn’t try new things or say hi to people or make new friends because I was so worried what they would think. Now fast forward to a few years ago and I had this moment of realizing…. how many people from high school do I hang out with today? Most people from my high school I do not know where they live, what they are doing, etc etc… and why did I care so much what those people thought? What does their opinion even matter now? And I regret caring so much because no one cared what I was doing, no one cared what I was wearing, or what my hair looked like. Get over yourself Amber!!! 😉 but seriously.

Especially with all of the social media filth, internet trolls, and people just looking to ruin a stranger’s day on social media its super important for me to have good thoughts constantly so they don’t get to me. I am in a great place where mean comments genuinely don’t get to me.. mostly because like I said about the people in high school, I don’t want to look back on this social media era and think, why did I waste my 20’s caring what strangers said about my parenting or my outfit or how I look?? What really matters is how my husband and kids, friends and family see me. And i want my kids to look at me as a happy mom who didn’t get mad at an annoying customer service agent (we have all been there, right?), or who didn’t say bad things about other people. And I want my kids to remember being (overall) happy, especially through junior high and high school. There are certain things I do now that help me stay happy and I wish I could have learned to do these things earlier on and I also just want to step up my game and make sure Atticus sees a good example of how to be positive. I hate to admit it but I think deep down my mind wants to be negative so I feel like I have to train my brain.

I just want to be more patient with everything in life. Whether its a delayed flight, a missed train, a tantrum.. or two.. or three in one day, or anything I just want my kids to remember me as a patient person. And I definitely could use some work in that area. Sometimes a delayed flight will bug me so bad that I notice it affects my whole mood which affects how I interact with the kids and how I react to everything else. And sometimes if David and I get in a tiff I let me being annoyed linger longer than I needed to. Its okay to have a dumb argument and just drop it and go back to life as normal. David is good at being annoyed for a minute and snapping out of it and moving on quickly and I really admire that about him. So I am trying to be better at that this month. And just being overall happy. Because sometimes I sit there with my family and think – this is soooo good and they are so good, why would I ever be anything but happy?!?! Okay hard to think like that when you’re running late for church, the dog is barking, you can’t find the steamer, your daughter spills a water bottle on her outfit that you just put her in, you go to call an uber and your phone is dead, and so on. But you get the point. This life is really really really great. Comments and likes on instagram and snapchats and “goals” and outfits and money and negative opinions don’t actually matter. Family is everything and feeling good about yourself and life is everything. Life is so much better with happy thoughts.

A few ways I stay happy are…

  1. Make others feel good. I think how you make other people feel says a lot about you. Make people feel awesome.
  2. Compliment yourself too. I try to tell myself things I like about myself physically and personality/talents/etc. This is kinda hard because I think girls are naturally inclined to point out things we want to change! I think its good to look in the mirror and be like “ya know what, I have some great legs!” or whatever. I don’t think this is conceited or narcissistic I think its called appreciating yourself. I was so bad at acknowledging my talents growing up because I wasn’t good at physical activities that are more easily seen at that age. Its good to notice talents and things about yourself even if they are little things not seen by others.
  3. Avoid negative people. Its really draining to me to have a friend that is constantly talking negatively about people or someone who just brings the mood down. I love hanging out with friends that inspire me to be better because they are such good people.
  4. Unfollow spree. All the time I get negative comments from people who I can tell genuinely do not like me. I totally get it (I get the not liking someone–not the mean commenting part) because I have not liked people on social media before. Not because I was jealous, but sometimes you just don’t like someone or they bug you and thats normal. But I am always left so confused why they continue to follow me. Its like people enjoy following people they hate. Unfollow all of those people and I promise your days will feel happier. Social media is meant to keep up with people you enjoy and to inspire and make you feel good.
  5. Service. Anytime I was sad growing up my dad would tell me to go serve other people until I forgot about myself. Works every time. Such an easy thing that I forget about a lot.
  6. Reading “cheesy” quotes. Okay, I don’t think they are cheesy I actually love reading quotes and things like that on pinterest or tumblr. They genuinely do help me. And I do believe in having a mantra of some sort for the day.
  7. Looking around. Sometimes when I am annoyed about something if you just realize the good in your life you realize how trivial everything else is. Its good to just slow down and take a second to think about the good.

Okay thats all! And this was officially the longest post ever! Hope you guys have a good day and heres to trying to be more patient this month! xoxoxoxo

PS Not saying we all have to be butterflies and rainbows all the time! Everyone is entitled to a day/days of feeling crummy for no reason or being sad about something that happened. I am just sharing how I try to keep MOST days happy 😉 xo

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  1. I love this post. I’ve always admired your posts, but I think this post is the best one yet! Thank you for posting this 😊

  2. Thanks so much for directly linking this when I asked about it!! I can’t imagine how you get everything done AND still manage to reply personally to comments, but I’m seriously impressed!

    I’m also so impressed with everything you said and find your positivity (you already seem like you’re already very far toward your goal!) inspiring. I know what you mean about patience, too. I tend to snap at my husband over little things more than I’d like. This past weekend someone did that to me and I was like, “Whoa, I need to work on that. Looking in a metaphorical mirror when it came to being snappy did not feel good!)”

    Anyway I admire that you put yourself out there to an even greater degree. You’ve always let us in on tidbits, anecdotes, and little personal things but I enjoyed reading an even longer post from you! Last year I wrote an article called “The Confident Girl’s Guide to Social Media-Ing” and will link it in case you have the time/interest 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and yours! <3

  3. Hi Amber! I love this post so much. You are such an inspiration. I hope I can meet you one day. I would really like to start my own blog but I’m having trouble coming up with a name and other creativity blocks. Do you have any advice to offer? It is greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day.

  4. I appreciate this post. I can relate. 😉 I think happiness is like faith; it is an action and feeling we choose, cultivated by our choices and actions. I enjoy how happy you look with your children in your pictures. I appreciate the reminder to be in the moment with my children and to enjoy them at every age and stage. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh Amber, this was such a great post. I love fashion posts and travel blogs but this was soooo great! Such a nice reminder to keep working on ourselves and not letting the negative self talk win. I think this resonates with so many people. Especially young moms! I really appreciate your honesty! Unless your mother Teresa we could all improve our attitudes towards ourselves and those around us! I can’t wait to see more blogs like this one!

  6. Such a heartfelt post. I resonate a lot with what you said, and I really do believe that your tips for staying happy are amazing things for us all to implement into our daily lives 🙂

  7. Love this post! I think I really needed to read this today. Definitely will be trying some of these tips.

  8. Hi Amber, I was recently diagnosed with a fibroadenoma and have been through the exact same thought process as you. And a huge thank you for sharing! I was terrified and it’s so helpful to read about others’ experiences x

  9. Amber,
    This was absolutely beautiful. I think its really amazing that you put your struggles and emotions out there so people know they aren’t alone. I can tell 100% you are a lovely and beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for inspiring people, thank you for inspiring me.
    With love,

  10. So glad your surgery was okay and you don’t have ancer! ? I love this post. So much self awareness

  11. Amber, I’ve been following you for years now, & I never comment, but my sister and I always joke because we talk about you so much you would think we knew you personally (always saying great things of course 🙂 Loved this post!

  12. This post is so refreshing and uplifting. I admire you as a mother, Entrepreneur, and style icon. It’s nice to see that you (like all of us) are just human. Every person needs extra love and support on these kinds of days. Today this post was what I needed to shrug off the small stuff. Looking forward to more posts like these!
    God bless!

  13. Amber, I needed this post today. You are such an inspiration to me, and knowing that you struggled with depression (like I do) makes you seem so much more relatable than you already do! (and you’re pretty darn relatable :)) Thank you for being you and making this corner of the internet a little bright each day 🙂

  14. You are such an inspiring mother. EflashApps was created by a mother just like you. Maybe Atticus and Rosie can take a look at our educational apps! They are just what you need in order to keep the little ones occupied while you, in your own wonderful advice, compliment yourself!

  15. Amber you are my favorite blogger! I love all your posts. I truly enjoyed reading this one. As a parent I am always trying to have more patients. It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of everyday. Thank you for sharing ways you stay more positive. I love listening to motivational tapes. Louise Hay is so inspiring if you ever have time check her out. Hope your having a fantastic weekend.

  16. SO happy to hear you’re ok!! I said a couple prayers for you when I saw your original post <3 And you're right, none of the rest matters 🙂

  17. Love love love this! And #5 was fantastic advice from your dad. I want to be an example of that for my daughter ❤️

  18. Amber this was one of my favorite posts of yours! I felt the same exact way in high school!! And now I have the same goal.. to help my kids and inspire them so hopefully they don’t feel that way in high school!! So they feel loved no matter what, confident and great just the way they are! When you said surround yourself with friends that are genuinely good and uplifting and get rid of friends who gossip that really resonated with me!! I feel like that is what has helped me the most in adulthood that has changed me into the person I am today!! <3 These beautiful photos with your kids are my favorite! You are all beautiful, not just looks.. that too but the love you all have for each other radiates off the screen! Love it.

  19. You are beautiful and inspiring…. we could all benefit from adopting an outlook like yours! <3

  20. Thank you for this post Amber! I feel like we are cut from the same cloth – I was really insecure growing up too, and have had to learn to fake confidence until it started actually being real! It’s so comforting to know that everyone is human and struggles to be as happy as they can be. One of the things that puts me in a good mood is looking at your snaps / reading the blog – Awesome adventures, fashion, travel photography and the happiest little munchkins ever. It is seriosuly the best! I hope you keep doing it as long as it makes you happy. Xo

  21. Thank you for this post! I don’t generally comment on much but this post just made me feel really good. I think you’re a beautiful person, both body and spirit. Thank you for sharing your happy moments with us!

  22. Great post. Really nice to see another side of you. You’re obviously a lovely, talented young woman and a great, fun mother to your kids. I enjoy reading your posts and looking at your photos etc; I find it inspiring, fun and motivating. Thanks for being you…there is only one of you and your kids (and hubby) will love you every day for that 🙂

  23. I loved this post so much as it was so genuine. I too am going to try and be more patient and thankful and happy

  24. Amber, Thank you so much. You are my favorite blogger and sometimes you post something like this and it makes me realize why– you keep it so real and you are such a genuinely good person who wants to inspire others to be happy and full of light too. Thanks so much for this and for blogging in general. You do inspire me and a lot of people. <3

  25. This is a great post Amber! and I’m so happy for you that your test results came back all good! I felt the exact same way in school (sometimes still do) always so insecure about how i looked or worried what people thought of me, but like you said I don’t speak to anyone that I went to school with anymore except for one of my best friends so why did I care so much about what these people thought? And I defiantly get what you mean about living in a new state and how it gave you a fresh start! I am trying to achieve that now and I can’t wait for it!

    Aimee xx

  26. You are such a ray of light amber! This is why I genuinely enjoy reading your posts and seeing your beautiful pictures & family. It definitely feeds your soul when you are being of service and giving to others. Sometimes I get frustrated when I feel like I don’t know my purpose in life, or the plans God has for me. But then I realize I’m not always suppose to have all the answers. God’s got my back 🙂 Thanks for this post.. it was so refreshing to read 🙂

  27. Great post! Even simple prayer helps, but the advice your dad gave…I love it! Serving others is magical. You serve your kids and husband and its truly inspiring to watch! Keep it up – I know lots of people look up to your blog and how you parent.

  28. Amber, that was a great post! Thanks for sharing! I know sharing can help and i truly don’t understand how people would waste their time on someone they don’t like. I can relate to what you’re saying. I try hard to be a calmer person and not stress much, because of my two kids.
    Anyway stay positive :)!

  29. I’m going through such a hard time in my personal life, and I legit look up to you and seeing you post about this topic helped me so much. It feels like perfect timing for you to do this post and I know everything happens for a reason and I’m so happy I read your blog today and saw this.

  30. You inspire me to tears because it’s like you’re a beacon of hope and light showing that there is still good in this world. Thank you for this post!

  31. Amber – i loved reading this! thank you for sharing & continue what you are doing

  32. I loved this post. It’s exactly what I needed to read today. You are a wonderful parent, and I love that you are committed to improving all the time! I hope that I can be as good of a mom as you when my time comes <3

  33. This was such a sweet and insightful post – I hope you share more of these!

  34. Your post is really inspiring! I am very happy your lump turned out to be a non cancerous tumor! Thank you for being so positive! ❤️ ❤️

  35. this is awesome! my favorite post. Why do we care what other people think so much? It’s so dumb. Thank you for this, would love to see more posts like it!

  36. Great post! TFS! So agree with you about “Unfollowing”. I had to unfollow a few blogs/Instagram myself. And I love what you said about “Service”. That’s so true! I tell my son that all the time!

  37. Thank you Amber, for sharing. I do identify with this a lot. And it was just so nice to read this after I had a really bad day yesterday. I will keep training my brain, too.
    Wish you and your family all the best!

  38. Bravo (and amen), Amber! I love this post! I started following you a little over a year ago because I was in awe by your beauty – your looks, yes, but also your inner beauty and genuine personality. I think incorporating your self-improvement goals in blog posts says a lot about you, and inspires others to work on their personal development. Thank you so much for sharing and for being such a kind, spirited, positive, and radiant person in the world!
    PS. One of my new goals is to write comments on blogs/social media pages I follow when I’m inspired by the post. I follow several people I truly believe in and I want them to know how special they are and how much good they’re doing by being themselves. You and David and the kids being one of the big influencers!

  39. I agree so much with this post! It’s so easy to get carried away with the little things that happen in our everyday life and it’s so important to step back and realize that life is short and we should enjoy and celebrate the amazing things in our life instead of dwelling on the things that we can’t change or that stress us.. like toddler tantrums!!! I’m currently dealing with those!
    I admire you so much and I can’t count the times I’ve mentioned you to my husband, who always forgets your name so I have change your name from Amber to “the braid chick..”! Haha at least he knows it’s you!
    As for the narcissistic or Conceited comments about ourselves I totally agree and have adopted this : Don’t say or think anything about yourself that you wouldn’t dare say to your BFF. I had to remind myself over and over again when I think or say negative things about myself, because why would you attack yourself when you wouldn’t treat others that way!? No self bullying!
    Anyway, I love following you on social media and appreciate all of the tips and your awesome family posts. I’m like almost stalker status and feel like I personally know you guys.. that’s how welcoming you are.

  40. i never comment, but i’m a daily reader of your blog. this is FAVORITE post! i love your daily outfit post, hair tutorials, and lifestyles, but this really resonated with me. i needed this post today. thank you for being so genuine and real!

  41. So many people are going through just that and don’t realize they’re not alone. It’s so inspiring to see how you can early change, looking at you today, I’d never think you went through that. It’s so admirable how you told yourself you need to change and truly did

  42. This is really great! I have had some health issues this year and nothing has ever come to fruition but it has made me stop and pause and see what I want or need to do in my life to make sure I am enjoying life and my family is enjoying life with me! I really enjoyed this post and your honesty!

  43. I love you! You are so wonderful and inspirational! This is such an uplifting post, which is really needed right now! Thank you for starting this series and sharing your thoughts! Love your kind heart, love for your kids and family, and your standards! You are great!

  44. i absolutely love how genuine and happy you are! it definitely makes me want to try harder to be these things 🙂

  45. Amazing Amber. Awareness makes us strong. Enjoy NOW, the love around you. Nothing else matters. You are doing best you can.

  46. Amber this post is so good and totally “From The Heart!” Love you for sharing your thoughts and crazy , confused life! Sometimes people see someone’s happy profile on social media and think “why it couldn’t be me?” Sometimes we have to realize it may is you because on the picture it all looks perfect, but behind the picture we all have issues and it is important to stay positive, compliment yourself and others, meditate, ..Stay you!!!! I love you and your little family! You are a trooper!

  47. Thank you so much for this post, I really needed to read it. I look up to you so much, keep being you! XO

  48. Amber,
    You were/are not alone! I was the same way throughout middle and high school and I still sometimes let small tiffs, outside influences and uncontrollable events (like those delayed flights) get to me and control my mood. But just last week when I was down a friend told me “some people would pay for the things you have” (a stable job, a loving family, supportive friends, your health, a roof over your head, etc.) and that really hit home. This post is inspiring and so real. We will always have things to improve but we can also always find the positivity and appreciation in each day! 🙂

  49. Such a great post, Amber! These are worthy, insightful goals that anyone/everyone could benefit from.

  50. Great advice. It’s incredibly draining being surrounded by negativity. One of the best things I ever did for myself was kicking a few toxic friends to the curb!

  51. This is nice:) the part where you say you were insecure in high school reminds me of my self to the point that I don’t even remember who was in any of my classes. I don’t remember anything because I was always sad and didn’t talk to people, I didn’t even make it to college because I was so afraid of people. Thanks for being honest this helps a lot ?? By the way I would like to buy some hair extensions:)

  52. THIS POST IS SO INSPIRATIONAL!! I go see a counsellor when I am feeling bad and you are my other person who is always there to have an influence on me! You are so gorgeous inside and out and thank you so much for sharing the emotional parts of your life too!! I am always telling my friends that they should check you out and know I have some great friends who also adore you and make them excited! You are such a powerful women and in my mind you are perfect just the way you are! (I am sorry for the long letter and by the way I love you! Aha!) This post is so cute too! Thank you so much for being who you are, Love you always Jemma. Xx

  53. I’ve been a reader of yours for a while but have never commented. LOVE this post. It really resonated with me.

    Thank you for being so honest. It’s incredible how helpful reading other people’s experience with insecurity can be, letting people know they aren’t the only one who has been through it. Here’s to finding patience!


  54. THIS POST IS SO IMPORTANT!!!! As a person training to be a mental health professional, I think it is so important for people who have social influence to de-stigmatize mental health issues and model healthy coping mechanisms. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your strategies. I encourage anyone who is struggling with negative thoughts to seek professional help! It is not a sign of weakness and there is nothing wrong with you! (I apologize if this sounds like a mental health services advertisement- I’m in grad school and mental health is my life right now haha).

    This post is amazing. Thank you, Amber.

  55. I SO appreciate you writing this post. I feel like I have definitely struggled with all of those things… not feeling so great in the junior high years but not knowing if it is normal and then trying to be “cool” even though I was so insecure.
    Having kids really made me change the way I think about things… I don’t want them to hear me being negative or not being happy with things. I find this especially shows up sometimes when getting my picture taken because I don’t want to be that mom who doesn’t want to take pictures with my kids because of my insecurities (more of a thing in the weeks immediately post baby and not wanting the mom pooch showing) I’ve learned to just take the picture, show a big smile and if something looks funny or off then so be it… it is about capturing the memories, not the best picture/version of myself!
    Anywho, I really appreciated this post and you guys are such a wonderful family. Thanks for letting us get to know you a bit better, Amber!


  56. I can relate to this whole post so much. thank you for being so honest and open. I sometimes get stuck in a rut of taking care of my baby, cleaning the house, etc, that I forget to just stop and think about the bigger picture.

  57. Hey I love your hair and makeup in this…I truly believe they have mac whirl in heaven lol What color do you do your eyebrows with? I never do dark brows since I have thought it would be over bearing with my fair coloring, but seeing you I may be brave and try.

  58. My favorite post you have ever done! It’s really helpful to hear genuine thoughts and feelings from someone else, if that makes any sense. Good luck on your goals and thanks for the inspiration!
    PS, I want to get my husband some new workout clothes for Christmas, (he really needs some) could you/David do a post for Christmas gifts a guy really wants? He also needs new pajamas/comfy clothes.

  59. I love the part when you said “train your brain.” I think this is something most can relate to. It reminds me of the book “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle

    Great post 🙂

  60. Amber-I have read your blog for a while now and LOVE how honest and real you are! I have never commented but this post was SO great and inspiring! Thank you for being such a GREAT example to girls, I would love to meet you sometime! God Bless! 🙂

  61. You are so inspiring! I just become happy when I read your posts and I also will try to be more patient.. It is gonna be hard but let’s go haha! 🙂

    For more daily posts of fashion and travel from LA please check out my blog! It would mean a lot to me x

  62. I think all these are valid points! While we have so much to be grateful, it’s easy to run down the other end of the spectrum by not allowing yourself to feel negative emotions at all. I think you’re mature and self-aware to not let negativity bog you down (and to detox it when it gets in the way – i.e. friends, etc.). However, I also think it’s okay to have a bad day or a bad moment after something rocks your patience. I think that’s just part of living. I know the point you’re not trying to make is to be happy all the time and forget about it. Yet, I also think it’s important to note that there are times when things get to us and that doesn’t make us bad people, just human. Take care of yourself!


  63. I think this is my favourite post so far. Because i’ve struggled quite similar things and still struglling with the after effects it’s caused on my confedence. Your posts always make me smile and I think you have magic beens (a friends referance hahah) and hope soon i can say the same for myself, too.

  64. This relates to me so much as I am in high school and can struggle with what others think about me. Thanks for the reminder & advice that it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing what you love and are happy with yourself. This also made me realize that I should unfollow the people that put me in a bad mood and search for positive and uplifting friends. Thanks Amber!!!!:) <3

  65. You are so sweet! Love the positive energy and the great ideas to stay grounded, remain happy and to appreciate others and the world around.

  66. Amber thank you for this post. I’d love to be more patient with my kids as well, it is something I am constantly working on- not loosing my temper and not raising my voice at them. Your words carry a lot of weight and have so much meaning, really, nothing will matter at the end of our life except how we treated people and the light that we shined. Our family deserves the best of us, it is my goal for my thirties (turned 30 in October ?) to be a light to my family as a Christian, to inspire and uplift them. This life is so fleeting and so fragile, I wish to spend more time with my kids and less time on social media, another goal of mine. I’m so glad you are ok. It saddens me to know how many people out there get results back but are devasted by them and have a tough journey ahead. Please continue writing these posts, they are so encouraging and honest. Be blessed ❤️

  67. I loved this, how it was more personal,
    I could relate to everything so much!
    Something I struggle with is negativity and trying to stay positive and definitely patience. Thank you for this post 🙂 xx

  68. Love you Amber! The way you parent your children and your relationship with your husband is inspiring!

  69. LOVE THIS POST! All of your tips are amazing. Women are constantly putting other women down and I think it stems from putting themselves down. Like you said, complimenting ourselves is so important. It is important to remember other women’s beauty, intelligence, confidence, strength does not take away from our own. The less we compare and put down, the happier we will be!

  70. God this was so refreshing!!!!

    Don’t get me wrong…I love outfit inspo and new braids to try but this is why I started following you (literally from the beginning). I have dealt with this every single day. I struggled to tell people about my blog or my dreams because I was so afraid what people would think of me. I am so lucky to have married a guy who tells me “who cares what they think about you only care about what you think of yourself!”

    Again, Seriously amazing post amber. It is so refreshing seeing I am not the only one like this and that even bloggers like yourself who are SOOO successful have these thoughts also. Love and light to your family.


  71. I was just in this park taking gorgeous fall photos before we left NYC today

  72. I’m new to your blog and what a good post to start on. I generally don’t follow fashion blogs because it seems that the women I know that do, seem more unsatisfied with themselves and their lives. I hope those ladies read this. What a great perspective! I’ve currently been practicing gratitude and it has increased my happiness a great deal! I am happy for you and your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing something real and positive in a media world that can be so dark!

  73. So nice to hear from your heart. I think a lot of us felt the same in highschool (for different reasons) and I wish I had cared less and laughed more! Finding joy in the mundane or insane is a goal of mine recently. Oh and patience fo’ sure! thanks for being honest and letting me know I’m not alone!

  74. LOVE this post Amber! I think a lot of times we see bloggers/youtubers as 100% happy all the time because you show us the bits and pieces of your life that are most appealing. I look at you and your precious family and think “Gosh, she’s got it all.” But we forget that y’all are human and you have your bad days too. It’s refreshing to hear your struggles and how you deal with them. It gives me the motivation to say to myself “If Amber can do it, I can do it!” 🙂 You’re so inspiring and I can’t wait to read more of your “From the Heart” series. Xoxo-JS

  75. I absolutely loved this post Amber. I can definitely relate to what you’re saying about learning to be more calm and patient. My SO is the same way. He gets over things so quickly but I’ll dwell on it longer. Something I need to work on in order to live a more fulfilling life. Great post!

    Meghan |

  76. I understand what you went through with the lump. I had the exact same thing happen to me a month ago! It was a terrifying ordeal when you discover a lump on your breast – I’m only 24 years old and I freaked out. Between finding the lump, the doctor’s visit, the ultrasound, and then being told I needed a biopsy to determine what it actually is, I was emotionally drained. I always thought the worst case scenario. Mine also turned out to be a fibroadenoma , thankfully. Don’t forgot that you need a follow up ultrasound 6 months after the original discovery (unless you are getting in removed – are you?)! It’s just a precaution doctors take to notice if it changes in size. Thankfully like you I also have my family to lean on. Such a scary experience.

  77. love love love!! Thanks so much for sharing and being real! Something I for sure need to work on as well;)

  78. Hey Amber,

    This was such an awesome post ? Your two kids always look genuinely happy in their pictures. I can totally relate to you on the part about something happening that affects your mood that ends up affecting the way you treat your kids because sometimes, I do the same and catch myself. I think that as mothers, we are often hard on ourselves and our expectations are very high. I remind myself to extend grace to myself and to not only be patient with everything, but also myself! On that note, I think you’re doing an incredible job as you take things day by day. So many look up to you and your family and each picture you share brings a rush of happiness. Thank you for your transparency in this post!

  79. amber!! i loved that. that was just what i needed to read. thank you so much. i love posts like this so please keep them up! xoxo

  80. I love it..I found myself in almost every word. Love reading your post, specialy so honest and private thoughts. And I am practising my english reading this, too 😉 . Kisses for my favourite cyber family.

  81. Love this, Amber! Staying positive is so important but definitely not always easy. I love your suggestions. Life is too short to worry about the small things. Like Taylor says…haters gonna hate. Beautifully Candid

  82. Hi Amber, I really enjoyed reading this post, I could totally relate to it. I must say that I started applying those keys to keep happy less then a year ago and I’m still working on them but it actually works pretty good 😉 I don’t comment often on your posts or articles it’s actually the first time but I’ve been discreetly following you and you’ve been pretty inspiring, thank you and keep going ! 🙂 Best regards from France 😉

  83. Loved this post! I relate to so many aspects of your story and I love how you are making such an effort to see the good in each day. It definitely is so hard but so worth it when we put things into perspective!

  84. Loved this! I read this while my little one is screaming (haha) .. all about perspective. We are so lucky to live the lives we do. Thanks amber!

  85. Loved all the positive thoughts and tips! Positive thoughts daily go a LONG way 🙂 ! xo

  86. I really appreciate this post! It’s so real and I think familiar to so many of us. A lot of times I get down just looking at social media and seeing all the fun things everyone is doing and their seemingly perfect lives. It’s nice to see a post like this and realize that everything isn’t always what it seems. Thank you!

  87. Thank you for this. I’m in a dark place right now, and have been for a while, but going through your insta feed and blog somehow always brings out happy thoughts. Trying to stay positive is something I am also working on, loving myself and not caring what others think is a struggle. But thank you for this, you helped a stranger today.

  88. What a great post!! Such a wonderful reminder – and we so need these reminders all the time. So glad you shared this!! I love everything you put out there!

  89. This is great! I am actually working on a post with some overlap! I will be posting either tomorrow or Thursday and think you would love it! Also, thank you for being so vulnerable, it really shows that even those who seem to have the perfect life are just like the rest of it and it’s great! We are all working through things!!
    Instagram: myuneditedstory

  90. This pictures are so cute!! I am so happy that you are going to be ok. I was actually worried because I love your blog and look forward to reading it every week. I feel like I know you guys in a weird way haha. I don’t get why people leave mean comments. I had a mean one on my blog a while back and I felt so sad about it after.

  91. Amber you are such an encouragement to me in a number of ways… In inspiration to follow my dreams, to know that life isn’t perfect, and that you can still travel and do new things with babies. I grew up believing lies of society and I feel like you debunk those lies and misconceptions often! ❤️

  92. Amber you are so amazing!!! I really hope you know!! You are so talented in so many ways, and you inspire me to live a happy life, just by looking at your photos on insta and reading your blog throughout this last year I’ve been following you. Thank you for being my role model. I hope to meet you one day!! ❤️

  93. I love this! We (I) have been working on this a lot, especially since becoming a mom 3 months ago. You seem to be a wonderful wife and parent. Thank you for sharing <3

  94. Thank you Amber for sharing your life with us 🙂 I really enjoy following you, i love your fashion/beauty/hair stuff and your kids and it’s refreshing to have a kind, church going (sorry! By I do appreciate that) soul behind the pretty pictures 🙂 thank you again 🙂

  95. Hello, I was wondering when you were going to get Red Hair extensions in your new business adventure?

  96. Love this! I’m looking forward to this series 🙂 I think it will help me re-evaluate my perspective on things also.
    Thanks Amber!!

  97. Wow! I love this so much! You do such an amazing job being real, which is something I really value about you and your blog. I’m a high school girl so I totally know what you are talking about. You are seriously so inspiring and such a great role model! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a positive influence!

  98. This post was honestly just what I needed today and in my life in general! Today I turned 20 and I have that constant feeling that I am not good enough. Especially when I was in high school and junior high. Now that I am in college and have tried to learn to love my self but it is still a daily struggle. This post really fed my soul and it is so inspiring for me which means I think it will be inspiring for so many others! Keep making these posts and using your influence on the world to make it better! Which I feel like you do and I admire that so much! I know i am just one little follower and little teenage girl. But I love your feed and you way you look at life. I have been falling for so long and I can’t wait to become and mom and put things I have learned and admire from you to my family someday! Rant over lol 🙂 Last thing…I love your blog and all other social media they inspire and are so positive! Thank you for using your talents to help and inspire others!

  99. I am in love with this post! It is so important for everyone to realize all of these points you brought up. This life IS so so good. You’re a real inspiration for living that out every day! And, your dad is right! Serving others always always helps to forget our own problems – it’s always worth it.


  100. Amber you’re -such- a burst of sunshine & happy in my life! ? Keep smiling!!

  101. Love this Amber! Can’t wait to follow in your footsteps this month and improve on some things of my own. Thank you <3 xo!

  102. Hi Amber you are my favourite blogger, youtube / Instagram account ever ❤️❤️ (Ok fan girl moment over) but seriously you have the cutest family and are the nicest and most genuine person ever!! I honestly and 100% percent agree with everything your saying in this post! And think your are just so brave for saying everything that you did I feel this way sometimes too and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one as awful as that sounds! I think feelings like this make you feel so alone and like your the only person in the world that ever feels like this so I really admire you for writing this. Saying your not alone and that its OK to think and say nice things about yourself without sounding vain or narcissistic!! Something I and am sure a lot of people struggle with!! So thank you xx you are an amazing role model and an amazing mum!! (I’m from England) And although we’ve never met in person I feel like we know each other lol! I also love inspirational quotes and feel like they really help you see a different perspective! ⭐️ Can’t tell you how many times watching your snapchat or vlogs with the whole fam has cheered me up. So again Amber thank you for being you xx I hope you have an amazing time with the family in Austrailia and good luck with the move… Xx

  103. You nailed it! It’s sooo hard to be positive and my hubs is so good at snapping out of our tiffs too! I have to work on all this stuff. And I like that you don’t let that stuff get to you…it’s gotta be hard. I totally admire you.

  104. Hey Amber! Just wanted to say thanks for this made my morning! I so much admire your positivity and your outlook on life. You are so inspiring! Can’t wait for the rest of this series (:

  105. Fabulous post!!! Love everything you said, your past experiences, your “from the heart” list or series! I love your pictures too! So happy that as you’ve grown/matured & you’ve found your happiness. Life is about truly dying-to-self as Paul put it in the Bible. If our actions don’t align with God’s Word then it isn’t right. You’ve got a beautiful family & are truly blessed. Ignore the naysayers!! Much love …love all of your pictures & posts & videos. You’re an inspiration to all who read your blog & visit your website! You shine your light daily onto others through social media. Not that social media is important because it’s not, but you still shine your light onto others through it. God Bless!

  106. I love this post! It just brightens my day! I think everyone kinda goes through a little bit of what you did and I love all the ideas you have to make you happy! No matter how popular your blog becomes you still make it relatable and personal…this is why I love it! 🙂

  107. This is such a sweet and inspiring post!! thanks for being so real 🙂 I love following your blog!

  108. Something about reading this on a super early wake up call when both of your kids forget what sleep is..
    it’s always so good to read your posts, see you live your life the way you do and be so inspirational and REAL ?

  109. This is a great post. I feel like most women have been in your shoes. Especially in today’s social media age. It is so easy to feel “unhappy” with your own life when you are constantly comparing yourself to others and caring what others think. Its a good thing you realize it and are making an effort to be happier and not let negativity take you down! There are so many things in life to enjoy and as sad as it may sound, life is far too short, you only live once. Be happy 🙂
    Sending positive vibes your way mama!


  110. Hi Amber- this post was incredible. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing. I went through and am going through so many similar things (I’m only 19) and this was the first post I’ve ever seen that actually helped. I’ve always looked up to you and it’s nice to know that someone who seems to have it put together has dealt with this. I’m in my first year of college now and I’m really struggling with a lot and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see your blog posts and Instagram posts. I’ve been following your posts for about 2 years now and they genuinely bring me joy and hope for the future. Reading this post, I just felt this little tingle of happiness and I realized how much I could be doing to make myself happier. Realizing that people here and people who made me unhappy in the past won’t matter in the future is such an important thing. Anyways I know this was unnecessary but I just felt the urge to let you know that you’re helping people and that I appreciate that so much. You’re amazing and thank you. Keep doing you, you’re killing it

  111. Dear Amber,

    I think your struggles and truth of your hardships make you more real to me than ever before. I admire your way of life and your happiness even if its sometimes hard to maintain. I am currently in high school and am struggling to find my future goals and plans. Right now you are my “goals” haha. XO

  112. AMBER I JUST ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS POST. Thank you for the honesty, this is something we can all relate to, moms or not, bloggers or not, wives or not. This post brought tears to my eyes mostly because I can see my thoughts right on your lines, and I have to say it makes me happy to not feel alone with some of those same feelings and concerns. These days staying positive and patient is getting harder because we are always so overwhelmed with the pace of life and with media (and other things).

    Thank you for sharing, I have a feeling I’m going to love the series!

  113. Hi Amber. I love your family! Can you share where you got Atticus’ shoes? Thanks!!

  114. I loved this blog post!! You inspired me to be a better person and let go of all of those things that make me unhappy. I appreciate you taking your time to talk about the things that affect you personally, and how you take care of the negatives to benefit you and your family. It will really teach people, a lot more than you might think!

  115. I’ve followed your blog and social media for some time now and I really admire your outlook on life and how you live your life and handle negative people. It has always baffled me why people follow others just to leave nasty comments, especially on topics like parenting. We should be empowering one another not tearing each other down. Thank you for your positive outlook on life and for making me realize that the sky’s the limit.

  116. I LOVE this post so much! You are such an inspiring person and mom! Thank you for being so real and honest. You inspire me all the time as a mom! Everything was beautifully said!

  117. Thanks for sharing Amber. I am totally not a blog person (yours is the only one I follow) because I admire you so much! I get that everyone has their insecurities and it’s easy to look at someone and think they have it so easy or “what do they have to complain about?”. I am a new mom and oh my gosh it is so much harder than anyone ever tells you! I’d like to work on the patience thing too. I am a teacher in Canada and I’m super nervous about going back because I don’t know how I am going to manage everything! Patience is going to be my lifesaver. I love how honest your blog is and… yup your style! I am not a very put together fashionable person by any means (I rely on my little sister to keep me updated with everything) but I always look forward to your blog posts:)
    Keep em comin!

  118. Longest post ever but definitely a favorite!!! Love this new series idea and can’t wait to hear more!!❤️ Keep doing YOU my dear!!

  119. Wow thanks Amber! It is good to hear that you like all of us have these same thoughts. It is nice and very refreshing to read.

    Love your pictures, your family is so cute. Keep sharing <3

  120. Thank you soo much for those words, thats was everything I need to read right now….
    Im virgo so it means I always push myself to be perfect, I follow you because I love to be inspired by good people, be inspired to be better and etc… I that sometimes its a bit stressful because not everyday its a perfect day, sometimes your hair dont matter what you do just dont work, or you running late for something, or cooking its just not fun, or there soo many things to do that the only thing you want to do is sleep hahaha soo its nice to see that your role model is a woman just like you and sometimes its ok and thins like that just happen….
    Thank you soo much for sharing!!

    P.S. the bear ears Rosie have on the pics is just the most cute thing ever!! cant handle so much cute!!

  121. I appreciate your honesty, but in the same breath you’re talking about your insecurities, you feed into other people’s insecurities by posting so many posed pictures depicting some perfectly happy family. How many young people think they’re supposed to have two kids that constantly just smile all the time and in their down time, they sit on their husbands shoulders at the park wearing color coordinating outfits. Come on, that’s pretty fake. If you talk the talk, you should walk the walk. Be more open and honest on your blog and show what life is really like. There are plenty of other bloggers already trying to make their lives look perfect.

  122. “What is most personal is most universal.” I think you’ll reach a lot of people through posts like these. Thanks for sharing-life is good!!! Enjoy this beautiful life you’ve worked so hard to create. I always think “In five years, very few of the things I’m worried about right now will matter.”

  123. This was a great post! I have been following you for a couple of years now and you are so genuinely nice, I don’t know how anyone could be mean to you! You are a beauty icon and your family is perfect! (although I don’t want you to feel this way) it was kind of nice to read that even you have had insecurities in life! thanks for the reminder to be unconditionally happy (:
    also I’m glad the lump turned out okay (:
    XX -Kaylee

  124. Absolutely loved this post Amber! Not only were your tips actually really helpful (I forget all the time about service and looking around too) but it was so nice to hear you be more personal. Everyone always thinks that bloggers/social media people don’t struggle with anything but everyone is human and struggle is natural. Definitely keep up with this series!

  125. This is the sweetest and most genuine post Amber! I have loved and followed your blog since 2011 (I should probably subscribe, lol)! I loved this post as well as all your others and I must say you have been such a huge inspiration on me in more ways than none. It’s a beautiful thing that happens when you stop caring about what other people think and just be yourself. I struggled with that until about 2 years ago, and these days I couldn’t be happier! I loved your tips of staying happy and it’s so incredible to have watched you get married to having the most beautiful and wonderful family. It really doesn’t get any better than this, love! Sending you love from CA. Xoxo, Adelina

  126. You are so inspiring Amber!!! I really needed that this morning. Hopefully I can work on the same thing this month!! I have always been a VERY self conscious person and hearing all of what you went through and to see where you are now gives me so much hope. You are a wonderful person!!!!!

  127. I went to high school with you my 11th grade year. You were the girl that I adored. I remember one time for seminary you said the prayer and thought you were the sweetest and most gorgeous girl I had seen and was totally jealous of you! Your family is the cutest! Keep doing you!

  128. Love this new series! One thing that’s drawn me to keep up with you and your family across social media platforms is how genuine and authentic you all are, even with all the beautiful “picture-perfect” images. In fact, I think that’s one of yours and David’s talents: creating beautiful content for all of us to enjoy.

  129. I loved this post, Amber. I know it’s easy to get down on yourself but just know there are so many people who don’t even know you that think you are an amazing person and an amazing mom. I’m sure you never take your success for granted but you may forget what an incredible feat it is. You have a true talent, and I frankly think you’re a genius when it comes to social connections. The fact that you can attract so many people to your life and your family says so much about you and your personality and heart. I know both my sister and I love you and consider you somewhat of a virtual friend. So thank you for sharing. And thank you for inviting us in. And thank you for this post. We love you, Amby!! Xoxo.
    -Brett |

  130. Hi Amber,
    while reading this post I literally got teary eyed because I can relate on so many levels! People are just mean, and for people who are more sensitive this can be so detrimental! Look at what you’re doing now! You should be so proud of yourself, and I am sure you’re. You’re so right when you say look to others when you are spending too much time glooming on yourself, this has always made me feel better. Have you read any books on positive psychology and it’s benefits? I always think having a blog helps me relieve life as well! I don’t even know you, but I can tell you have a good heart. Keep up your positive light, there are so few people in this world who can be open and vulnerable like yourself so thank you! There’s a reason why people follow you, you’re real.

  131. Such a wonderful post Amber! I too am a mom and I always pray each day to cultivate patience toward my family. You’re right, we have to appreciate what we have in our lives and not sweat the small stuff because it’s just not worth it. xoxox

  132. Umhuh. This is inspiring- I’ll never be able to afford most of the clothing you wear or the life of monthly travel. (And that’s ok, I’m really not jealous, Promise, I believe that if you want it- work for it. And I’m content with what I have : ) But now this. This I can do. I like checking in on your sweet family every so often and I’ll say you’re most likely, yeah you are , my favorite blogger because you adore your kids and husband and you’re relatable. Not everything is perfect and you don’t pretend it to be. Keep on keepin on Amber. Best

  133. Amber, I love that you share your thoughts with us. I think it’s really admirable to share a more personal side of you to your readers. I also have trouble being patient and not thinking positively. You’ve inspired me to try harder to see all the good in my life and have more patience. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us!

    Carrie |

  134. Thank you for opening up and being so honest. bloggers only want to show the picture perfect life but you were so real! We all have those thoughts, we lose patience, we go crazy with two little ones and you are no different… only much more fashion ahahaha. Love you

  135. Amber! I am so happy you decided to start sharing a more personal side of yourself, something I’ve always admired about following you and your little family. I can relate to this post so much and some things I actually needed to hear. I am now just starting my 20’s and always try my best to do me and forget what others have to say or think! Thanks for starting this series, I can’t wait for all the other things you have to say!

    Xoxo, Isa from Miami

  136. This is by far one of the best posts you have ever shared, for that thank you & I enjoyed reading up on the ways to stay happy because I do follow some of those, you go girl.. Happy rest of the week!!
    PS_ Rosie’s bangs are the best, I am so in love!!!

  137. Love love LOVE!!! Very good words! You have inspired me to wanna try and be more patient too. I’m very similar in my way of thinking and I need to stop doing that. Like you said, why should I care what others think? I especially like what you said about servicing someone else. What a great lesson your dad taught you and that you continue to lead by example for your children so that they will one day serve others. You’re a good Christian woman/wife/mom Amber. Thank you so much for sharing!

  138. I like to hope that we as a society will eventually grow out of this mean internet behaviour and allow people to be themselves and not feel the need to leave negative comments. I’m glad everything turned out alright. Stay positive and keep smiling!

  139. Dear Amber,
    I was so busy with my job, I didn’t visit your wonderful blog for a while… and now I’m reading you had a lump and wait… WHAT? I’m so sorry to read this. I’m happy it’s benign. My mum had two malign tumors within five years and I know how scary it is to wait for the test results.

    I love the photos, Rosie is just the cutest little girl – her hat is adorable!


  140. Amber, this was so honest! I so appreciate what you said in this post! We do have a choice in our happiness & we CAN choose our moods! (@bebonafide) 🙂 Thank you for sharing! It’s hard to get vulnerable in a public way like this, but you did an amazing job!

  141. One of my favorite posts by you! Officially ready to start yday right. Thank you Amber! Blessings to your family:)

  142. Loved this post! You are definitely one of my biggest inspirations Amber!

  143. These photos are too cute and I can’t get enough of that fuzzy bear hat on Rosie! I loved reading the ways you stay happy — I couldn’t agree more that sometimes it’s necessary to unfollow negative people. Thank you for sharing!

  144. My goodness.. I have been reading your blog since… before Atticus was born (if I remember correctly) and I have to say, this is probably one of my favourite posts. I cannot wait to see what’s next. I loved that you opened up, and gave tips on how to stay happy. I think everyone could benefit from your list. Love you and your beautiful family <3

  145. I loved it!
    I felt good reading it and I also did relate to it!
    Love to you all!

  146. I LOVE your honesty and heart, Amber. You’re truly beautiful! Thanks for this vulnerable glimpse into your life. Your suggestions are great ones and will surely help other women. And yes…you do have great legs. Ha!

  147. I have try to coordinate my life according to a quite simple philosophie:
    – Play!
    – Make others happy
    – Be present
    – Choose your attitude

    This originally belongs to the Fish philosophie (which is a book for works motivation), but to me it makes sense for everyday life!

  148. Amber you never cease to amaze! Such a beautiful and inspiring post! ❤️❤️❤️ it!!!! You totally are a true example of how everyone should live their life!! ❤️’D seeing Chauncey and those amazing and beautiful kids!!! Can’t wait for the next post!!!! You look absolutely stunning as always!!!!! ?? ya!!!!!

  149. Amazing pictures as usual Amber! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, it’s comforting to see that someone as awesome as you still has things they want to work on, I guess the saying ‘nobody’s perfect’ really is true!

  150. Thank you for being open and transparent. I feel as if bloggers show such a different side to their world, but in reality they have the same issues any human does. I loved your list of things that make you happy… especially #2. Big fan of you, Amber!

  151. Hi Amber,
    This post made my heart grow. You are so sweet and beautiful and an incredible mother and wife! You really do inspire me to try harder every day with work and family and better hair days! You kind of make me feel less alone in this world, when sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lonely. Do you know what I mean? Do you ever feel like this? I love your new series and can’t wait to read more. Thank you for writing this post. Thank you for being beautiful you!
    Sending so much love and gratitude ❤️

  152. WOW Amber! Your seriously rock at opening heart and expressing yourself to others. You said really lovely words, and great positive things to think about life and how we live this one life we got. I will definitely try to be more patience since I also need it in my life.
    Thanks for sharing your personal things and for inspiring so many others.
    Carolina MJ |

  153. Loved this post so much Amber! Can’t wait to read your next ones in this series. You are such a kind soul, this was a sweet reminder for me to really focus on the goodness of what I have and not the aggrivating little annoyances of life! Thank you!


  154. Love the thoughts and tips in this post. It is so important to stay positive. The moment I let myself start focusing on the negative, it begins to consume me. But when I decide to focus on the good, I immediately feel lighter and notice the effect it has on those around me. It is so helpful to have a husband and friends who gently remind me to snap out of it when I start getting negative 😉 Seriously – surrounding yourself with good people makes you better! Also, love your dad’s service tip. I have to say, you don’t talk about your dad often but every time you do I get this picture of an amazing loving wise father.
    And on a completely different note, these pictures are amazing. Love that you found your own little special place in central park! And I can’t get over how cute your two little ones are in their matching jackets. A looks like such a good big brother!!

  155. This post really spoke to me. I have been really badly insecure especially through middle school and high school as well and I do still struggle with it (in college now) which makes me sad because I do feel like it holds me back. That’s why I’m so glad to have you as a role model! You remind me to stay positive (and provide me with killer outfit/hair inspiration) and I want to say thank you for that. So THANK YOU! 🙂
    P.s I love your jacket, it’s so cute. And this kids little bear coats have me dying, your babies are the cutest 🙂

  156. This is so lovely. Exactly what everyone needs to be reminded of every once in a while. You are an absolute light, and your Instagram (and blog) always makes me smile. xo

  157. amber, this post is exactly what i needed to read. although i’m still fairly young and not married (yet) the same thoughts have been going through my head about what others are thinking of me. whether it’s from planning my wedding to finally publishing my blog, i always cared way too much what others will think and this post is exactly what i needed to read because you’re completely right. who the hell cares? i want to be a happy and patient person overall as well. i wanna be mentally and emotionally happy and stable and content with life because life is great. this post is exactly what i needed to read! thank you.

    p.s. every mom is a good mom and i think you’re doing a great job

  158. I needed to hear this! I needed a reminder to realize how great my life is and all that I am blessed with! I absolutely loved hearing your thoughts and have inspired me to not let the little things get to me! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!
    x + o

  159. OMG, you literally made me cry by reading this- I have to go to school now haha.
    You are so right!!! I care so much on what others think of my, but I really shouldn’t. Definitely gonna change that! Thanks for writing such personal and with all your feelings and thoughts and I am really looking forward for new post on this series ❤️

  160. Amber!! You seriously continually remind me of WHY you’re my favorite blogger! I’ve said this before in comments, but I love your positivity! I love how kind you are and genuine you are. I love this new series and I can’t wait to keep seeing it!! You’ve inspired me with this post like so much. I find myself not talking super nicely about others to my husband sometimes and guess what? It NEVER makes me feel any better about myself! I’ve made my own goal to just see the good in others. It’s that simple. There is always something good you can point out about someone. Always. It’s my goal to focus on good and just be a nicer person. Someone my daughter can look up to and someone I would want to be friends with 🙂 haha longest comment ever sorry. Also side note- I can’t wait for you to move to AZ! I secretly hope we bump into each other and become friends haha fingers crossed!


  161. Amber! I love this! Thank you for being so real with your followers! I love following along with you and your cute fam! You have such a fun blog and Instagram! Keep being such an inspiration! Xoxo

  162. Love how honest you are. Such a nice idea that helping others is a good way to pull myself out of a “funk”.

  163. Thanks for posting this. It is really hard to be positive, especially with yourself. One of the things I appreciate about your blog is how positive and upbeat it is! Even though there aren’t a ton of comments on this post (yet?) I thought you should know that it probably struck a chord in a lot of women… I mean who hasn’t felt insecure or that they need to be more patient or appreciative of what they have? Anyways, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of “From the Heart”.