I'm Pregnant!

We are having baby #3!!! And we are so so so so excited! So many fun and exciting things coming up for us, our home build should be done beginning of November (which is where we shot these in case you couldn’t tell) and then a new baby in February!! We found out we were pregnant when we were in Tahiti which made the trip that much more special! I will share a pic of the day we found out on my insta stories – so head on over there if you want to see. We decided that it felt right to start trying since at that point we would have the baby in the new house and we would have time to be settled. So when we started trying I bought this 100 pack of pregnancy tests from Amazon for like $20 because I knew I was going to be so excited I would want to take a test every day. Okay maybe twice a day haha. But when you have a 100 pack.. I mean why not. So I brought some to Tahiti and it was so special to find out there! It has been so fun to be pregnant again, it feels like it has been forever and its been so fun checking my app each morning to read a new update. Would definitely be lying if I said I don’t skip forward to the next day because I get so excited to see 😉 This pregnancy has been and will be a little different though so keep reading if you want to hear how!

Atticus and Rosie are honestly THRILLED about a new baby! They gave the secret away a few times because they would start kissing my belly and saying “hiiiii babbbby!” and of course whoever we were with would be like.. “okay spill” haha. They love to come lay next to my stomach and “snuggle with baby” or give kisses or show baby their cool toys. They always ask to see my pregnancy app because they think hearing the size of the baby in reference to fruit is hilarious and they love to see the pictures of what babies look like at this stage. They “awwwww” at every tiny little body part. Atticus always says when I pick him up or when he sits on my lap “mama I don’t want to hurt the baby!” and today he kept insisting that David drive (as we were headed to take these photos) and we asked why and he said because mama has baby! Little things like that he is always thinking of baby and I love it! And Rosie has already declared that baby’s favorite color is pink.

A few things have been really different about this pregnancy. For one I totally have the pregnancy blues which I have never had before. I feel like I am not myself and kind of emotionless like I don’t have interest in things anymore. I normally love to go to the gym and now it takes literally all of my brain power to mentally get myself there and to power through a good work out. I am proud that I have still been going about 5 days a week though! I stopped eating anything with added sugar this week in hopes that a change in my diet will help me feel a little happier and less mopey. Also it doesn’t help that I am SO tired.. like chronic exhaustion where I just want to sleep all day. Luckily David has been so sweet and quietly leaves the room in the morning with the kids and lets me sleep in (sleeping in for us is like 7am because our kids have been waking up with the sun at like 6am ah). It is also different because so many things make me so naseous and I have also never had this before! The smell of certain things make me feel the need to leave the room and I can’t eat big meals because after like 5 bites whatever I was eating makes me feel sick. Even if I was craving it alllll day.

The other reason this pregnancy is different is because we are waiting to find out the gender until we have the baby!!!! Which I am so excited to do. I would love to have a boy or girl and truly have no preference so we figure it is the perfect time to do it. I feel like it will be so special and I can’t wait! I have been set on doing this pretty much since I knew I was having a girl second so I am totally in the mindset to be ready to wait. I never thought I would be able to because I am such an impatient person when it comes to surprises like this but I am so prepped – I got this!

I am excited to share this news with you because I feel like I have been MIA and in large part because of my pregnancy blues and also just because I have been hiding this bump! I sure do get bumps quick and my bumps get rather large .. which I actually love because nothing is cuter than a pregnant woman with a huge bump! I hope I can see myself like that because I love seeing other women pregnant, so beautiful. Also I love a good bump pic so buckle up because my pregnancy might seem 12 months long with how many bump pics I will be sharing 😉

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  1. Congrats!!! I am soooo happy for you! This is the best news ever! For some reason your pictures haven’t been showing up on my instagram feed lately so I just figured out today that you were pregnant! I got so excited for you! I cannot wait to see what the gender is! You are a great mother!
    XoXo Kirsten

  2. CONGRATS!! I am so happy for you and your family. I will be praying for your pregnancy.
    Children are a gift from God.

  3. Beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family! Would you mind sharing where your dress is from?:)

  4. Such beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing your story. You are so strong. Will you post the photo of you finding out in Tahiti? I missed it on your Instagram story. Congratulations!!

  5. YES YES! GIVE US ALL THE BUMP PICS 😍😍 baby bumps are basically the greatest thing ever, right under babies outside of the bump 😉

  6. This post was so so sweet, it made me tear up with happiness! The kids being so excited is beyond dear. I’m so happy for you & your next chapter!

  7. That is great news! I was pregnant at the same time you had Rosie and now I am pregnant again- so it’s great to share this time and enjoy the journey together 🙂

    Congrats and I am in awe of your patience to hold off on finding out the gender- we are having a second boy and couldn’t be more thrilled, but would have had a really hard time to wait the full 40 weeks to find out 🙂

  8. Aber this is SO exciting! I love following you and your growing family! Such an inspiration! You’re already such a beautiful person, I can’t wait to see the bump pics that I know will be gorgeous! Congrats to you guys!

  9. So excited for your expanding family!! You can really tell in your pictures how full of excitement you are! And Atticus is adorable being so safe for baby! Ah all the cuteness!!! ♥️

  10. Congratulations Amber! I can’t wait to follow along your pregnancy journey for the third time! I’m going to be a first time mom in November so I love following other mom bloggers. Please share pregnancy details and your new baby must haves. Prayers & love!


  11. Congratulations Clark family!! You guys are so adorable, and I can’t wait to see this new baby!! I love all the pics here. Your kids really are just the sweetest!

  12. So happy for you!! I’m the same way with baby four 🤭 but I’m 5.5 and still can’t eat much of anything. But after three miscarriages the miracles of pregnancy is such a blessing. Praying you’ll come out of your slump soon!

  13. I’m so happy for you guys. Congratulations and I’ll be praying for everything to go well ❤

  14. Congratulations!! SO SO SO excited for you and your little family! Can’t wait to follow your pregnancy journey, so cute that the kiddos are so excited!

    Lauren Lindmark | https://dailydoseofcharm.com

  15. I got the same pregnancy tests on Amazon!! I used them nonstop, well at least till I was sure I was pregnant after a month of trying. Congratulations!

  16. Congratulations! Where did you get that gorgeous white dress?

  17. Congrats! I love seeing your family. It inspires me to get out and be active with my kids!

  18. Amber we’re so excited for you my daughter and I have been following you forever ! I have three kids in the same order as you boy first and girl then another girl you remind me a lot of myself When I was going through those happy moments. They are getting older now but love to follow you and watch your sweet family grow. You are lovely!! Much love from Colorado ❤️

  19. Congratulation! Wish you all the best (I think it will be a girl 😉 )

  20. Congrats!! I love watching your family grow! I first started reading your blog when you were pregnant with Rosie and can’t believe how much and how fast she has grown! there is so much love in your family.

  21. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you guys and I love how Atticus and Rosie are with the new baby!! You and your family are so sweet!

  22. Such a great news! I wish you all the best ❤❤❤ greetings from Switzerland 🏞

  23. Huge congrats! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Your pregnancy side effects sound a lot like mine. Your fatigue should get better a little after the first trimester. I started introducing sprirulina (a super green) in my diet when I was pregnant and it helped a little with the fatigue. They make snacks with it or you can get it in pill form, or add powder to shakes. I never did get rid of my lack of appetite during my pregnancy though. I actually lost weight the first trimester! You’ll do great regardless. Looking forward to being in on the journey!

  24. İ’m so happy for your family , when i see photos and shoked 😊 i’m following youuu goodbye 😊😊😊

  25. Congratulations and well done for sharing about your pregnancy blues! It’s so helpful for women like you in the public eye to talk about issues like this & encourage others to speak out if they feel the same. Postnatal depression is a well known illness but less is said about prenatal depression, which many women inexplicably suffer from. Do seek help if you do not feel better-there is no shame in mental illness-it can strike anyone at any time! Lovely pictures of your beautiful family – can’t wait to see the new addition and the new home! How exciting! xxx

  26. I think your one of the most amazing human beings created and your love and light inspire me .congratulations you deserve it all

  27. So incredibly happy for you and your growing family!! Atticus and Rosie are going to make the best big brother and sister! Here’s hoping you feel a bit better soon! Xo

  28. Congratulations!! Definitely ask your doc about feeling blue. It’s most likely you are just exhausted and need maybe some extra B12. You have a ton going on which would exhaust anyone. ❤️

  29. We are SO excited for you guys, such a wonderful time in your life with the new house AND a new blessing!!! I think it was super smart to cut out the refined sugars and catch up on extra sleep, make sure to take time to relax and soak in time with Atticus & Rosie – it might just be all you need to kick the baby blues. Well, and lots of healthy fats help too!! xoxoox Roxanne West http://www.bonjourblissblog.com

  30. Congratulations!!! I have been so excited about you having another baby. 😆 I was pregnant with #2 at the same time as you were with Rosie, and have a little girl who is so similar to her! Now I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my third! I love following along on your pregnancies! Can’t wait for all your bump pics!!

    If you don’t mind taking safe meds during pregnancy I would totally recommend asking your doctor about Maxolon for the nausea. It saved me! And rabeprazole for heartburn (if you get it) is amazing.

    So so happy for you! Congratulations again! Xx

  31. I struggled with the blues too, try bumping up vitamins! Like vitamin, B, D and iron. I took my regular prego vitamins but on top I took extra of the others and it really helped!! Congrats!!! So excited for your sweet family

  32. Yay! Congrats to you and your sweet family!!!! I am so happy for you guys and it is always so fun watching your family grow since I have followed you before you started a family!!!! Sending Love from NC….

  33. Awwww you’re are the cutest!!!! Congratulations!!!! That is so so exciting!

  34. Soooooooo Excited for your precious family!!! You’re such a wonderful mother!!! 💗❤💗❤

  35. Omg! Congratulations!! I knew it! When you posted about a t-shirt with your zodiac sign!! But didn’t wanna be rude and ask!!! You look beautiful!

  36. I’m just ahead of you and it’s my first. Would love you to share your adjusted workouts when you feel up to it! I’m pretty well still able to do BBG at 16 weeks but I’ve stopped any jumping excercises, but would love core ideas when i can’t do old ones anymore!

  37. Have you ever tried essential oils, there are tons of great and natural remedies for nausea, and that mopey feeling. Youngliving has a great community of oil users who are here to help guide you!

  38. I’m so excited for you guys!! I’m pregnant with my first, due March 1st, and have been sooo exhausted and nauseous…it feels good reading that your symptoms are the same! The whole small meals thing, I’m there…I’m basically just snacking all day because I can’t eat more than five bites too! I’m also glued to my app! Which one are you using?!

  39. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ So excited and happy for you and your family

  40. Congrats!!! I can’t wait for all the pics and storytelling. I hope the blues pass! I know what that’s like…and I’ve never had a baby. Best wishes to your beautiful family!

  41. Yay!! I am so excited for you and your family, y’all are absolutely adorable! Sending so much love and positivity your way, can’t wait for the baby bump pictures!

  42. I am so so happy for all of you, and hope you are feeling better soon, my prayers will be with you! Can’t wait for all the pictures 😉

  43. Amazing!! I am extremely excited fornyour family, God bless you all! Now… NAMES?? -angela from Colombia!

  44. congratulations to you and your gorgeous family!! I’m due in February with our first, and we are so excited – it’s also always exciting finding someone who is due the same month as me – can’t wait to watch your journey!!

  45. CONGRATS, AMBER!!!! I’m sooooo excited for you and your new sweet addition! So many exciting things ahead. Love, congrats, and many well wishes from KC!

  46. Yayyyyy!!!! So excited for your adorable family. You make me so excited to be a mom some day

  47. Aw congrats!! We are having our first in October and I was sooooo sick at first and lost a ton of weight. The only thing I could eat was mint brownie cliff bars. You just have to find what works for you! Don’t worry, things will look up even if you feel blah now. It’s not forever. Can’t wait to see all your bump pictures!!

  48. Yay! Congratulations. Such happy news. What baby app do you use?

  49. Congratulations! This is so exciting, you have such a beautiful family and I can’t wait for you to welcome your new addition!!

  50. Congratulations to you & family for baby #3! Can’t wait for you to share the joy of the baby’s arrival into this awesome family! 🤱

  51. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEQ I’m so, so happy for you! Congrats to you and your little family, I can’t wait to follow along and see all your cute pregnancy outifits and stuff! I’m already dying to know the gender and what adorable name you come up with, I just love Atticus’ and Rosie’s names! I had postpartum depression after my first baby and while I was pregnant with her I totally had pregnancy blues, so just make sure to take care of yourself and get help if you need it! Hopefully everything will go well, I’m sending good vibes your way !! <3 Much love!

  52. Congrats! So exciting! And SAME on so many levels for me. I’m pregnant, too, and it’s a very different pregnancy from my first (VERY sick, sad, etc.) and I’m also due in February. Are you sharing the date?

  53. Yay Amber! so excited for you and your family! I cant wait for you to share all along your journey! Best of luck, girl!

  54. How will you decorate the nursery with not knowing the gender till the baby is born? SO EXCITED FOR YOU Amber! I’ve been following your beautiful journey since you got married and to see where life has taken you gives me so much joy and peace knowing that if we really want something in life, we have the power to make it so! Love you guys. Cutest family I’ve ever seen. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  55. That’s awesome! Congrats!!! The house looks beautiful already, and how cute is Atticus and Rosie?! Hang in there with the baby blues, I felt different physically and emotionally with each of my three kids as well. And each trimester was totally different! You got this you’re adorable with your little baby bump, and so excited to see your little family grow!

  56. Oh my gosh, I’m soooooooo happy for you and your family! You and David are such amazing parents, and your kids are the happiest little kids I’ve seen; I can’t wait for you to add another one to the fam! Love you guys 🙂

  57. Congrats!!!!!!! So excited for you guys!!!! I was super sick most of my pregnancy. It’s the worst!!! Don’t worry though, it’ll pass you just have to power through. Xxx

  58. So so soo happy for you!!! Congratulations! Sophie from Argentina

  59. Congrats Amber!!! This news made me so so happy for y’all! And us February babies are the best! 😉 when is your due date?! My birthday is February 13, my mom’s is February 1, and my grandmother’s was February 9. Wishing you all the best and a happy and healthy pregnancy xoxo

  60. Rosie and Atticus seem like the happiest littles ever, and I think you and David constantly ensuring that is actual real life goals.
    Thank you for letting us in on such a special journey.. you’re an incredible momma who inspires women daily!
    What an exciting time for you guys… Congratulations!!<33

  61. Omg I Knew it !!!!! I got a feeling you were pregnant!!! You know why?! Cause I’m due in February too! Wohoo! Don’t know why but I just felt it! I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to see the pictures of your precious little baby !!!

  62. SO excited for this announcement!!! I cant wait to see more bump pics! I am hoping to get preggers with my third hopefully soon as well. Sending love to you and your beautiful family!

  63. Congratulations girl! I am so happy for you guys! Thanks for letting us in on your life, it’s so fun to follow you guys!

  64. Awwwwh! What wonderful news. And it is so so fun waiting until arrives to find out gender! And girl there is every reason to be exhausted – you’ve got two sweet (active!!) toddlers, you’re building a home, running a business…and the first part of pregnancy has your body going through ALL the big changes and baby development!

  65. This is so exciting!! Babies are such a blessing and I love my little one so much, but I had a very tired, unmotivated, and nauseous pregnancy so I understand how you feel. Keep pushing, and loving every moment though because it’s truly such a miracle to be pregnant and have a precious child! So excited for all the bump pics!!!

  66. OMG congratulations! I’ve been following you since my first pregnancy 3 years ago. I have 2 littles now and know I still want another (maybe 2). I was always searching back on your posts on my last pregnancy for outfit inspiration lol. Anyway, I had the worst nausea and all around feeling exhausted with my second . It almost hurt to do anything. I switched to Smartypants prenatal vitamins and it helped a ton. I don’t know why, I assume the iron was making meet feel awful in the other ones.

  67. Congratulations Amber!! I’m soy happy for you ❤️ Somehow I knew you will have another baby

  68. Congrats to your family and thank you for speaking so honestly and openly about your struggles too. Wishing you a healthy transition!

  69. Congrats! I would love to know where your dress is from? I’m looking for something white and pretty for family beach photos.

  70. This is so exciting! My husband and I are trying next month and you sharing your journey is so fun! Thanks for keeping it real!

  71. I am so happy for you guys! I have been following since before you had Atticus and I have loved to see your family grow. You all are so wonderful and I know this is going to be one lucky baby to be born into such a loving family. I hope you start feeling better as the pregnancy goes along

  72. Omg I just can’t wait to see your beautiful picture with that cute bump again hon. Congratulations 🎊🎉🎈

  73. Aww so exciting!!! Also would love to know where your dress came from, might be really cute for engagement pics I have coming up. Looking forward to bump pics and following along like I did with the other two.

  74. SO SO SOOOOO happy for you and David!!! May this baby be blessed in all ways possible. So excited to follow along this journey with you guys!

  75. I never comment but I wanted to do it today to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🙂

  76. Congratulations! Such a joy! I’m so excited to be seeing your baby bump pictures! I’m actually due in March with our first! So seeing you with two and one on the way makes me admire you so much more 😍

  77. Ah congrats! I’m 7 weeks and I started feeling chronic exhaustion and nausea at 4. EVERY little smell is driving me crazy and I feel the same way about craving something and then hating it after a few bites. Hoping once I hit the second trimester I start to feel more like myself!

  78. Congrats Amber! i’m so happy for you, David and the kids, thanks for always sharing this special things with us! I have been following you since you were pregnant with Atticus and Rosie and baby number #3 makes me so excited!

  79. Congratulations Amber! So excited for your sweet family, praying for a healthy baby 🙂

  80. Congratulations Amber and family! I too experienced pregnancy blues with my second pregnancy. Kind of felt like I had no motivation to do anything, and things I normally was very interested in I no longer cared for. It did get better as the pregnancy went on. I hope it does for you too! ♡

  81. Congratulations!! We did the same thing! Found out with our first (boy) and second (girl) and let our third (girl) be a surprise!! It was worth it and so exciting for everyone involved!!

  82. I never comment but always reading your posts. But today, just want to say a huge congratulations! You have such a beautiful family and make me want to have my own !
    Bless you, your family and baby number 3 !

  83. Congratulations!!!!! You have the cutest bumps ever! I had the blues with my first son and had to talk to my doc. Due with my second this fall and zero issues. Weird how each baby takes over our bodies in different ways. Hope you start feeling better soon!

  84. Congrats Amber!! I am so happy for you and your sweet family! <3 So excited to see your this exciting journey while you settle in your new home and add another member to your family.

  85. Oh my goodness I am so happy for you all! I’ve been following your family’s story for years and this makes my heart burst! Congratulations!!

  86. Such lovely news! Congrats to you all. Hope you get out of the blues. Can’t wait to see all the cute bump pics. Wish you all the best during your pregnancy ✨💕

  87. We just start thinking about the third one. It’s so difficult to decide on it, as we have full pack a boy and a girl. Coming today to such beautiful news makes me want to have another miracle in our family. Congratulations sweetheart, you deserve to have it all. So looking forward to your cute pregnancy photos!!!

  88. Omg so so excited for you guys! The cutest family ever is expanding!! Although its a while away, I can’t wait to hear what you’re having and the name y’all choose! 💗 xo

  89. Been following you since your pregnancy with Atticus, it’s so exiting to still be here!! Congrats❤️

  90. Beyond happy for the new addition to your beautiful family! I’m so excited to see the little one x

  91. Congratulations! i am so excited for you and your family, and VERY excited for more pregnancy pics! No one does bump pics like Amber! 🙂

  92. Congratulations!!♥ I’ve been following since Atticus was a baby and I’m exciting to follow this pregnancy. I hope your pregnancy blues don’t last too long! Best wishes♥

  93. Congrats! We also doesn’t know the gender till birth. Such a special moment!

  94. Sooooo exciting! Congratulations!!!! I’m also expencting my first baby in February ❤️ Yay for February babies

  95. Congratulations Amber so exciting!!! Any name ideas? Also I assume you guys prepared an extra room in the new house ?

  96. omg! i’m soooo happy for you gys! my heart is so warm. I can’t wait to see beautiful baby bump pictures!

  97. Oh my goodness I love watching your beautiful family grow!! My husband and I waited to find out! It is so much fun because when you are out and people automatically ask you what you are having and you tell them, everyone guesses and has all their reasons or wife’s tails about what the baby is going to be, and it honestly was my favorite part about my pregnancy! Praying for this new sweet baby!!

  98. Yay! So excited for your adorable fam! Bring on aaaaaall the bump pics!

  99. CONGRATS!! Please post as many pictures as you want I will never get tired of seeing you and your family on my timeline!

  100. Congratulations! I followed your journey since Atticus! How old are Rosie and Atticus now and how old will they be when baby arrives? I have 2, contemplating a third in the future but not sure! Xx

  101. So happy for you, big congratulations! What I love about your family is that you seem to teach your kids to be so loving. Not sure how you do that specifically, but I love how sweet the kids are to each other. Just lots of family snuggles and hugs?
    Anyways, very very excited to see yet another darling baby!

  102. Omg!!! So happy for you guys I loved watching Rosie grow up on your feed so I can’t wait to see baby Number 3!!!

  103. I’m so excited for you guys! I love how much you love pregnancy it really helped me be positive when i was first preggo! I was nervous but the love you had for pregnancy helped me recognize the beauty of it now I’m obsessed!!!

  104. Yay! So happy for you all! ♥️ Love seeing your family grow

  105. Congratulations! Thanks for letting us join along this pregnancy journey. 🤗😍
    Lots of love and light,

  106. Congratulations!! So exciting!! Babies are such blessings and I’m so excited for you!

  107. Congratulations Amber!! I am so happy for you and your beautiful family! Many blessings

  108. Congrats! We also have a Feb baby! Once I had him I felt like I was hibernating until spring. It was just too cold in Illinois in the winter for me to want to leave the house!

  109. Oh my God, Amber!!! Your dream has come true! Wish all good things to your family and can’t wait to know who is hiding under your hert💕

  110. So excited for you 😊👏🏼 Your the cutest pregnant lady always! So I’m super excited to see you get even more beautiful. Do you have any strange cravings yet?

  111. OMG! Congratulations amber! I am so excited for your new baby! ☺️ I’ve been following your pregnancy journey ever since from atticus and your such an inspiration! Can’t wait for the gender tho 😄

  112. OMG when you said an announcement, I was hoping it was about baby #3! Congrats you guys! And your first trimester sounds exactly like my own (33 weeks now!)… take it one day at a time! That second trimester immediately turned things around for me, so hopefully you’ll start feeling more like yourself too!

  113. Congratulations!

    I am pregnant and due early March with our second and am feeling the exact same way! I didn’t have the blues or this horrible nausea and exhaustion with my first and am having such a hard time fighting it. It was a relief to know I’m not alone – thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing all the bump pics

  114. Congrats mama!!! So excited for you guys!!! Thank you for being so candid about what you’ve been experiencing. Honestly, it happens way more often than anyone cares to talk about and it’s refreshing when moms really start to open up because it creates awareness. I had it with my first and even had post partum after. It’s so hard because you love them so much and it’s something you genuinely and truly want but fighting these feelings makes it tough. It’s like a rain cloud trying to follow you around and rain on your parade. But you’re not alone and it’s not weird. It’s just something that happens but it helps to find strength in faith and have a wonderful hubby and support system in place. Talking to mamas who have been through it helps too because it helps put things into perspective. Hang in there, you’ve got this and we’re here for you! 😉

  115. Suuuuuch a new! Im happy for you! You are a special family. You are a good mom❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wish you the best!!

  116. I swear we have been pregnant together the last 2 times! And your baby is always due a month or 2 before mine 😂. Congrats!

  117. AWW! Congrats Amber and to all of you! I have been following your journey for so long and you are honestly such an inspiration to me. I wish you the best in this pregnancy and I can’t wait to see your journey!

  118. OMG congratulations😍😍😍 new house, new baby, new life!!!

  119. Yayayayayaya! So happy for you and your family! I love the announcement how sweet & special!

  120. Congratulations 🎉 you have been so blessed!! So excited for you, David and the kids!! Chauncey too!!! ❤️

  121. I am so happy and excited for you and your beautiful family! What a blessing! Life is so good!

  122. Awe!! Congratulations Amber and David 💜💜 so many big and exciting changes are in your future. Y’all are amazing parents and I love getting to see a glimpse into your lives. Thank you for sharing, sp excited for you!

  123. Congratulations!!! So excited for you and your family!!! May God continue to bless you and yours!

  124. Congratulations! I’ve been following since you were pregnant with Atticus! Your bumps are always beautiful. We just had our first baby and I definitely think I want to wait to find out the gender with the next one as well ☺️

  125. Congrats amber!!!! I’m so so excited for you guys!! I know you can wait to find out the gender but I definitely can’t 😂😂😂

  126. So excited for you!!! Congratulations a thousand times!!! You are glowing!

  127. Beautiful pictures, beautiful momma! You’ve got this. 🙌🏻 Congratulations!!! So happy for your growing family! ❤️ Atticus and Rosie are going to be so in love with their new baby brother or sister. I have 3 close in age (4/2/almost 1) and it seriously melts my heart watching their bonds form as they get older. Absolutely worth all the ups and downs that come with pregnancy. 😊

  128. Congratulations!!!!! I am due in Jan with baby #3 as well!!! Sounds like we are having such similar pregnancies! I have had the blues as well, and been so exhausted and just this last week feel like things are leveling out and I’m finally getting back to myself 🙂 You will too! Those first few months are brutal, hang in there mama! Can’t wait to watch your pregnancy journey! So excited for you guys!

  129. So exciting!! I am due in February also but with baby #2. Will be fun seeing your pregnancy at the same time as mine! Congratulations!!

  130. I don’t know why but I had a feeling. Congratulations! I have been following you since before Atticus was born. You have the most beautiful family and to expand it is nothing but a blessing!

  131. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS. You have the sweetest family & the way Atticus is handling this makes me so happy omg. Congrats!!!!!

  132. Congratulations!!! Your family is so beautiful and I’m pretty sure everyone is just as excited to see your bump pics too!!

  133. Congratulations Amber! You are the cutest pregnant mama! You and your family are so adorable, wishing you the best for the rest of your pregnancy (:

  134. This makes me so happy! Love following you & your fam 💛

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    I’ve had morning sickness with both pregnancies, and I’ve taken a vitamin B6 and Unisom combo- something totally safe for mom and baby, and it’s helped immensely! Especially since the nausea intensified the exhaustion. If it gets tough, ask your OB/pharmacist about it. But I hope it will wane completely getting into the 2nd trimester.

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