since i quit my other jobs (*angels singing*) i am now in my salon full time and i am so excited!
so for this month (being june of course)
everyone will get a free haircut with their highlight or color!
(haircuts are normally $35 at my salon)
i work at Stuart Fraser Salon
on University Ave. and 100 North in Provo!
if you would like to come in call me!

since i am literally HEAD OVER HEELS in LOVE with Moroccan Oil
i will now be selling it at my salon for cheaper than you would get it normally.
trust me, this stuff is a literal GEM.
after you use it you will not stop stroking your luscious locks all day because it seriously makes your hair a silky dream boat!
* for every 2 people you refer you get a free Moroccan Oil Serum. (my personal fav)

Photos from special

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  1. really?! i havent used it! ive been wanting to get some though because i just got some to sell at my salon! im going to start using it asap! thanks for the recommendation girl youre the best!