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1 and 4: All my favorite summer shoes! Sailboat loafers / sparkly flats / salmon sandals

2: The scents I am loving this Summer- I fell in love with both of these instantly. When it comes to perfume I love mine to smell fresh and fruity, even if its the middle of winter I love to smell summery. I recently was introduced to Mermaid Perfume found: here and fell in love.. it smells just like orange blossoms and I get endless complements on it everywhere I go – it is so fresh. My husband absolutely loves it too which is a plus 🙂 The cotton candy candle can be found at Target – it is so yummmmy smelling!

3: My tech essentials!! We got our Go Pro as a wedding gift for our wedding and used it on our honeymoon and have used it for all our vacations since. It is amazing for underwater photos and videos when snorkeling – or just playing in the pool. We also use it for hikes and other adventurous things also- we use it with our head strap (you may look silly, but you get awesome footage!) It has tons really cool features that I won’t get into (I will get too carried away!) but trust me it is worth researching and splurging on – you will love the footage you get, it is crystal clear! Go Pro found: here

I also use those patterned micro fiber cloths everywhere we go but especially on tropical vacations – we use them to clean anything with glass – our camera lenses, iPhones, Go Pro lens, sunglasses, etc. ! I HATE getting scratches on my sunglasses or lenses – especially since they are the more pricey items! This company has really cute ones like the ones my husband got me: here

PS: Be sure to check out Lauren Conrad’s summer bucket list today: here


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  1. Mm that Mermaid perfume sounds delicious, I want to try it!
    Congrats on your picture being featured on Lauren Conrad’s site, girl that is awesome! Xo

    1. Thanks my love!!!! And yes you have to try the perfume!! 🙂

  2. Do you use the Go Pro to make all your video diaries? My husband and I are thinking about getting one!

  3. What a great variety of shoes! If you pack those for a vaca, you would be covered! Those cleaning cloths are so cute! I just have plain ones but may have to upgrade to one of these fun patterns 🙂

    1. Yeah you should!! I always just used a plain gray one but my husband saw these cute patterned ones, I thought they looked kind of Kate Spade esque and loved them!

  4. what fun picks! I LOVE those zara silver sparkle sandals! so darling! and I love the go pro! such a perfect summer item!

    1. It really is the best! And $30 Zara flats? Love when they have good deals! Love ya girl!