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Today I want to talk about my skin care routine but focusing on body products. After my pregnancy FAQ/must haves post a lot of you asked what creams I use on my skin and wanted to share my favorites! I love having soft skin and the feeling of dry skin after a shower drives me up a wall.. I have to lather my entire body with creams immediately after and I always have to have my hands moisturized as well. As important as it is to take care of your face it is equally important to take care of the skin on the rest of your body 🙂

My favorite products are the Perlier products. I have been using them for a while now and honestly have never loved anything more. I have talked a lot about how my skin gets EXTREMELY itchy and I have to take milk baths (here is my recipe for my milk bath) but Perlier body creams are so moisturizing I only ever take my milk baths now if I feel like relaxing.

My favorites are..

Honey Anti-Age Body Balm: I apply to my whole body after I shower. This is also the only thing I used during pregnancy which could or could not be why I didn’t get stretch marks. Who knows, but either way its absolutely amazing stuff.

Shea Butter with Lavender Extract: I use this on my feet and hands (and my husbands heels 🙂 )

Imperial Honey Marvellous Protection Hand Cream: I apply this to my hand periodically throughout the day or just whenever they feel dry. Makes them silky soft.

Imperial Honey Nourishing Body Butter: This I also apply after showers whenever I am not using my Anti-Aging Body Balm.

Honey Body Scrub Tightening Gel: LOVE using this in the shower as an exfoliator. My skin is baby soft when I get out.

You guys can all get 25% off all Perlier products with CODE: amber25 – you wont regret it!

PS – Don’t forget to shop early access at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale if you are a card holder!! xo


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  1. I have all of the products mentioned here and they really do work that well. They smell amazing & make great gifts too.

  2. I bought the Honey Anti-Age Body Balm. I ordered it online so I am still waiting for it to arrive. I was a bit apprehensive about spending so much on lotion, but I am 32 weeks pregnant and I feel like my skin could use a little extra love so I decided to reward myself and splurge.

  3. Do you use their face products also or are you still really loving arcona? I see that nordstrom carries them now! I want to try the eye dew. What are your other favorites? Lastly, do u still use retin-a? I am having skin issues and need recommendations !!

  4. Always looking for a great skin care brand that works. I hate using cheapy lotions that just is a layer of mess on my skin. I like something that actually works on conditioning my skin and is a quality product. I will look into Perlier.