Today was the most amazing snow day.
After my clients, I picked up my sis and we just had the most random, fun day playing in the snow and snuggling in my heater blanket with hot coco.
necklace: Zara / jacket: David’s / shorts: F21 / top: F21 / boots: Nordstrom
Oh yeah and we also made the cheesiest video. For some reason we have so much fun making videos, commercials, etc. even if they are the cheesiest things you have ever seen.
I almost fall on my face at one point. So I guess I would say its worth watching.


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  1. What foil pattern is used for your highlights? Your hair is gorgeous!

  2. Enjoy it girl cause the day goes by fast. My mom and I spent soooo much time DIY-ing so many aspects of my wedding and it was the cutest little backyard vintage wedding ever… until 5 minutes before it started a giant wind storm came and blew everything away. I sat in my room and balled. And while I was doing that, all the guests loaded up their cars with everything and drove it to the church.

    I DREADED a reception in the cultural hall, but when I walked in, it looked just like the backyard. I realized how blessed I was to have so many people that care about me. I also had such an awesome sealer and temple experience. All that matters at the end of the day is who your standing next to when it’s all over.

  3. I love this! You’re beautiful! And I hope we get snow! I’ve been waiting too long!

    Love your blog! I follow back!
    Hope we can be friends!
    Tifa x

  4. this post is too cute! It better snow here in D.C. soon! I LOVE that Zara necklace, I wear mine too much (probably)!