IMG_5501I feel like we have been traveling so much this year and I feel like my skin needs more love than ever!  So I am doing a skin care post today since I have been getting a lot of emails about skin care and what my favorite products are and you know I always have to tell you guys whenever I find new tips out about skin care or make up or anything because I find it all so interested and helpful and just want everyone to know! Usually three times a year I will go see a master esthetician at a medical spa (I have been going to Spa Trouve as of late) to have them analyze my skin and tell me what my skin needs and what products I should be using. I feel like my problem lately is WRINKLES. Oh my I am only 23 I know, but I want to prevent as much as I can so I can age well.

I think the time to start preventing wrinkles should be in your twenties – early twenties is recommended. The one thing we should all be doing (besides the obvious, staying out of the sun as much as possible) is Retin-a !! Retin-a has so many benefits I really can’t name them all – it will help with scarring, help with cell reproduction (important for aging), helps retain collagen, helps big time with clearing acne, and is just amazing. I pretty much just apply it on my whole face (not my upper lip because it makes my lips peel or within an inch of my eye) and I sleep in it! It will make your skin a little peely at first and it could have redness as well, but if you stick with it and stick it out during that peely stage, your skin feels baby soft and brand new! You have to get this at a medical spa or from a doctor though 🙂 So to answer your guy’s question of my favorite skin care product, that is it for sure! They also recommended using the Skin Medica TNS essential serum – which I haven’t gotten yet but will definitely tell you all how I like it!

Today I have a giveaway for you, Spa Trouve is giving away a $150 gift card to their spa!! This is so so amazing because you can go have your skin looked at under a UV lamp and they can tell you what you need! From there you can use your $150 to get a chemical peel, some new amazing skin product (definitely recommend picking up some retina-a!), or you can just choose to get a nice, relaxing facial – or both!! I think its so so so important to take care of your skin but it can be expensive so this is perfect 🙂

To enter to win your $150 giftcard to Spa Trouve all you have to do is like them on Facebook, here, and then comment to let me know you did that! Easy peasy.

*Unfortunately Spa Trouve is only located in Utah and will only be open for readers in Utah or if you plan to come to Utah 🙂

Photos from Skin Care + Trouve Spa Giveaway


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  1. Normally I wouldn’t read report upon blogs, nonetheless need to say that the following write-up pretty urged us to have a look with along with get it done! Your writing style continues to be shocked me personally. Thank you, fairly wonderful article.

  2. Love your blog, and how many places you travel! I liked spa trouvé on fb!

  3. Liked Spa Trouve on FB! 🙂 My skin needs a little pick me up from this cold weather in Utah we have been getting! Hope I win!

  4. Pick me, pick me!! Reina-a sounds like a dream. I would love it if I could have dewy skin for my upcoming trip to Norway & Scotland! Going to meet my boyfriends parents there…eeek! I HAVE to look good, right?!

  5. I’m always looking for better ways to improve my skin, but never had a chance to go somewhere fancy like this. Thanks for the share. I liked it on FB.

  6. I would love to win this for my little sister (Trista who lives in UT!)
    She’s getting married in a few months and who wouldn’t want glowing skin on their wedding day.

    Liked Trouve Spa on FB!

  7. So excited to prevent those wrinkles. My face needs some chemical peel 🙂 lol Thanks for the post!! Liked them on facebook

  8. Hey Amber! I live in Utah! I liked the Spa on FB! I would love to win! I need a little refresher because school is so busy 🙂

  9. I liked them on a FB and I could really use an opinion on my skin because I’m getting married in a month! 🙂

  10. I liked on fbook! I live in Southern Idaho, but I’m down in Utah more often than not – and Spa Trouve looks amazing!

  11. Ugh I feel you about the wrinkles. I am only 24 but I swear after having two kids I have aged 10 years! I would LOVE to win this giveaway! (I liked them on Facebook)

  12. Oh my goodness…I have lived in Arizona for the past four years and now am up in Utah…and boy oh boy does my poor face need this! Please oh please oh please pick me! Love your blog!

  13. Liked! Need this haha. Hope Italia is treating you well (I don’t see how it wouldn’t be)

  14. Liked!! I’m from Utah and would absolutely love this especially because my skin has been so terrible to me lately and everything I’ve done has just made it worse 🙁
    btw you are so inspiring I love your blog 🙂

  15. This would be a-mazing! I feel like my skin is in constant freak out mode ever since have my baby, and a skin analysis/treatment would be so so helpful!

  16. What a much needed giveaway! Thank you! I want to try Spa Trouve! Merci~

  17. Liked them on Facebook! Would love to win and try some of that Retin-A!

  18. Liked Spa Trouvé on facebook! My skin has been so dull this year so this is a PERFECT giveaway!! xo

  19. Did it!! I’ll need a little skin refresher! I’m moving to Utah after living in Boston with dirty city air! xo

  20. I was JUST telling someone tonight that I was irritated with my skin and I wanted help! So, help!! I liked them 🙂

    fingers crossed!! xo

  21. I liked them on Facebook! I’ve been looking for a good place for chemical peels and waxes. I’d like to try them out regardless! Thanks Amber!

  22. I liked them!! I have had years of terrible acne and done two rounds of accutane I would LOVE to get my face analyzed!! Pick me!:)

  23. I liked the Facebook page, so cute! Been looking for a good place to get a facial, treatments, etc. Would love to experience it, thank you for the opportunity! Xx

  24. I liked their Facebook page and I would love to be picked for this! I’ve had some skin drama as of late!

  25. I have a question about your Retin-A use 🙂 Do you use it every night or only for a certain amount of time then stop the usage for a while? Thank you for this post! 🙂

  26. Hi Amber, I liked Spa Trouve’s FB page! Thanks for the fun post and sharing all your skin care secrets.

  27. I liked them!! Also, this will give me a great excuse to plan a trip to Utah…!!!

  28. I liked them on Facebook. I hope I win. I love pampering my skin and trying out new products!

  29. Amber….do you use the retin-A all the time, like every single day? or just for like a week at a time? thanx, love you and your site. 🙂


  30. I liked it! I love that place! I go there for other things, but havent had them look at my skin, so that is a great idea.

  31. I liked their page. I live in Utah and have heard of spa trouve! I would love this gift card.

  32. I liked Spa Trouve on Facebook! (Facebook name is Austin N Lauren Jasper)
    I have had bad acne in the past which has caused a lot of not so pretty scars so I would be so excited if I won! Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  33. I liked the Facebook page! I am feeling lucky and would love to win this amazing giveaway!

  34. I so need to take better care of my skin. The wrinkles are starting to show!! I go to Utah a few times a year to visit family and would LOVE this. I have liked Spa Trouve on FB.

  35. I already liked Spa Trouve awhile back and I would LOVE to win this! Great giveaway Ambs, can’t wait for you guys to get back! 🙂

  36. I love Retin-a as well! It’s the only cream I use on my face because I have sensitive skin and my derm said don’t use anything on it other than warm water to wash it and if I need moisturizer I use Clearasil. But I have a question (or three) because you have amazing skin–how many times a day do you use it? How much do you put on? And do you avoid your eye area because it is too harsh (because my derm told me to put it on my eyes like eye cream because it will help with wrinkles). Thanks for the help and I love your blog! 🙂

  37. Will totally have to check this out. Preventing in your 20’s is definitely a MUST. I’m 32 years old and feel like since I have been good to my skin, it’s being good to me back! Love your pic!

  38. I liked them! I would love to have my skin looked at. Even in my late 20s I am still dealing with acne. Gross!

  39. I have been trying to decide what to do about my skin (age spots at 27 make me sad) but haven’t really found anywhere to get it looked it. Thanks for the post and recommendation!!!

  40. Liked! My sisters live in Utah and I would love to go visit them and have a spa day together!