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COAT: Topshop (last season; similar here)/ JEANS: 3×1 / SHIRT: Cotton Citizen / BOOTIES: Marc Fisher / SUNGLASSES: Gentle Monster / BAG: Fendi via Fashionphile

I got this coat last year and it has been a go to since! It always looks good over everything – I even wear it with a cute sweat outfit and sneakers sometimes. In the fall the I love to throw my hair up and wear jeans, tee, coat, and booties. Its just the easiest combo!

So happy that it is cooling down and it is now acceptable for me to be drinking hot coco every day!!! I drink it (almost) every day year round but in the summer David is always like.. why are you drinking this haha. But isn’t it funny how hot coco can taste so different depending on which shop you go to? Sometimes I get it and I am like no this is not hot coco, this is not okay. (also, dunkin’ donuts hot coco is so thick and slimy, no?)

Anyways I hope you are all having a good day!!! xoxo

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  1. Ok, I just want to look like you. And have your life. ? Haha! I love my life buuuut I’m glad I get to at least live my dream life vicariously through you! ? You’re a dreammmmmm☺️

  2. Love the monochrome look! Very cute and sleek. And mmm… now I just want to go home and make some homemade hot cocoa… 🙂 xoxo

  3. Have you ever tried the hot chocolate from Hatch Family Chocolates when you’ve visited Utah? If not, you need to! It is THE best. xoxo

  4. Do you tell the cab driver in advance that you’re going to take pictures or do you guys just try to snap them real quick then hop in? 😉

  5. Little bit awkward question :p- Its just the name of the blog or do you really go sockless each time including this one ?

  6. Those cabs make for some great photo! Plus nothing says NY more then those yellow cabs lol P.S. love the sunglasses!!

  7. I totally agree on the hot cocoa. DD hot cocoa is not my favorite. It’s not only thick and slimy but feels oily.. right?! Anyway, I love the Salted Caramel hot cocoa from Starbucks. So good! 🙂

  8. Looking beautiful with earrings, Amber! They really suit you. Where are they from?

    Also, lips look super luscious! xx

  9. Loved the picture that you posted on instagram, getting into the taxi, your outfit is everything! Love the booties xx

  10. Perfect back to basic look! booties and tee are just the perfect combo.

    I love that you drink hot cocoa all year long, but why not drink chocolate milk in the summer? Seems like that would make more sense……..

    I’m going to miss seeing your NYC adventures and the yellow cab pics are just perfect for your wrapping your NYC time.
    Carly from

  11. umm your face looks flawless!!! what foundation have you been using? Seriously- you’re so gorgeous

    1. I second this question! What foundation have you been using? It looks amazing. I would love to see a post on what make up you have been using recently.

  12. Such a classic look! I love how a coat can really just make an outfit! I’ve never tried Dunkin’s hot cocoa, I think Starbucks’ is the best, even though it’s like $8 hahaha.


  13. I love the photos of you sitting in the cab! I can’t do hot cocoa just yet, because I’m more of an apple cider gal, but definitely going to enjoy some hot cocoa in the winter time!
    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  14. As a fellow year-round hot cocoa lover, I feel obligated to tell you that the Target brand (Archer Farms) pumpkin spice flavored hot cocoa, made with steamed milk and homemade marshmallows is an absolute fall staple over here! I’m excited this year to make marshmallows with my daughter for her first fall (at 5 months old she won’t really be helping, but it’ll still be important to me!). You’ve gotta try it!

  15. I love hot chocolate, it’s such a nice treat on a cold morning. Your jacket is so cute girl!

  16. I love an easy versatile coat. This one looks great on you! And yesss! There’s something about their coco that almost tastes like it has some sort of vegetable or olive oil in it, eeek! Beautifully Candid

  17. Love the coat! Versatility is so nice. I’m a hot chocolate fan too. I was just thinking that I needed to break that out last night with the mini marshmallows 🙂

  18. Haha, I totally get you, Amber! I am a hot cocoa fanatic myself and can’t ever get enough! And…I sometimes drink it in the summer, and I live in Florida!! Oh the craziness, ha.

    OBSESSED with those glasses! Must have.

    xo E

  19. LOOOOVE love love the post!
    Loving the regular posts! Thank you soooooo much! <3