Barefoot Blonde for Neiman MarcusBarefoot Blonde for Neiman MarcusBarefoot Blonde for Neiman MarcusBarefoot Blonde for Neiman MarcusBarefoot Blonde for Neiman MarcusBarefoot Blonde for Neiman Marcus

DRESS: Veronica Beard // FUR VEST: Gorski // HEELS: Loeffler Randall // LIPSTICK: Bite Beauty ‘Dusty Mauve’

While at NYFW I went to the Shopstyle Social House and got to do their look of the day campaign! I got to style an outfit from the Neiman Marcus retail rack.. which was amazing.. I wanted everything. I love seeing all the Shopstyle and Neiman girls so it was so so fun. Craig Arend was there and snapped these photos … at first he asked if we could go outside for a couple shots (it was 12 degrees that day and on the news they said because of 30 mph winds it was supposed to feel like negative 18) and I was too much of a wuss at first and then agreed. You guys what is up with me going out in the cold dressed like this?!?! HAHA. I didn’t last more than 30 seconds. I am nuts. But we also filmed a fun 30 second video (below) that you should watch ???? I love this floral dress and am so excited to be able to go outside in dresses again (and not freeze!) Above are also some more dresses from Neiman Marcus that I love!

Thanks for having me Shopstyle and Neiman Marcus!!!

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  1. Hey Amber! I’m a student that is about to enter university and I was wondering what you do for a living? And what you choose to major in at university/ does it have anything to do with what you do for a living now? I’m super interested in knowing- you have such a unique life!
    Thanks. Cara.

  2. Those shoes are GORGEOUS! Of course, you look amazing as well <3

    Edye //

  3. hey amber! yout site is absolutely amazing. You are truly blessed to have a beautiful family! I love how you always reply to your viewers and are so kind to them. Not many bloggers have time to reply to their viewers. God bless you and your beautiful family!

  4. I was there too! You put together a great look. I borrowed a suede wrap dress from Neiman Marcus and a bag from Weldon and it was hard for me to give them back!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  5. Amber I’m a huge fan of your but please do not wear fur. You are a role model to many girls so do not promote this horrible product! Thanks you

  6. I love this!!! I would love to see a post about your favorite one-piece swimsuits! Keep doing you girl•you rock

  7. You’re so beautiful Amber! I love this outfit so much, that dress is perfection!

  8. You look amazing in that outfit! Great pics and I love the video. And you ARE crazy to go outside in that weather…brrrrr! Photographers always want you to do the craziest things to get “that shot”. Funny story – I did some maternity modeling when I was 8 months pregnant. We were doing some shots around an infinity pool and the photographer wanted me to go out into the middle of the ledge of the infinity pool with the water rushing over my feet and where I could easily fall off. I was like “No!” I’m a bit of a dare devil, but not while pregnant. I was too worried I would fall and hurt my baby. I probably would of gone outside in that weather like you, though.

  9. Promoting fur? ughhh, why? Maybe you’re unaware but it’s one of the most cruel industries. Most of the time the animals are skinned alive (a warm body is “better” for removing the skin and fur) … I really don’t understand how someone who loves their dog (for example) can support/wear/promote fur?
    You’d look 100times better showing some compassion.

  10. It breaks my heart you’re wearing real fur! I still love you though I just wish you weren’t endorsing torture!

    1. Vicky- I had no idea it was real fur at the time, I put it on for a photo shoot.

  11. I am so disappointed you would promote real fur 🙁 my heart is broken I love your blog but couldn’t believe my eyes seeing that.

    1. I completely agree, Ashley. I love this blog but was so saddened to see real fur.

  12. I think you are great, but please don’t wear fur. It’s incredibly cruel
    & inhumane! Please research fur farms & the methods they use that allow you to wear that vest.

  13. I’m a big fan. I’ve just had a look at the company that makes this vest and it’s all real fur. The animals go through absolute torture before being killed, whether they live miserable lives in cages or are brutally trapped by hunters. They are anally electrocuted and skin alive in a lot of cases. There are videos of this available online, have a look. The images I have seen are forever burned into my brain. Why fund this animal abuse? There is no need to wear real fur. There are plenty of great companies that use faux fur. Why not use your fame and influence as a style guru in a positive way and refuse to promote and wear the skins of dead animals. You will still look beautiful without them. And the animals who they belong to can also look beautiful and live their lives. Please think about it.

  14. You looking gorgeous! Love everything. Especially crushing on your hair and those shoes!

  15. You look so glam! I love that last pic of you in that great ensemble – the fur vest completes it!! You take a great picture, but you’re also so cute and beautiful on video. Love it!! xoxo

  16. Ambie! Mind if I call you that? What shampoo do you use?? Have any tips for growing my hair longer??

  17. Your beautiful!! Love the outfit!!! And thes shoes are so adorable!!
    -Dareon ✨

  18. Love the look! I’m not usually a big fan of fur vests but it works so well with the look. You are not a wuss at all. It is totally reasonable to not go outside when it is that cold!!! You look beautiful as always!

  19. I really love your outfits and your blog, but why do you have to wear real fur? 🙁

  20. I love that outfit! you can style my outfits any day! (lol) I hope you and your family are having a great time in Mexico! I still am really jealous you get to enjoy some warm weather! Can’t wait to see pictures and I hope you will do a Vlog 🙂 Have a wonderful fun filled weekend !:)

  21. Love this Boho look with a glam! And I watched your snap chat in mexico, Atticus running is the cutest thing haha. I was like heart eyes so cute!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  22. Hello, this is a really cute post! I am taking a class in school, and we are talking all about money and what our future life will cost, and I immediately thought of you and your family’s life and travels. I am sorry to ask about money, but I was wondering how you afford all of your vacations and how much money you set aside for them? I would LOVE to travel, and your traveling life is a HUGE inspiration! Thank you for your time! Ps: I LOVE watching all of your adorable family’s adventures????

    1. Pretty sure they get paid to go on these vacations (by the places they stay at). Just watch for her first vacation post to see if she links the place they stay, and if she talks it up a ton. You’ll know.

  23. Stop! This is way too cute you look fab. So nice that you can get out and do these things and leave the kiddos for a bit. Love love love.

  24. Haha the things we will do for a photo 😉 I have once gotten into an ice melt river when the sun was only up for a bit to get pretty photos, haha! Love the outfit and the video was adorable 🙂

  25. Ahaaaaa!!! That is too funny going outside dressed like summer!!!! I know right what is up with that!!! ???? Lol!!! Another gorgeous shoot!!! Absolutely stunning! You certainly rock everything that you wear!!! Just beautiful!!!! ???????????????? xoxo

  26. Hi Pretty Girl! Did you ever do a camera equipment/photography post? I remember last year you mentioned it several times – I hope I didn’t miss it! I would love to know the equipment you use, and some of the editing techniques you recommend. Thank you! Love your blog SO much 🙂 XOXO

  27. You are the cutest person alive! Such an inspiration! ☺️ Love you lots!!! Totally in love with this outfit!

  28. Beyond obsessed with your style! What camera do you use, your photo quality is amazing!