Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYCBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup at Sheep's Meadow in NYC

DRESS: Sea (on sale!) / CARDIGAN: J. Crew / SANDALS: Cornetti (blue version here) / HANDBAG: Prada / SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker / ROSIE’S DRESS: Belle Enfant

It is officially summer in New York City and it is just as dreamy as ever! Sheep’s Meadow is probably my favorite spot in the city. I love how busy it is and that everyone is out on the lawn throwing birthday parties, laying out, taking naps, having picnics, doing yoga, hanging out with friends.. etc. Everyone is doing their own thing and as cheesy as it sounds everyone is so happy! You can’t NOT be happy with that view, in New York City, in the summertime. I could bring a blanket and toys for Atticus and spend all day there. Atticus was running around playing with his ball with David while me and Rosie watched them on the blanket. Rosie took a bit longer to be expressive than Atticus did.. Atticus was cracking up at around 3 months old and everyone would note how soon that is to be belly laughing ha. But Rosie was a lot more reserved than he was and is just now becoming super social. She will now smile and giggle at anyone who looks her way and it is just the sweetest. She is so so fun to play with and has this tenderness about her that I just eat up. I also really love how intuitive she is. If Rosie sees someone is upset, for example if Atticus is throwing a tantrum, she gets very sad and distraught. The other week something happened where I was like “dangit!” and she looked at me with her sad lip and started crying – it was so sad!!!! It makes me much more aware of my emotions around her which I am so happy about because I don’t want our kids to see us sad (or at least not very often!).


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  1. I have always enjoyed your blog and have never commented on your stuff. I always recommend my friends to check you out on Instagram to get inspiration! Thank you for always bringing such beauty into everyday things–through clothes, beauty products, and your kiddos. Truly a joy to to see your creativity! Thank you!!!

  2. Where did you find the white maternity bathing suit w/the large black leaf design on front?

  3. Hello… First of all I wanna to say thank you. You inspire me. I have a baby. And I don’t understand how you catch everything… I think you have many tips for young moms…????can you make a video about it if you can’t reply me?

    1. Hi love!! Thank you so much!! That is too kind of you 🙂 I will definitely keep this idea in mind for an upcoming post!! xo

      1. thanks for your answer…I’m so glad that you read my comment)… your videos and pictures give me the ideas how to beautify my life… ❤

  4. what an awesome dress Amber!! so cute.. Im coming to New york in a couple of weeks we should meet up! I would love to meet you and talk blog stuff!!

    1. Thank you so much!! Glad you liked it 🙂 And ahh I would love to, however, our schedule is always so busy and unpredictable, I don’t typically do individual meet ups. I hope you understand and have an amazing trip!! xo

    1. It really is!! The view is my favorite 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

  5. I love your Vlogs and other YouTube videos! You are so sweet and have such a lovely family. Since all your videos and pictures end up looking finominal, what camera do you use to make your Vlogs and for taking pictures. Thanks! Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate that so much 🙂 And our Canon G7X is our go-to for vlogging. For taking photos and other video footage we use a Canon 5d Mark iii. I hope that helps!!

  6. What a beautiful summer day out. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is the sweetest post! Rosie is getting to look SO much like Atticus! And her smiles are just the sweetest 🙂

  8. Beautiful summertime family pictures! Xx and you all look lovely ….

    Keep Calm & Start Writing

  9. WOW!!!! You and your darling beautiful children are just perfect!!! Sheep’s Meadow is just absolutely beautiful in the summer/spring time!!! Love it!!!! Love the post! I don’t comment on what others say but why do people have to comment such negative things??? I just don’t understand!!! You and David are by far the best parents ever!!!! Love ya!!!!! xoxoxox

  10. I need that pineapple dress in my life! Its so gosh darn adorable! I love how modest and classy your style is! You’re the definition of the perfect mom!

  11. Hey Amber!!! I was wondering if you could do a post with tips on moving to New York and the easiest transition!

  12. Hi Amber! This isn’t related to this post but I was watching your snapchat Q&A the other day and I was just wondering how we ask you questions. Is it on here, snapchat, Instagram or twitter? Just wondering for the next one 🙂

  13. Love this! The photo of Atticus looking in your purse cracked me up haha! 🙂

  14. Amber, I love your photos & family! I enjoy reading about it!! Thanks for always sharing.

    I have a question; what email plugin sends out your “new post” emails?

  15. How lovely to see you and your children enjoying the park! One parenting question: I’m curious about the fact that Atticus still drinks from a bottle, rather than a glass or sippy cup. Would you mind sharing how & why you came to this decision? I’ve read that the AAP recommends getting rid of the bottle at 1 year, but given that I look to you for inspiration in parenting as well as fashion & beauty, I’d value your advice on this — I bet lots of other moms would, too! Thank you!

    1. Aww thanks!!! He ONLY drinks from a bottle at night. That bottle had Rosie’s milk in it – she uses the same bottle and Atticus was just playing with it in his mouth 🙂 Atticus drinks from regular cups or water bottles during the day! He loves water so he drinks like a camel during the day!

  16. Such a cute dress! You’re tall too, so I bet you understand the struggle of finding long, cute dresses haha. Its very hard to come by!! Do you know of any shops in particular that carry cute items for tall people? I have only seemed to be able to find co panies that sell long pants, but not dresses 🙁

  17. Omg I knew Rosie had it all figure it out! Hahaha
    I was watching you QnA on snapchat And I am having the same speech problem with my 15 moths old.
    And I was told that very active kids prefer to comunicante trough actionsand movement instead ofwords. My kid also sleeps a lot And takes the longest naps.
    I know all the rude comments And nasty looks. I understand!

  18. Such a cute summertime outfit. Perfect for a nice day at the park! Xoxox

  19. My little girl took forever to smile and laugh too so I am interested to see how my son is. He is only 3 weeks, so I guess we will see. 🙂 These pictures are so cute and I love your dress.

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  20. love love love the pineapple print! You look so summery and beautiful!!!

  21. Aww I love what you wrote about the kids! Rosie seems like such a sweet little girl, getting sad when her momma is sad!

    And I just love that pineapple print dress 🙂


  22. Love these photos. You and the kids look so cute and happy. :)))

  23. Rosie is getting so big, she’s so cute!! Love the outfit <3

  24. Amber,
    Surely you’re aware that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends phasing out bottles by 12 months — especially mid-day bottles. Given Atticus’ speech challenges, I would think you’d want to do everything in your power to help him reach other age-appropriate milestones. Do any of his 2-year-old friends still drink from bottles, rather than sippy cups? You appear to be an incredibly loving parent, and if for some reason you’ve made a conscious decision to allow Atticus to keep his bottle, I’m sure your readers would be interested to hear about your rationale for doing so. Short of that, it appears you are inappropriately infantilizing your son, who is no longer a baby, but a full-fledged toddler. Good luck — it won’t be easy. but it will be worth it!

    1. It might be easy to see one photo on someone’s blog and think you know everything about their parenting however you are so very wrong. Rosie likes to use A’s bottle during the days because its skinnier and she can hold it herself. The Natursutten nipples also have been so easy for her to latch on. SO. That bottle that Atticus is playing with in his mouth has Rosie’s milk in it. He wasn’t drinking it, he was just playing with it. He never liked sippy cups much and just uses regular plastic cups at home and drinks from water bottles on the go. And yes, I AM doing everything in my power to encourage and help him to talk.

    2. I get the need to be correct, informative and helpful with information. I’m a lawyer, so I love pointing out credible sources/research. That being said, I think saying a parent is “inappropriately infantilizing” their child based on a few photos and facts is inappropriate. A high percentage of highly intelligent adults had delayed speech and development as children. I drank from a bottle until age 4 and went on to graduate with honors from a top law school 20 years later…. Even if Atticus loves drinking from bottles (which she has clarified he doesn’t), what would that matter to you?

  25. Oh my goodness, Rosie has the most tender empathetic heart <3 What a darling. I love seeing the pictures of Atticus playing with Rosie, they are just adorable loving siblings. Love your pineapple dress and the whole look! Perfect for a family day in the park 🙂 xoxo

  26. I grew up with a mom that cried all the time, don’t highly recommend that. HOWEVER the best thing my mom ever taught me was to embrace my sadness. It is nothing to fear, as sadness is a natural part of life. You can’t feel true joy if you never feel sad, just ask Pixar 🙂 xx

  27. This pineapple dress is the cutest! Especially with your bright yellow sweater! And so cute to hear how Rosie feels for people already <3

  28. Love your pineapple dress!! I’m visiting NYC for the weekend with my fiancé! Hoping to run into you either on purpose or accident! 🙂

  29. So beautiful. You are such a good mama. It’s really inspiring. ????????????

  30. I love the vibe in NYC when the weather gets better and everyone hits Central Park and lays out and have a picnic. I love these pictures of you and the kids.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  31. I love this new post. All of you look so happy and sweet. I definitely need to see this place if I come to NY city. Have a great day. <3

  32. Oh my gosh that dress is SO cute! I’ve been pineapple obsessed lately (new top, new planner – all with pineapples on them!) and this dress is just perfect! Looks like y’all are having the best time…one of my favorite things about NYC was right when summer came in and we all headed to SM for sun and picnics!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  33. can we talk about that pineapple dress?! so so perfect for summer. heading to hawaii this weekend and might just need to pick it up 🙂 looks like you all had a fun day!

  34. Aw Rosy and Atticus are just so sweet. I love the pineapple dress too! I posted a pineapple dress to my blog ( ) a few months ago when we were visiting the Cayman Islands. I don’t know why but before we left I just really felt like I needed a pineapple dress…haha so I got one. My husbnad got matching pineapple shorts and we were those nerdy tropical tourists but I loved it.

  35. You are all matching with pieces of yellow ! Love it 🙂 xoxo from London !