Barefoot Blonde Amber shark dive in OahuBarefoot Blonde Amber getting in water at shark diveBarefoot Blonde Amber with a sharkBarefoot Blonde diving with sharksBarefoot Blonde One Ocean DivingBarefoot Blonde David filming sharksBarefoot Blonde Amber at shark diveBarefoot Blonde David getting in water at shark diveBarefoot Blonde Amber shark divingBarefoot Blonde Amber at shark diveBarefoot Blonde David diving with sharksAmber diving with sharksBarefoot Blonde Amber at shark diveBarefoot Blonde Amber and David at shark diveBarefoot Blonde One Ocean Diving

WETSUIT: O’Neill (wouldn’t recommend it since after one wear its already peeling in some spots! Linked to some cute wetsuits above) / STRIPED SWEATER: Free People (available in 4 colors – they are all so cute!)

Holy cow I swam with sharks! Everyone kept saying once you got in the water it is so relaxing and calming and I was like uh… not for me haha I was shaking the whole time. But it was so beautiful I definitely didn’t realize that you could swim so freely with sharks like that outside of a cage. Once our boat was getting close you could see the sharks in the water coming to the boat. That was so freaky because I hadn’t ever seen a shark in the wild like that before! I was really glad that Amber, Andrea, and Paige were there because I probably wouldn’t have gotten in if they weren’t holding my hands in there ha! I learned so much from our guide, Juan with One Ocean Diving. Not just about sharks but also about their relationship with humans and how important research and conservation is. It was definitely eye opening and I really want to go again.

Oh and we also saw huge whales jumping out of the water on our way over!! It is now whale watching season and I am so excited to see more of that. So amazing to watch!

Hope you all have a great week!

Photos taken by: Amber Mozo and Mark Lee

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  1. WHOA. Just whoa! The water is such a deep, dark blue with such vast emptiness. I can’t believe you collected enough confidence to hop in! Thanks for sharing the great photos!


  2. You’re so lucky !!! I loveeeee sharks 🙂
    Your photos are amazing, as always!

  3. Did you use underwater housing for these photos?! They are INCREDIBLE
    It’s so sad how many sharks are dying and the effect it’s having on ocean life!!! So cool that you got experience that!!

  4. I came to your blog after searching maternity swimwear bc I will be pregnant all summer! You are ADORABLE! Can you tell me where you got all of your swimwear? One I saw was the white one piece with some black at the top. I hope I can make pregnancy swimwear look as good! ?

  5. Hi Amber! I love your blog and expect all this post! I just got a wetsuit just like yours, different brand and I was wondering what you wear under it? a one piece? bikini? thanks!!

  6. OH my goodness, you guys did it. Way tooooo adventurist for me. LOL As I scrolled down each picture was as amazing and scary as the next. Did any get close to you guys?

    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

  7. Amazing a beautiful! Our little fam moves around a lot and this summer we’re thinking about going to Hawaii for 3 months! Did you choose to Air BNB or to use another vacation site? Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  8. you guys are the best I love to look at your pictures I hope some day I will be able to meet ya love u lots!!!

  9. Oh my these pictures are so so so amazing!!! Looks so cool, definitely one for my bucket list!

  10. Beautiful photos! There’s something so tranquil about underwater shots even though I feel anything but tranquil when I’m under water!

  11. Amazing!!!! You look stellar in that suit too! Loving all your Hawaii pics Babe! Xx

  12. I love these pictures, I am absolutely terrified of sharks and kind of just being in the middle of the ocean but there is definitely a part of me that wants to go diving one day! I love your wetsuit, it does suck about the quality though :/
    xxxxxxx Isobel

  13. Oh my goodnessss ! I am so jealous, I have a weird obsession with Sharks, they are my favourite animal by far, and shark week is my favourite week of course ! Thats awesome that you got in though even though you were scared, good job girl ! I hope you had fun, I definitely hope I get to do that someday !


  14. I just love your blog! I live vicariously through you haha. All of your photos are so beautiful, I hate to ask this because i’m sure you get it all the time but what camera/Lens do you use? I just had a baby and have been looking for a really nice camera, since they are so expensive it would be nice knowing I’m making a good choice:)

  15. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this post. I assumed you were in a cage. This is one of those things I like to think I would be sooooo down for, but I’m sure right before I would be terrified!!! It must have been so scary. You go girl for getting in there!! xo

  16. This looks so fun! I think I would be too scared to go swimming with sharks but I’m definitely thinking about it if only for those cute wetsuits!


  17. I can’t believe you got to swim with sharks, so stinkin’ cool! What island did you do this on? I’m going to Kauai in May and I would absolutely love to experience this!

  18. Amazing photos… if not a little scary!!!! Haha, such a mystery what’s lurking under there! You look beautiful as always though!

  19. Amazing photos! Scuba diving is one of my favorite vacation experiences.. I would LOVE to swim with sharks!

    Kim .. get the best dressed globes looks for everyday!

  20. Not sure if I could’ve done it! Even though I grew up by an ocean, it still freaks me out from time to time. But seeing the whales are awesome! You know they’re big from pictures, but you don’t really understand how huge and magnificent they are until you see one in person!

    xo, Sofia

  21. This looks amazing!! I’ve always wanted to swim with sharks! Great whites are my favorite animal! That’s so cool that you and David did this… ?

  22. Wow! What a cool experience, I would love to do this one day! I like the fact that the sharks are free in the ocean and not caged in like the dolphins that you can swim with at some resorts. I heard they do terrible things to them 🙁 And I totally love all the underwater pics! What kind of camera equipment do you use for those??


  23. Looks like so much fun!! Definitely a bucket list item for me:) would you be able to link the black bathing suit?

  24. Ah this looks just incredible! I honestly don’t know if I’d be confident enough to do this, so much respect to you! Looks like an adventure.

    xx Julia

  25. So incredible! I’m dying to swim with dolphins, but sharks intimidate me a little bit! I would definitely need a hand to hold to jump in for the first time. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience, though!

    Love seeing all your Hawaiian adventures!

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

  26. Aw, it’s too bad the wetsuit is already peeling because it’s so cute!


  27. I’d be so freaked out to swim with sharks too! Ah! + These pics are amazing! ?