Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde DRESS: Alice + Olivia // HAT: J. Crew // BAG: YSL via Fashionphile c/o // WATCH: Kate Spade

Photos by Jessa Kae Photography

I stocked up on some spring/summer pieces during the Shopbop sale and this dress was one of them! I can tell it will be a favorite of mine this summer and I am excited to wear it post baby 🙂 its getting kind of hard to dress this bump!

Hope you guys all had a good weekend! We had the best weekend in Vegas, it was soo nice to get away. So let me just tell you how rotten my dog was being the day before we left. I have been trying to get better at cooking so I started doing a weekly meal plan and cooking dinner every night which is a big deal for me because I am not really a good cook…. so one day I spend forever making these raspberry sticky buns from scratch for dessert… I know it shouldn’t have taken as long as it took me but I have to literally read directions a million times otherwise I mess it up so it took me forever. So I make them and we have dinner and save them for after the gym. David and I get back from the gym and see the foil that was on them on the ground…. so we go over and look and Chauncey had gotten up on the table somehow and devoured every last one! I was so sad. Which probably sounds ridiculous but I am sensitive when it comes to my cooking you guys! Haha so anyways, I get over that because who can resist puppy dog eyes, and we go to bed. Then in the morning I wake up (David had left a couple hours ago for work, I like to sleep in 🙂 ) and I go out to the family room to see our dog EATING my brand new, not even tried on yet, Loeffler Randall sandals. Instant tears came and I was so sad because I hate when dumb things like that happen with money and its just wasted for no reason.. and those were expensive shoes that I truly wasn’t even planning on keeping since I had buyers remorse. So needless to day that was not a good day for me. It was also followed by David and I going to Cafe Rio and I wore this dress.. beforehand I thought, “I always spill, maybe I should change.” And I didn’t because I told myself I would be really careful with my new dress. Well, I had just done a spray tan and spill my water cup on my lap…. and in case you didn’t know, water + spray tan = red clothes. Like bright red. Luckily, it came out or else I really wouldn’t have been too happy haha 🙂

Hope you all have a good Monday!!! xoxo

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  1. ADORABLE you are!!!!! Love this outfit paired with the ball cap!!! Girl, I surely hope you have had a better week, I could only imagine how sad you were over Chauncey eating those expensive sandals, and when being pregnant wanting something as delish as those sticky buns had to be, surely I know the tears were flowing, poor you! Better things must be ahead for you girlie, xo

  2. Dogs are such bandits sometimes! Mine misbehaves daily! But yet they are still so loveable right?! And love this outfit- casual but yet so flawless!


  3. OH NO!!!!! I feel your pain. My golden retriever ate my brand new UGGS that I bought when he was a year old. I thought the puppy chewing days were over but apparently not. I also left my pizza that I made myself (crust and everything) put it down to go to the washroom and by the time I got back, my dog ate every last piece. My heart broke!!! I hope you have a better rest of the week 🙁

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  4. I love this casual look on you! Can I ask what size you bought in the dress? Thinking of ordering it too! Xo

  5. oh no!! sorry about the series of unfortunate events but i hope that this monday treated you much better!

    glad you had such a great time in vegas, you deserved it mama!!

    xo mk

  6. Oh, Amber! Reading this reminded me of how you used to talk about your life on your blog! I miss those days! I’ve found you to be funny and relatable when you discussed your life on your blog.

    Now. Chauncey. Girrrrrrl! This is one MAJOR reason why I do NOT have pets. AHHHH! They are cute, but then situations like the sticky buns and sandals come up, and I just CANNOT deal.

    Oh! Meal planning! Have you checked out eMeals? That’s what I’ve been using since January and my husband and I love it. You can choose from a variety of plans (low carb, low calorie, Paleo, Mediterranean, etc.) and the plans are emailed to you every Wednesday. Check out if you’re interested!

  7. I thought I was the only one that read the recipe like a million times while making it! Sorry about your shoes, and your dress is adorable!

  8. Where do you get your spray tans at? Can’t find a good place that I’m happy with results…I’m also here in Utah.

  9. Sometimes you need rough days to appreciate the good ones that much more 🙂

    && you are the most adorable mom-to-be I’ve ever seen, I love that you have maintained your style throughout your pregnancy!


    1. Exactly! So true! It definitely made our weekend feel that much better! And thanks so much you are so sweet 🙂

  10. I feel your pain when it comes to cooking. It can be so hard! I literally just read the best ever book though that actually made me feel more confident (and I actually learned some stuff) called Kitchen Counter Cooking School ( that I literally read in 3 days nonstop because it was soo good!!

    That stinks about your shoes also!! I totally get it because I have a dog who literally snagged and ate a pair of brand new prescription Oakley sunglasses that were still in their case and managed to crunch them (500$ down the drain)…

    – Niamh

    1. Okay I am totally going to check out that book! I have always wanted to be a good cook and have dinner made every night for my family but I am seriously a work in progress! I found this blog though that has 82 weeks of meal plans and she includes the shopping lists as well so it has made it easy!

      And ahhh sorry about the Oakleys.. dogs really know how to eat money don’t they?! Makes me feel so sick when he does stuff like that!

  11. My dog once ate 16 homemade frosted sticky buns… I didn’t even get to try one. I was devastated. It’s so awful when you spend all this time baking…and I’m not a frequent baker. Good things dogs are the best snuggles in the world or else it would be hard to forgive them.

    1. Ugh isn’t it the worst?! I honestly cried haha and then he had the WORST gas the next day as if to remind me of his wrong doings! Haha but yeah good thing dogs are the cutest and give the best cuddles!

    1. Aw thank you!!! Seriously that means a lot because it gets hard to dress this bump! 🙂

    1. Yeah dogs just love shoes don’t they?! Thanks girl you’re so sweet!

    1. Right?! It made the sticky buns seem like nothin! Haha but thanks so much girl!!