It is Tuesday already!!! Ah. I am so mixed up on my days this week I don’t know why. David left town yesterday and will be gone fishing all week in Alaska! He went with my dad, brother, and bro in laws. So just me and the kiddies this week! Kinda excited because my sisters and I just wanna have sleepovers all week haha 🙂 I might take the kids on a mini road trip to the mountains too. Atticus won some points tonight when I was editing photos and he kept kissing my face on the computer screen and tickling my back — that boy knows how to shmoooze it up 😉

The other day for a Barefoot Blonde Hair photo shoot we got popsicles and this is what I wore! My sister married into this awesome family and a couple of the boys and one of their wives started this fun popsicle truck and they make homemade pops. They are freaking delicioussss. You have to try the watermelon one if you are in az! But they are all really good I can never pick a favorite.

I am still going strong with my BFB Hair challenge and I have only curled my hair I think 2 times all summer long! A few people were confused when they saw my hair curled the other day but I did say in the original post that if you have to use heat then limit it to once a week at most. There have been a couple times I needed to curl it for work and I am sure some of you are the same or maybe you have a wedding or something. Just use low heat and then try to go at least a whole week before using it again. In these photos I just got my hair a little wet and scrunched it with mousse. I can already tell such a big difference in my hair from no heat and I love it. And I am still wearing my extensions but I cut them to the length of my real hair. My hair on its own is so thin so you can basically always assume I am wearing extensions. Lately I have been tying different scarves around top knots or half up styles like this – it is so fun and completely changes the look.

Hope you have a good day!!!

*Photos by Lauren J

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    1. Not yet 🙂 we are still going through the building process and we are in a rental right now.

  1. Amber these photos of you are so lovely and natural looking. You’re so effortlessly beautiful. I hope to run into you someday. XO”s Itati

  2. This t-shirt is so cute!
    I’m quite new to your blog but you seriously just make me want to be your best friend. Your personality seems to shine through on your blog posts and you have such kind eyes!

    – Rebecca | Sincerely Rebecca ♥

    1. Wow thank you so much Rebecca!! This is the sweetest comment. I am so glad you are following along!! xo

    1. It is a multiblam you can use on your lips and cheeks by Pixi beauty in the shade ‘Wild Rose’, I love it!!

  3. Cute shirt – hope it helps you practice self love!!

    It looks really refreshing. Also I like the pics of the kids on Instagram hugging eachother. I wish my sister and I had been that loving!

    -Rachel (Nordstrom picks for petites)

  4. I love love love the pictures of this post! You look so stunning with this lipstick and your hair up 🙂
    Also I love the light in the pictures so much!
    The self love tee is super cute and I also love this fit of your pants!
    I am very exited to see some pictures of your sleepovers and maybe of your roadtrip to the mountains 🙂

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

    1. Thanks so much!! And yes! They’re amazing! I agree, I will take anything cold in this heat haha

  5. You look so stunning in those photos Amber! I love the scarf in your hair, you totally suit that style! Love the self love tee too, so cute

    Sarah Lilly || The Lilly Mint Blog

  6. I’ve recently been checking out other beauty people, but I can’t replace you- you are my go to because you always look so good and still natural! What lipstick is this? And can you please do more makeup posts where you go through your routine and what you use?

    1. That means so much to me! Thank you for the love and support!!! And it is a multiblam you can use on your lips and cheeks by Pixi beauty in the shade ‘Wild Rose’, I’m obsessed!!

  7. Lovin’ that self love tee! And that scarf in your hair is so fun. I just bought a new scarf and am soooooo going to try this look tomorrow.
    Also…I have a confession to make…I totally fell off the BFB Hair Challenge band-wagon and need to get back on. Any tips on getting my hair to grow? I have such fine hair and it never seems to grow fast or past my shoulders! Is it because im not trimming enough? Eating the right foods? Any tips would be great!

    Thanks Girl!

  8. Just curious if you get your extensions wet and scrunch them as well? Do you use any product in them to get them to scrunch like sea salt spray or texture spray? I’m with you and the no heat summer just struggling to incorporate my Barefoot Hair extensions.

  9. Amber, this look is amazinggg. I love everything especially the makeup and the cute scarf top knot xx Have you ever looked into mirror and think to yourself “Oh Im so pretty?” haha because you are beautiful. I love it xo Hyn

    1. Thank you so much!! I am glad you like the look! And oh my gosh haha no way! You’re too kind 🙂

  10. You are so cute! Your hair looks amazing. I wish I could do this challenge, but when I don’t do anything to my hair, it looks absolutely crazy!

    Have an awesome day! 🙂

    1. Aww thanks love!! It has been challenging at times to think of ideas but I’m staying strong 😉

  11. You are so sweet. I don’t know you but I’ve been following your blog for awhile. You are warm, encouraging, and genuine. I love your creativity and authenticity. Plus your style is magnificent. Thank you for sharing and doing what you do!

    1. That is so nice of you to say! Thank you so much! I really appreciate that 🙂 Thanks for following along! xo

  12. I love your hair like this! It’s one of my own favorite go to styles. I need to try it with a scarf tho- looks so cute! Hope you have fun with your sissies and kiddos! In sure they love having you all to themselves!!
    Courtney ||

    1. Thanks Courtney!! You’re too nice 🙂 It will be fun having extra time with them for sure!

    1. It is a multiblam you can use on your lips and cheeks by Pixi beauty in the shade ‘Wild Rose’ 🙂 It it so good!

  13. I have super straight thin hair which seems similar to how you describe your hair and I was wondering if you have tried any foam rollers or other no heat options for curls? I am looking for something because heat doesn’t seem to keep curls in my hair. I’ve researched a few option but don’t really know what’s best and I don’t want to buy a bunch of things and found out they don’t work on my hair. Love your blog and insight!

  14. Such a cute outfit!! How do you take all of your pictures?!

    1. Thanks Ashley!! And most of the time David takes my photos but sometimes I work with local photographers like this post 🙂

  15. Love this shirt 🙂 You look so cute!

    Briana |

  16. Love the cute bandana in your hair! I’ve been wearing mine all summer 🙂 A popsicle truck business sounds pretty cool especially in Arizona!!

    Simply Lovebirds

  17. I’d like that shirt if it said Self Respect. 😉 I’m loving the no heat challenge!! My hair feels sooooo soft.

  18. Girl I don’t know how you got without heat. I have to straighten my hair everyday. It’s a bad habit

    1. It has been hard for sure!! I have to get real creative haha 🙂

  19. This was a really cute update! Enjoy time with your sister this week. I too am so confused with the days. Yesterday felt like a holiday for some reason. Thanks for sharing this cute pick and that shirt is unbelievably adorable. Xo, Ellese


  20. You’re simply the cutest human ever! Love this and you!

  21. Amber, you always look beautiful, but there’s something about these photos that makes you look just dazzling! Your eyes, your scarf, and your lip color just make for a gorgeous combination! Loved this post. 🙂

    1. Oh yay! Go you!!! It makes such a difference! My hair gets damaged easily too if I use too much heat so I am definitely embracing the no heat looks lately 🙂

    1. Aww thanks so much for the nice comment! You made my night 🙂

  22. You are seriously so beautiful I could freaking cry. You are perf. + Those popsicles look amazinggg! 😍😍

  23. LOVE your hair like that! Making a mental note for when I have long hair again 🙂

  24. oh my gosh these pictures (especially the first one) is absolutely beautiful! you look amazing

  25. Love your hair challenge! I’m definitely noticing a difference from less heat! Your half up with a scarf is so cute!! Have fun with the hubby this week. My husband travels a lot but I find it does give the kids and myself special bonding time.
    xx Tammy

  26. Still doing the hair challenge. I had a wedding to go to at the start of July so I braided my hair to get some natural waves, then once it was dry just went in with a curling iron and only curled various pieces here and there to give it texture. Ended up looking really nice so I may do that again once the challenge is over.

  27. I cut my thick, curly hair into a long bob recently, and although I miss the weight of my longer hair – I am totally obsessed with how fluffy and wild it is these days. I have even stopped wearing so much make up because I feel all boho and wildchild! Totally digging the mousse vibe, very 80’s of us 😉