TOP: J. Crew (got it off thredup but similar one here!) / SKIRT: J. Crew c/o

These are from a day we spent at Kualoa Ranch doing their Secret Island tour. I lovvve going there — so far we have done the horse back riding, the ATVing, and the Secret Island! It is one of the most beautiful spots on Oahu in my opinion! We played with the horses and then took the boat over and had a picnic on the dock. After our picnic we played volleyball, went kayaking, and got yummy smoothies. I really love both of these girls and loved getting to hang with them so much during our last weeks in Hawaii. The last 2 weeks we spent there were hands down some of the funnest weeks of my life!!!

I am watching Bachelorette in the background right now – what do you guys think of the guys? I think she has some good ones but really haven’t paid much attention while watching haha. I did think the Ellen Show part was so funny. We are also watching Better Call Saul and Bloodline!!! I have been staying up way too late and seriously paying for it when Rosie wakes up at 4:30 every morning. It is so brutal. I think she may have teeth coming in or something.

Anyways, thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last post – we are excited 🙂 Any of you AZ girls will have to tell me all the good spots – restaurants, splash pads, etc! I haven’t lived here since I was 18 years old — NINE years ago! Crazy. I was also thinking how next year is my high school’s 10 year anniversary and I wonder if they are doing anything for it. I wish we could do a really fancy reunion and all wear ball gowns – basically like a prom re-do haha! Wouldn’t that be so fun?

Have a good day everyone!! xo

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  1. Hi, where did you get the kid’s swimwear. I love the color and simplicity of Rosie’s suit!

  2. So adorable! Love this series with all the babes 🙂 Kualoa is such a beautiful spot!

    Alexis @ Support Your Local

  3. That skirt is so beautiful! You all look like you are having so much fun – those photos of Rosie with the watermelon are just so damn cute. She really is the sweetest! x

    The Lilly Mint Blog

  4. The pictures look soo pretty! I love everything about them <3
    Your hair is so gorgeaus and the blouse and your skirt and Rosie looks so cute eating her watermelon and her smile is so adorable <3 I could cuddle her !! 😀
    Your time in Hawaii seem so perfect and like a big and long vacation 🙂 Hopefully I am able to do something like that on Hawaii as well and really explore the island to the fullest 🙂
    A prom re-do sounds so funny! You should try to organize that! 🙂

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  5. I live in Tempe area but I’ve lived so many places in AZ. My favorite is Gilbert but my Fiancé has no interest over there haha he likes it more towards the city. We love going to the melting pot restaurant,the pollack theater is a cheap movie theater and so adorable, also the children’s museums are pretty great all over AZ, Sedona is a great day trip it’s beautiful and outdoorsy fun, Bahamas Bucks has good Hawaiian shaved ice, and my final favorite;Out of Africa which is a safari experience and super kid friendly would highly recommend it. Really there’s so much. Hope you enjoy it here!:)

  6. Thanks for sharing this with us! So, for your high school reunion the people in charge of putting it together include the class president and others in the student council. You can try finding out more by searching your schools social media pages. A lot of times you’ll find pages related to your 10 year reunion and they even take opinions on where it should be held and what type of feel you’d like it to be. You could pitch your idea!

  7. This season of the Bachelorette is by far my favorite! Rachel makes such good choices and doesn’t put up with any of the men’s bs and drama! Love it. As always, love the photos too.


  8. I don’t live in AZ, but I travel there a lot for work. I love Flower Child, Chelsea’s Kitchen, Yard House, and The Arrogant Butcher. Also, we have True Food and Seasons 52 in Atlanta and both are yummy! Durant’s is really nice and classy for a date night with the hubs. I haven’t been there with the littles so I don’t have many recommendations there. BTW, I adore your J Crew skirt in this post!
    XOXO, Elizabeth

  9. We moved to AZ from California 3 years ago- I had to read through the comments for some ideas😄
    I have tried True Foods and Blanco and wasn’t a fan. Maybe I’ll give True Foods a second chance. Blanco was Tex Mex and I don’t like corn in my rice or beans and that is popular in AZ.
    So far we have liked the Raven in Prescott, Verrado Grille, Yard House, Oregano’s, Creamistry, Urban Cookies, Matt’s Big Breakfast, First Watch restaurant.
    Verrado has a ton of parks in their neighborhood 64 we moved last year to be closer to my husbands job.
    Butterfly Wonderland, Wild Life Zoo, are fun.
    Exploring- Sedona, Tonto’s bridge, Antelope Canyon, Fun hikes but not sure the kids could do it. We have a 6 year old and 17 month old daughters.

  10. I recently took the kids I nanny to Makutu’s Island. It is a really fun jungle gym place! It’s a great place for kids to burn energy while staying out of the heat! The place is literally amazing and seriously so fun even I wanted to play on it!

  11. Looks so so beautiful! I can’t imagine how refreshing and simply amazing it must be to have 6 months with just your family in Hawaii! I would LOVE to see a ‘Hawaii Guide’ post of your recommendations for little ones. My two are about the same age as your two and we would love to take them soon! Congratulations on starting a new chapter in your new home <3

  12. Absolutely beautiful post, that view is stunning. I love Rosie’s skirt is super cute and looks easy to make as a DIY. Also love your reunion idea, could be really fun!

    Monica //

  13. These pictures are stunning!! Especially because its a little overcast! Must have been a nice day…I have yet to go ATVing.

    We actually just got back from a trip to AZ (we live up in Canada) and we LOVED the splash pad at Kierland Commons in Scottsdale. So many sweet babies and True Foods Kitchen being right there was a bonus for an after splash lunch (and a little shopping too)!
    Enjoy being back with family!
    xoxo Andrea

  14. Amber, my son is a week older than Rosie and he is up at 5am every day no matter what time we put him to bed ( usually 7 pm). He also refuses to go back to sleep. 😫 How are you guys handling?

  15. What a beautiful day! I’m actually really glad you asked for the fun spots in AZ because I am AZ born and raised and still find places I’ve never been! I have followed your blog for awhile and think you and your fam are just the cutest! I’m so stoked you’re going to live here! Hopefully I run into you one day! (I’m 27 and sound 16 😂😂)

    Anywho, some of my fave places for food: Angels Trumpet, Pizzeria Bianco, The Liv, Pita Jungle, and anywhere that sells ice cream.
    Places to take my little man: butterfly wonderland, sea life aquarium, Peacock Park (Rose gardens, peacocks, train rides, horseback riding, playgrounds)

  16. Although it is hot, AZ is the best! Maybe I’m a little biased being born & raised here…. 🙂 there is so much to do! And endless splash pads to take your little ones to! Some of the best I would say for sure make your way up to Scottsdale Quarter/Kierland area. Amazing shops, restaurants, and a splash pad! A few places I think you’d love food wise (also very insta-worthy photo spots 😉) are The sugar bowl, Diego Pops, The Henry, Postinos (sooo good), Blanco, Luci’s at the orchard (also great splash pad!), the choices are endless! Agritopia in gilbert and one of the best for last… the farm at south mountain! That place is gorgeous!

    Best of luck with the home building and welcome to AZ! Xo

  17. Gorgeous photos! Where is Rosies skirt from? I’m pregnant with a little girl and am always inspired by her little outfits!

  18. I’ve lived in AZ almost my whole life and have two little girls close to the same age as your kids! We actually went to the same high school (I’m a 2years younger than you though) but we had seminary together for a semester I think… Brother Wessel. Any chance you had Bro. Ritchie or Bro Halverson at Mtn View? They are in my ward/stake now. Small world!

    Anyways, the two best splash pads: Founder’s Park in Queen Creek and then Mesa Riverview on Dobson and the 202. The Splash Pad in Eastmark is decent but not like the other two. Fun Parks to play at: The Orange Monster park in EastMark (for kid climbers) and there is a smaller splash pad by the park there too and Mesa Riverview has a pretty fun splash pad. Hope your move going well!

  19. These pictures are so gorgeous – as usual!!! I love your outfit so much, the skirt is absolutely amazing! Good luck with everything in AZ, I’m glad you guys had such a great time in Hawaii, what a great opportunity!
    xxxxxxx Isobel

  20. Wait omg here is a list of AZ places to visit!! Galicia Jewelers at Scottsdale Quarter (there’s a splashpad out front, right next to Juby True and True Foods), Vida Moulin in Phoenix, Teaspressa, Crackerjax in Scottsdale is super fun for a cheesy date night/kiddo date, Ali & Ariel does cute custom tee’s and is a mermaid themed palace, Arcadia Succulent store, Dig It Urban Garden, BAHAMA BUCKS!, Odyssea Aquarium, Butterfly Wonderland, the Henry, Chestnut, Flowerchild, the list goes on 😉 oh and Garage Toy Shop in Old Town Scottsdale!! Best place in town!

  21. I am so happy you are back in AZ! I am 18 and have lived in Arizona my whole life! I live in Central Phoenix but have a ton of experience with Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Arcadia as well! I would love to give you recommendations on restaurants and just fun things to do!

  22. Ok for The Bachelorette I like Dean and Peter! And also Alex kind of, he’s cute. Love your outfit, the most beautiful person inside and out ever!

  23. I love taking the kids I nanny to the kids club at superstition mall! It’s every Thursday at 10! Also beautiful pictures!!!!

  24. Beautiful pics per usual! That Rosie is Too stinkin’ cute!!! I would gobble her up 24/7 love it!

  25. These photos look like a dream! All of your dresses and skirts are so beautiful. I know how crazy is it to think that we’ve been out of school for almost ten years?! I get up at 4:30 too, so I feel your pain 😉 Have a great weekend! xx

  26. In my opinion Arizona has some very large shoes to fill given all your beautiful Hawaiian experiences, but I am almost certain you and your family will make it beautiful wherever you go. Plus I can’t wait to see how the house is progressing. Best of luck XOXO

  27. I am so happy for your exciting move!! I am sure it feels good to be much closer to home. For our 10 year high school reunion last year, we had dinner/drinks/dancing at a hall in my hometown. It was super fun and awesome to catch up with old friends! My bffs from HS and I all went and accidentally all were in black lace dresses of some form. It was so funny! PS: Thanks so much for being the type of blogger who really takes the time to write back (as much as humanly possible! You are super woman!) to followers. That’s one of the reasons everyone adores you!! It is always a bummer to be following other fashion bloggers for years and never hear back from them with questions/etc. You really make sure to make an effort! It means a lot!

  28. Wow that island is stunning!! Loving the pictures too 🙂 Rosie eating the watermelon is too cute!

  29. So happy that you and your family are settling into life in AZ! I moved here (to Paradise Valley) from NYC 6 years ago. I miss the city life but this is a great place to raise kids. I have discovered lots of great spots in Scottsdale and Phx and would be happy to share them with you!! XX

  30. I love your hair with extensions, but Amber I must say I absolutely ADORE your hair without them too!! Your hair in these photos is BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3 XOXOXO

  31. I lived in AZ for 26 years and we just moved to Dallas! We were in Oro Valley, which is north of Tucson and GORGEOUS. I miss Eegees (watermelon in July), Sauce (try the turkey feta salad), MaMas Pizza, Mod Pizza (you build your own) and the authentic Mexican food. It’s all Tex Mex here! 😩 Anyway, I’m sure we’ll find our favorites here too. Love your posts. Being by family is so much fun. We have family in Dallas, but most are back in AZ. Can’t wait to see the house progess!

    1. Hey! I live in Dallas, and some non Tex mex places you should try are True Foods, Lyfe Kitchen, and Canne Rosso! I love Tex mex, but I know it can get tiresome for some 🙂

      1. Hey, thanks Megan! 👏🏻 That was sweet of you to reply. I’ll try them.

  32. True Food Kitchen! My dad worked in Phoenix for a few years and would take us there any time we went to visit. The food is INCREDIBLE.

    1. I just realized I said almost the exact same thing as Sara…haha! Great minds think alike! 🙂

  33. My 10-year reunion is next year too! So crazy right!? Time is flying by. Can’t wait to see all of your adventures in AZ! Hopefully you guys make it over to Florida soon, would love to meet-up!


  34. That sounds like so much fun! I’m also in the middle of some great shows. One of my friends just got me to start watching the Bachelorette and I have to admit that I think it is veryyy entertaining haha! Even my boyfriend likes it! We also love Better Call Saul and Bloodline.

    – Katie

  35. Arizona!!! You have to try Joyride Tacos, the aesthetic is so real and the tacos are bomb. Another really good place (with kids too!) is La Grande Orange Grocery. So happy to see some Arizona content 🙂

  36. This place looks so amazing and I am loving all the summer fruit!
    I love AZ so much and currently live in Scottsdale. I am obsessed with the Henry for brunch and there have been a few Poke bowl shops popping up recently, serving everything casual Chipotle restaurant style. Not as yummy as Hawaii’s Poke i’m sure, but still a fun taste of the island. <3 So exciting you are coming to AZ again! I tell everyone that it's the best place I have ever lived 🙂

  37. Yes! Reunion with prom dresses!! This place looks gorg & I love your hair! 💕💕

  38. These photos are so cute!! Riverview has an awesome splash pad and huge playground. Also if you get pogo passes they are so fun to do with the kids year round. Also also, Liberty Market and Oregano’s especially, (for their pizookies) might be my favorite restaurants. 🙂