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HAT: Brixton (on sale 50% off!) // JEANS: J Brand // TOP: ASOS (actually a body suit.. and yes you have to pull your boob out of the top to nurse haha) // FLATS: Chanel (similar here) // BELT: B-Low The Belt // LIPSTICK: Stila ‘Carina’

I feel pretty lucky that David works from home because sometimes when Atticus is napping I sneak off and meet up with friends or take Rosie out on the town. He takes 3-4 hour naps (sometimes almost 5 hour naps haha! sleep hard play hard I guess) so its quite a bit of time! That day I took Rosie and we met up with friends for lunch and to see the new sea glass carousel which is absolutely beautiful! It is down at The Battery – and is SO pretty!! You have to go if you are in town visiting. I always love days when I get to hang out with these awesome ladies – they are gems. When I got home Atticus was just waking up and it was time for Rosie’s nap so I put Rosie girl down and took Atticus to the park to again meet up with friends! He climbed all the fences of the park trying to get onto the grass to chase the squirrels haha. He is seriously so close to ACTUALLY climbing over the fence but since he is kind of afraid of heights I dont think he would ever actually go for it.. or maybe he would, who knows. After the park we got a cookie to reward him for being so sweet that entire week and for doing so good in his gym class. He has really been learning a lot from it and its so cute to watch. He picked out this giant m&m cookie and was grinning SO big the entire way home as he held it … but he didn’t take a single bite hahah! Just held onto it for dear life and was so happy about it.

That picture with Rosie and the spit up is literally story of my life! Atticus has spit up once or twice his entire life so I was NOT used to the amount of spit up a baby can produce! Rosie has acid reflux pretty bad and so I constantly have bibs on her now because it is like a fountain ha. I would be lying if I said SO many of my clothes didn’t smell like spit up because if I washed a shirt or jeans every time they got a little on them, I would have no clothes to wear/I am lazy. The other day for date night with a group of friends I put on this dress and it had a little spit up mark on it from the previous week when I had it on for maybe an hour. I asked David, “do you think anyone will notice?” and he said “yes but she is gonna spit up on it again in a few minutes so just pretend it just happened” hahah and I wore it. (she came with us) But man those spit ups are so unpredictable! But luckily it doesn’t phase me in the slightest now.

I think “the days are long and the years are short” is the most true saying I have ever heard when it comes to kids! Some days fly by and I feel like I am flouting on cloud nine and other days feel super long. Often when I put the kids to bed I sit down and dont want to move because I feel like I ran marathons all day ha. If children supplied cities with power, Atticus would have enough energy to keep New York City going all day every day! I absolutely love it more than anything and his energy is 100% contagious and he inspires me in a lot of ways but sometimes it really is exhausting! This last week I started to get a little burnt out and felt like I wasn’t doing as good of a job as I could be so me and David had a little pow wow and figured out things we can do better. We started a new bedtime routine for him that is better for all of us and made some new family rules to make sure we are keeping up with him. It felt nice to have this weekend somewhat off social media and just be lazy and play all day and not worry about work! However I am excited for my spin class tomorrow and for all the things we have planned 🙂 xo

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  1. I love your honesty here!! You are such a great mom and are giving your kids a magical childhood! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  2. Little baby hammocks are great for babies with acid reflux! It keeps their heads elevated, plus when they get fidgety they rock themselves back to sleep 🙂

    Love your little family xoxoxo

  3. My little girl spits up a lot too. And especially on the go there is no place or time to change your clothes or hers. I use Kirkland baby wipes from Costco and it gets everything out even if it’s been there a little while. Even the smell too! I use it for everything. P.s your kids are too adorable ????

    1. Thanks so much for the tip!! We love Costco! And aww thanks so much Mila!! You are so sweet 🙂

  4. Aw Amber, you are so cute and such a great mom! Your days with the kids each while the other naps is so special! I’m sure they love the mommy time! And Atticus with his cookie and that smile is about the cutest thing!!

    xo Angela

    1. Thank you Angela!! That is so nice of you! I love each moment I have with them 🙂

  5. My little babe is 6 months old and she used to spit up a ton. We always had to have bibs around :0. But it got so much better. I remember just going around in the city and saying oh my sorry I think this is spit up. Oh goodness, but it’s all precious at the same time.

    Where is Rosie romper from :).

    1. I am so glad you can relate!! If my outfit doesn’t have spit up on it, it’s a miracle haha!! I know it will eventually go away though 😉 Thanks for the comment!! xo

  6. So beautiful as always, but I am so curious where you get Rosie’s clothes. I adore her little sweaters and hats, and her rompers are super cute too. I’ve been trying to check around on previous posts about where you get her clothes. I’m interested for my 9 month old!

    1. Thank you so much!! I love Zara, Gap Kids, Shop Sweet Threads, Coco Blanc, and Mini Rodini (just to name a few ;)) xoxo

  7. Hahahaha the spit up picture really got me. I have 5 nieces and nephews and I just stopped wearing nice clothes around them because I end either covered in spit up, some kind of food, or dirt. But I love it! So that picture totally spoke to me haha. You guys are just the cutest and Atticus’ smile with that cookie is priceless! Plus, you are totally rocking that red hat 😉 Keep it up mama, you guys are doing such an amazing job with these kiddos!
    xo Athena

    1. Haha seriously!! I pretty much always have comfy clothes on around the house with previous spit up stains on them 😉 Glad you can relate. Thanks for the sweet comment!! You are too nice!

  8. Hi Amber! I am a mexican fan of you! Atticus and Rosie are the most adorable babies!!! Love your blog! ????

  9. Your babies are the cutest! And yes, babies spit up SO much I don’t even know how it’s possible anymore lol but you still manage to look amazing all the time!
    PS: HOW do you get A to sleep a 4-5 hour nap?!?! Is it the only one he has per day?

    1. Thank you Pam!! 🙂 You are too sweet! And yes, that is his only nap. I am so lucky he is such a good sleeper!

  10. These pictures are the cutest I can’t get over them! Rosie and Atticus are getting so big!????

    1. Thanks so much Candice!! So glad you are following along now 🙂

  11. Hi Amber! Love all the pictures! ❤️ I was just wondering what foundation you’re wearing here?

    1. Thanks so much!! And I wear Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation 🙂 it’s my favorite!

  12. Love everything about this post. You are so beautiful inside and out.
    I relate so closely to your post. I have a 1.5 year old daughter who is a great big ball of energy who never stops running and also a 4 month baby girl with horrible reflux. Like you I am always covered in spit up. Most days I’m only wearing sweats because what’s the point of getting spit up on nice clothes. Thank you for inspiring me to get dressed put a pretty lip stick on and just feel beautiful again. It’s so worth the effort. Xoxo!!

    1. Thank you!! I am happy you liked the post 🙂 And no way?! We have twinner babies haha! Thanks for the comment! I loved it!! xo

  13. Love your blog!! Love the stories and the pics! Gorgeous family you have!
    Xoxo Jody

  14. You guys are just inspiring! ! I can tell ffamily is the most important thing for you and you take seriously your job as a mom. And you do it in style.


    1. Thank you so much!! How nice of you to say!! I appreciate that 🙂

  15. Oh goodness mine would spit up like that too! Checkout Tommee Tippee bibs! They have a ribbed neck so they keep the spit from running down her neck, etc. I had so many cute bibs, but a friend gifted us those simply because they were her favorite and WE could totally see why!

  16. That picture of Rosie spitting up all over you is my favorite! hahaha, I’m not sure why, but seeing your big smile and stylish look all covered in spit up just makes me happy. It’s clear that being a mom brings you so much joy!! Also love seeing those pics of Atticus attached to his cookie. That smile. to die for. Both of your babies have the cutest expressive faces, I love it! You are awesome, xoxo

    1. Aww thank you!! You are so sweet!!! I am so glad you liked the post 🙂 Thanks for making my day with your comment! xo

  17. Hi Amber! Even though I am only 15 (and a HUGE fan of your blog!) you are such an inspiration for me when I grow up, I hope someday to be a mom as stylish, easygoing, and fun as you are…and Atticus and Rosie are two of the cutest little ones I’ve ever seen! I hope one day to meet you even though I am on the other side of the country…haha. XO!????

    1. Thank you Emily!! That is so nice to hear 🙂 I am so glad my blog inspires you. Thanks for the sweet comment, I hope to meet you someday too! xo

  18. That red hat is so you Amber. You are just such a joy to watch. It can be tough with 2 little ones at home and both have different needs and sleep behavior- I feel you! I used to go to Spinning every week but my gym closed and my new one does not offer it. I miss it so much! Hugs and Love to you lovely, Sissi

    1. Thank you Sissi!! That is so sweet of you!! I am glad you know what I am talking about with two kiddos 🙂 It is definitely challenging but I love it! And oh darn about your spinning class!! Hopefully you can find something new!!

  19. You are such a great mom! Love that you sat down and talked about what you can do to improve and keep from being burnt out <3 love those sea glass carousels! Soooo cool!

    1. Aww thank you!! You are too nice 🙂 Thanks for making my day!

  20. Wow! That sea glass carousal is amazing! And thanks for including the photo of the spit up. I love that you share the realities of mom life. And where in the world did you find all those gorgeous friends?

  21. This sea glass carousel looks so beautiful! I wish I was near NYC so I could check it out. Maybe next time I’m out that way 🙂

    Love the red hat and red lip btw 🙂


    1. I wish you could too! And thanks so much! Glad you like the look! xo

  22. Hey Amber ; Why do you share video post 🙂 ? I’m waiting and watching with pleasure 🙂 I think you should shoot a video .. Take care 🙂

  23. You look beautiful as always. Just one question: Are you really wearing the Stila Liquid Lipstick in Carina? Because it says that the color Carina is supposed to be a ‘vibrant coral’ color, while your lips look very red matte to me..? Please advise, would love to order the right color, so def. the one you’re wearing in the pics.. 😉 Best wishes from Germany

    1. Thank you so much!! And yes, it is 🙂 It might look different in my photos because of the filter I am using. It is a gorgeous color!! Thanks for reading!! xo

  24. I love that you included the picture of Rosie’s baby spit on your outfit! You always look so glam sometimes I wonder how you do it?! I love seeing that side of your life! 🙂
    Xo, Tara

    1. Oh good glad I am not the only one 😉 And thanks so much!! That’s so sweet of you! xo

  25. I just have my 3rd, who happens to be my first girl and she has reflux as well. I did not experience this with my first two, so boy was I shocked at the amount of vomit a reflux baby produces. To speak as mom to mom, I do the exact same thing with my spit covered clothes. You’d kill yourself trying to wash just to keep up. So know you’re not alone 😉

  26. My favorite photo was of you looking stunning with little Rosie’s spit up! You are so real and beautiful, Amber! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Lots of love from Washington Heights <33

  27. These photos are so fun and the carousel is so gorgeous! I remember this outing on your snapchat and it looked like such a fun and adorable day. Rosie’s little outfit is the sweetest! That knit hat is incredibly adorable.

  28. Oh Amber, don’t worry we all have our ups and downs. Being a mummy and trying to combine it with anything else is hard work as much as we love our little ones. I have days when I am so worn out too. I recently had my 3 little ones for the first week of the Easter break at home in our flat in London and it was exhausting to keep them all happy, entertained, healthily fed etc I am enjoying having my husband with us this week;) However I wouldn’t change anything I have got. I know you feel the same and it’s about focusing on all those tiny little things which are special in our everyday life with the kiddies. It’s nice also to have a supportive hubby and it seems like David is wonderful and having a nice few girlfriends too which you seem to have. I hope Rosie’s reflux improves. No matter what, I love your honesty! Keep your posts coming. Love from England. Julie


  29. This place looks awesome and I love your red hat! I couldn’t agree more that the days are long but the years are short. My little girl is 2 and I am due with my little boy in 6 weeks and I have no idea where the time has gone. You and David seem to be doing an awesome job though and you have the cutest kiddos! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  30. Hey Amber! Thanks for keeping it real when it comes to mama burn out. I really like that about you and your blog/instagram. Because you look like you always have it so together… Makes me feel good to know your kids wipe you out too lol. And you do a really great job of acknowledging tough stuff while staying positive and being thankful. The days really are long and the years are short. It is so true. Xo

  31. Amber- I love this post! It is so true about the days being long and years short! I have a boy Atticus’ age and feel the same way a lot. It helps to put down all the technology and go do fun, carefree activities and focus all your attention on family! Keep it up girl- don’t be too hard on yourself!

    1. Thanks so much Hannah!! So glad you liked it 🙂 And I totally agree with you. it is so important to take that quality time.

  32. wow, giving your dog chocolate and then laughing about it…it’s really not funny amber. You are a great mom to your kids but maybe be a better pet owner… love the blog though

  33. HI Amber,

    love love your blog. My sister is getting married in june and I have tried so many teeth whitening systems with no luck. your teeth are perfect. what do you use to whiten your teeth? or if you could recommend something to me I would really appreciate it.



  34. Your kids are so adorable. I love all of your hair tutorials on YouTube! You explain how to do the different styles in a way that makes them so easy for your viewers to reproduce at home. Please make more! Xoxo

    1. Thank you Emily!! That is so nice of you 🙂 I am so glad you love my tutorials!! xo

  35. Haha look at that little cheeser- ATTICUS!!! sweetest kids ever!!! Such a good mom!! ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Amber. Can I just say I think I am having the worst day of my life? When the notification for the blog popped up I thought “Thank you!!!!!!” I’ll just say when I saw the photo of Atticus and Rosie napping I had a tear in my eye. Love you guys…xo

    1. Aww I am sorry Ehren!! I hope the rest of your week is great 🙂 We are thinking of you!! Thanks for reading this post!! I appreciate it!

  37. So cute! I am heading to NYC from California in a couple weeks to visit my best friend so I’ll have to check the carousel out! Any chance you’ll be doing any meet and greets the weekend of the 22nd?! Also I love your hat ????

    1. Thanks so much Camille!! And yes go check it out! You will love it 🙂 And I wish I was but we will be on a trip that week! Have a great trip!! xo

  38. You’re one of the stylish moms I know regardless a few spit up marks you still rock it! ???? My twin daughters had reflux so I feel your pain they grew out of it.

  39. Hey Amber! love your blog but you should really be careful with giving dog choclate…I know it is only 1 M&M but one day it could be a whole brownie when you aren’t looking and that would just be awfully sad! Again love your blog, just making sure you know dogs can react very badly to chocolate!

    1. Thanks Cindy!! I am aware that dogs can react to chocolate, thanks for tip 🙂

  40. that lip color!! and atticus’ smile in the first picture. killing me. the sweetest.

    1. Thank you Alyssa!! So glad you like the color 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

    1. I remember her posting these pics from a week or two ago on instagram, so these were definitely taken before she cut her hair! 🙂

  41. why did you allow your child to give your dog a cookie with chocolate in it? chocolate can be toxic to dogs.

    1. He picked out the m&m’s – it was a sugar cookie. And I clearly said when no one was looking 😉 kids will be kids! Dog is doin just great.

  42. Hi amber!! Sending lots of love your way, this post is so cute ( along with everything else you write) haha everything about your blog literally keeps me scrolling for hours just reading everything. I wanted to see if I was able to email you with a few blogging questions? I’ve been meaning to ask you some but I wasn’t sure what the best way of contacting you would be?
    Kayla (@kmariecw)

    1. Hi love!! Thank you so much!! I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog! I love hearing that. And you can totally message me on Facebook, email is hard because they often get looked over on accident 🙂 Thanks Kayla!! xo

      1. I absolutely love everything you write! Aw man, I don’t use Facebook 🙁 is there any other way to contact you?

  43. I feel bad for Rosie having acid reflux. The pictures look so great. Love the pictures of your two children, so cute! Love the red lip you had going on. Suits you very well pretty lady 🙂

    1. I know!! 🙁 it’s the worst! And thanks so much!! Glad you like the look! xo

  44. Hi Amber, how do you like your Honest backpack? I’ve been considering it for a while. I would love to get your opinion:)

    1. I love it!! I use it as a diaper bag and it has so much storage. I love all the little pockets and it is great quality.

  45. Your teeth are beautiful!! Do you have any tips for at-home whitening you use?

  46. Oh my gosh that saying about the “the days are long and the years are short” is so true! My little boy is turning 1 next month and I’m just baffled at how it happened so fast and yet those long days (and nights!) seemed endless. But in sure it’s even more exhausting with 2. But you are doing a wonderful job with them! ????

  47. I love this! Also, so funny that you wore a dress that had spit up on it — I would have definitely done the same thing, especially since she would have done it again in a few minutes anyway! So cute!!

    x Sarah

  48. Glad your finding some balance! Can you do a daily routine/schedule post? I would love to see what you’re average day looks like and how you keep up with work, social media, babies and self. I was just talking to my hubs last night about this exact same thing, trying to balance out everything we have going on. Life can get chaotic and sometimes I have to really talk to myself, calm down and distress. Just last night my toddler was saying “Mommy, come play playdoh, get up mommy” but I was to busy working on the computer…I felt so guilty afterwards 🙁


  49. Amber, firts of all, sorry for my english. It’s amazing with two kids the energy you have. You are always perfectly dressed .you are a super woman and I admire you . I read all your post and it’ s really pretty all your photos. Kisses from Argentina

  50. Hi Amber, you have a great family, and you inspire me so much, I love this blog.

  51. Congratulations for being soo famous without cheating your husband or get drogs or horrible things like all “super-stars” makes! You are so modest and kind,and sooo beautiful! Perfect lady,believe me! God bless all your family,you deserve it! Atticus got him entusiast from you,surely!:))
    Have a nice day and keep being the same!
    (English is not my language,hope you understand what I meant) 🙂

  52. That red hat is absolutely perfect! You’re killing it with your mama style. You are so inspiring taking care of two little ones AND running a blog. You and David are such a power couple. I hope you get the rest you deserve! xx

    1. Thank you!! So glad you like it! I always love a pop of color 🙂 And wow thanks so much!! You sure know how to make my day!! xo

  53. Aww beautiful! I am not there with my little one who is going to turn 4 months, but cannot wait for him to turn into a boisterous boy! Us mummy bloggers need to keep showing beautiful posts like this. S x

    1. Thank you Simi!! You are so sweet!! My favorite thing is hearing from other mom bloggers 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Megan!! Wow you are too sweet 🙂 I appreciate it!

  54. Hi Amber! I’ve been following your blog for years (like since your wedding!) and I know that having your life on display sometimes makes it look nearly perfect but I love these posts when you keep it real! Keep doing what you do, I love following along with you and your sweet family!

    1. Thank you so much Alese!! I appreciate the support over the years so much 🙂 You are too sweet!! Love ya! xo

  55. Loved the red lips and red ha combo. Super cute. I totally agree with the saying you wrote. I only have one 2-months-old baby and the days are SO long, but he’s growing up TOO fast. And we are in the same boat with spit ups. My son has to wear bibs all day and all my clothes are cover with milk!! Any advice??

    Carolina |

    1. Thanks so much!! I love what a difference a hat can make 🙂 Glad you like it! And yes exactly!! I hate seeing them get bigger but each new stage is special. I love hearing from other mamas, thanks for the comment!! Oh and I wish I had good advice about those spit ups.. but we also stick to bibs haha!

  56. Ah, I love husbands working from home! Mine does too, and u get so much one-on-one time with each of my three kids because of it! Mine are each a couple years older than yours + one in primary school so they can play independently without a parent, like, beside them while dad gets work done and I do something out in the city with another. Bliss!

    1. I totally agree!! I sure love it! Glad you feel the same 🙂 Thanks for reading Emily!! xo

  57. You are a gem, Amber! Thank you for your daily inspiration. You have seriously helped me with my new, thrilling, and overwhelming venture into mamahood. Love seeing you and your sweet family having fun. Love ya! Xoxox
    PS dying for you to do another day in the life video!

    1. Wow thank you!! That is so nice to hear 🙂 So glad I could be of some help. I love hearing from other mamas!! xo

    1. Yeah luckily he is a great sleeper, he sure needs it for how busy he is haha! Hopefully the napping days don’t end anytime soon 🙂

  58. Lol, kids do seem to have an endless burst of energy , whole day, every day! The spit on clothes… Gotta “love” it when it happens, it’s absolutely inevitable! 😀 Beautiful photos once again! Have a great new week beauty!

    1. Haha seriously!! It’s never ending until nap time comes 😉 And thank you!! So glad you liked the post!! xo

    1. Thanks so much!! I love getting her all dressed up, it’s the best 🙂

  59. The first picture of you and A is soooo adorable! He looks super happy and ready for a fun day with mama. The pic of you and Rosie where she spit up on you is priceless. You gotta roll with the punches haha. Your mommy date looked like a blast!

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

    1. Aww thank you!!! I love that one too 🙂 I love mommy son days! Thanks for reading Lindsey!! xo

  60. Atticus has the sweetest little smile! I loved your nail polish, could you, please, share the brand/color? Thanks!

    1. Aww thank you!! 🙂 And I don’t know that exact color but a similiar one I love is by ESSIE called ‘bikini so teeny’ xo

  61. I love that you have a group of girl friends with children the same ages as yours! I’m moving to Chicago {from SoCal} in June and all I can think about is trying to find a home in an area where I can find mommy friends with kids for my kids. And I know all about getting burnt out… my hubs works in Europe 3 weeks out of the month, so it’s usually just the kids and me. It’s great that you have the help from David and a new routine, yay!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. How exciting for you!! I hope you can find some fun mommy friends in Chicago too 🙂 I am sure you will! And wow! You are a rockstar mom! I should be getting some tips from you!! xo

  62. “The days are long and the years are short” (That seriously gave me chills…) I can totally relate momma. Love how you keep it real on here XO -Kate

      1. I know this a old post but I’m in love with what Atticus is wearing! Is it a jumpsuit? Where did u pick it up? I have a baby around the same age as him and I’m always looking for these cozy snuggle jumpsuits.