today i feel….
100% overwhelmed by money.
happy because i just ate awful waffle
stressed because my room is messy
anxious because i need to go running right now
excited because me and em have a play date
and i feel annoyed for no reason at all. im just a brat today i think…
im trying to turn my brain into positiveness though..
happy thoughts happy thoughts.
seeing deer.
orange blossoms.
snuggle time.
warm sand.
and thats pretty much all.
for today.
hmm that didnt work.
(im still annoyed)
(i will give myself one more hour of sassy brat time)
(starting………………………… now.)
last night me and my roomies dressed up as ghosts. twas an adventure. so fun.
im going on a run now.
seeee ya.

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  1. loved our play date, needs to happen way more often! the ghosts were hilarious, knocking over a whole table of boots at nordies is the best way to end the trip hahahahaha! XO cant wait for the interview to be up 🙂 love you sis!