Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeDRESS // TRIANGLE NECKLACES // WEDGES // BLUE DRESS // SANDALS

David, Atticus and I had the opportunity to go to California again for another catalog shoot with Maurices! It was in Santa Barbara and that was my first time going and I fell in love with it!! It felt soo clean and we stayed right across from the beach and both times we went, we were the only ones there. It was the same photographer and same crew so it was great to see some new friends.  Atticus and David were with me at the shoot so they were able to hang out and captures some behind the scenes photos. Atticus is such a flirt! He was loving all the models and the crew! The weather was perfect for the pieces they gave me to shoot. Not exactly NYC winter attire but it makes me excited for sun dresses and sandals! These pieces as well as their other new spring looks will hit stores May 3rd!  If you don’t get the mailer, you should sign up so you can see me and find these pieces. You can also check out all the pieces I have shot so far here! Hope you’re having a good day!

*Thanks to Maurices for sponsoring this post.


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  1. Hi Amber!

    What size did you wear in the first dress with the striped top?

  2. Atticus in the under foto like a head of department) little boss) dont enough bow tie)

  3. I just wanted to say what a beautiful, “full of life” woman you seem to be. I am certainly a much older than you follower, but I started reading your blog for your amazing hair designs (braids). I had grown out my hair for a friends daughter to donate and needed something to keep it out of my face when I worked. Your ideas and tutorials helped me so much. After I cut it for her in October .I had already gotten so used to reading your blog everyday that I have continued. Thank you for inspiring so many women with your glamorous yet down to earth take on life… it’s an inspiration to more people then you realize. Plus it’s fun to recognize some of the NY scenery in your photos:)

    1. Thank you so much for this Julie!! I am so glad you are following along now!! And wow, donating your hair? How amazing of you!! You sound like the inspiring one!!! Your words were so nice and thoughtful!!! I appreciate it so much!! xo

  4. Hi Amber!! I LOVE your blog!! Especially because I’m 5’10 and blonde like you and have a little baby boy 🙂 I also just converted to LDS a year ago! I love all of your modest clothes and I also love that you still wear what you want!! You have a beautiful family. I was wondering what you did different to your hair color? It looks blonder….I want to get my hair this color!! XO Kristen

    1. Hi Kristen!! Thank you SO much!! That means a lot to me!! I bet your little man is adorable!! And I am so happy for you and your conversion! The LDS Church is amazing, and I am so glad you get to experience the happiness it brings 🙂 As far as my hair, I recently got it done a bit blonder, so that is probably why it looks different!! I did more bleach foils for every low light! It’s fun to lighten it up for the spring/summer weather coming!!! Thanks for following along! xo

  5. I grew up in Santa Barbara! It’s my favorite place in the whole world:) Glad you enjoyed it! Love the maxi dress!

    1. Oh no way?! Lucky girl!! It’s so beautiful!! We loved it!! And thank you!! Glad you like it 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks love!! Glad you like it!! He really does flirt!! It’s too funny! A little charmer already 😉 haha thanks for reading!! xo

  6. Hi Amber,

    I know everyone has asked but I’m dying to know what lipstick/gloss you’re wearing?? You’re so beautiful! Also I haven’t checked for the braid tutorial yet, but I’m hoping it’s up on YouTube because it’s darling hair style!! xoxo

    1. Hi Jenni!! It is Coral Bliss from MAC 🙂 One of my favorites!! And aww thank you so much!! xo

  7. Where did you stay while in Santa Barbara. I am going in April and would love a recommendation.

    1. We stayed at the Marriott!! Always a good choice 🙂 Enjoy your trip!! xo

  8. Looks like a beautiful shoot! Thanks for the behind the scenes peek.
    P.S. still waiting for the big reveal as to why you moved to NY……I am convinced you are going to announce you have achieved supermodel status for some amazing company in addition to Maurices

    1. Thank you so much Carly!! It was gorgeous there!! And we moved to NYC for more opportunities for my blog 🙂 Definitely not a big supermodel or anything 😉 That’s so sweet of you though!! Thank you so much for the love and support!! xo

    1. Thanks Ashlee!! It was so beautiful there, a new favorite Cali spot for sure 🙂 xo

  9. So much fun! Love the hair <3
    btw, I miss you listing your lipsticks on your posts 🙁

    1. Thank you so much!! And I am sorry about that!! It is Coral Bliss from MAC. I wear a lot of the same ones 🙂

  10. I love Santa Barbara, such a pretty place to visit! Happy you and your family were able to enjoy yourselves and the weather. Can’t wait for Maurices to hit stores on May 3rd 🙂

    P.s I’m for sure trying that hair style!

    Stay Styled,

    Instagram: Stay_styled

    1. It really is such a dreamy place!! We had a great time. thank you!! 🙂 And yes, stay tuned!!! xoxo

  11. Ok, seriously Amber, these have to be some of my favorite pics of you and little Atticus!!!! You are simply Gorgeous and your smiles are to die for : )) This made my day when I saw this posted this morning because I just see so so much love in you guys that it just makes me happy!

    P.S already pinned your beautiful hair pic with that stunning braid xo

    1. Wow that is so sweet!!! I love them too, so that is nice to hear 🙂 You are amazing!! Thank you for making MY day!! I appreciate the love!! xoxo

    1. Oh my goodness!! Thank you!!! Way too nice of you! & I love the hashtag 😉 And yes, Santa Barbara was so dreamy!! Can’t wait to go back again sometime!!

  12. You are so beautiful! Love all your outfits, and adore the lipstick you are wearing in this post!

    1. Thank you Hannah!! I am so glad you like them!! And the lipstick is Coral Bliss from MAC!! xo

    1. It’s so fun having them with me!! I wouldn’t have it any other way! And aww thank you Rachel!! xo

  13. So in love with your hair in these photos, that braid is SO perfect! I’ve heard so many great things about Santa Barbra but I haven’t visited yet, I love california getaways!

    1. Thank you!! And yes definitely a fav California spot for sure!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Summer Ann!! I love having them with me 🙂 It’s so much more enjoyable!! xo

  14. That’s my hometown, and I’m headed there this weekend!
    It seriously is the most perfect paradise.

    1. I am so jealous!! It was so beautiful!! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend 🙂 xo

    1. Thank you Priscilla!! And oh yeah right!! But that’s so sweet of you!! Thanks for your kind words!! Have an amazing day!! xo

  15. How fun! I love that they accommodate for your family, what a great job.


    ps checked out the pieces and you look beautiful and I love your picks!

    1. Thank you so much!! It was a blast having my boys there 🙂 Thanks for reading!! XO

  16. Amber you are so beautiful! I love your lipstick, what color is it? 🙂

    1. Thank you!! That’s so nice of you!! And it is Coral Bliss from MAC 🙂

  17. Oh I love California! Lucky girl! Where and when do we get to see the shots from the photo shoot? Thank God it is warm here in Florida as well- got my dresses and sandals on already! Kisses pretty! xoxo, Sissi

    1. Thanks Sissi!! The photos are in the Maurices catalog 🙂 And wow! Sounds like perfect weather there!! Can’t wait for summer!! xo

  18. I love Santa Barbra! Such a great beach town with cute boutique shops and delicious food. As always, looking beautiful! What lipstick are you wearing!? It’s such a pretty color, I want to get it for myself 🙂

    Xoxo, Kalyn Goff

    1. It’s was so amazing!! We loved it all!! And thank you so much Kalyn!! The lipstick is Coral Bliss from MAC, one of my favorites! 🙂 xo

    1. Ahh it was so dreamy!! I definitely need to go back 🙂 Thanks for reading love!! xo

  19. I love the mismatched top and skirt…but I can’t find them on Maurice’s website. Help…what do I need to be looking under?

    1. Thank you!! That means a lot!! I am glad you like the dress!! It’s so cute and comfy!! xo

    1. Thank you!! I am glad you like it!! And the lipstick is Coral Bliss by MAC fyi 🙂 Thanks for your sweet words!! xo

    1. Thank you!! I am happy you like it!! And aww you’re so sweet!! I love having him by my side 🙂 xo

  20. Hi Amber

    Which lipstick (or gloss) are you wearing in these pics? I really love the color!

    1. I am wearing Coral Bliss from MAC 🙂 I love it!! Thanks for reading!! xo