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We are in San Diego right now and headed to Malibu later today! I know I have said this before but my sister in law’s house in California might be one of my favorite houses ever. Especially the dreamy backyard. Yesterday we played outside with cousins, the kids took naps in the bean bag chair with Viv (the pug), gave Viv about 10000 kisses, fed the horses, and went swimming. I rented an airbnb in Malibu forever ago so we are going to go there. I sometimes randomly sit on there and just find cool houses and book them. I even have one booked for my birthday in 2018 haha. I loved hearing their story on How I Built This — they seem like cool guys.

They have chickens here and so does my sis at home in AZ and it makes me want them so bad when our house is done being built. I love the fresh eggs and I love having the kids feed the chickens. Atticus is always so excited to go see them but then gets a little scared when they come close haha! My sisters chicken’s lay the most beautiful eggs – they are all different shades of pastel blue, cream, and shades of brown. When they are all together they are this really pretty color palette of eggs.

Anyways off to stuff my face with lots of VG Donuts.

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  1. Such a beautiful garden! Walking around a chicken coop barefoot. . . That takes guts!!

  2. Hi Amber! I’m asking this a little late (sorry!) but would you be able to message me with the zip code your SIL lives in? We’re getting stationed in San Diego next year and my husband will be immediately leaving on an 8 month deployment, leaving pregnant [hopefully] me and our 1.5 year old behind. We want to live somewhere safe with decent space for the kiddos to be able to play and run with our dogs. It’ll be a new area for me and I just want my hubs to know we’re ok before he leaves. 💜

  3. I love to watch your family creating such beautiful memories! I’m totally obsessed with Chickens 🐔 🐥 and we are looking for a new home where we can park our Airstream and have chickens! What a gorgeous backyard… it creates such a beautiful extension to the home. What do you think of the Silky’s?

  4. You should definitely get chickens!! My son loves them and there is nothing better than your own backyard eggs! Plus they are super easy to care for!!!!

  5. Love the pug Viv napping with the kids. Reminds me of our pugs and the cuddles they had with my babies.

  6. I still can’t get over how beautiful your family is. You guys always capture such amazing photos that makes me wish I was a mom of two traveling the world <3 Have to wait till the hubby comes back from deployment to start a little family of my own. Hope you guys are having a lovely day.


  7. These pictures are so dreamy! Reminds me of my trip to southern california a few months ago. We spent time in Carlsbad, near San Diego! Ponto Beach is a dream. I totally agree with you on the chickens too, I want to have my own chickens in the future so bad. There is something so special about fresh eggs.


  8. So happy you love San Diego! It really is just the best ! VG’s was my first job when I was 16 🙂 It doesn’t get any better. Enjoy Malibu!

  9. VG Donuts is everything. I got my wedding cake there and all the kids birthday cakes.

  10. Sounds like a fun little trip you have planned! I am also so guilty of browsing AirBnB looking for cute places to stay…sometimes it sucks up hours of time without me even noticing! lol. Eeeek!


  11. You look so beautiful in that simple dress. Love how flattering it is. I’m also glad I’m not the only one who daydreams on Airbnb haha!

    chevrons & éclairs – http://bit.ly/2uYTUXk

  12. I love that you already booked an AirBnB for next year – something to look forward to. But I’m so surprised you loved that episode! That podcast is my absolute favorite but I thought that episode was THE WORST hahaha! I almost didn’t finish listening to it because I could not stand the guy, he came across really arrogant to me, and it bugged me how many just stupid mistakes he made. I am so glad that he got lucky in the end because I like the service, but he rubbed me the wrong way as someone who thinks they are super smart because they go to a good school but lack common sense about things (like really he hadn’t tested out his site from the user side?!) and wound up lucky but comes off as planned success. But his story about the cereal had me dying laughing, I loved his ingenuity with that one!

    1. I just kind of like hearing that every start up isn’t perfect in the beginning! Everyone makes mistakes in the beginning and I love that he shared those. I also love that it shows anyone can chase their dream – they weren’t tech guys and still figured it out. But some parts he did bug me a little but I am not sure why ha! And yes the cereal was SO random and hilarious hahah. I also loved that they were smart about their marketing and used political press to their advantage. One person who actually bugged me and I didn’t finish the podcast was the Toms guy!

      1. Yeah I can definitely agree with that sentiment: it’s encouraging to hear that even companies we think of as uber successful go through challenges, sometimes so big that they almost fail! And I definitely love how he used his situation to his advantage and went for a seemingly crazy idea, trusting that if he would do it, others surely would too. And seriously so smart about the political press and conferences. I think that’s what also annoyed me too though haha because he was like “we hadn’t even considered that once the conference was over we would go back to no business!” Like, dude, you were using conferences as your model, so duhhhh! I haven’t listened to the Toms one but now I kind of don’t want to lol. I do still really need to listen to the Patagonia one though! Have you listened to Spanx or Dermalogica? Those have been my two favorites!

  13. Chickens are SUPER low maintenance – get a few! I had ameraucana, barred rock and rhode island reds when I lived in NorCal – they all laid different colors and they all looked so pretty together xx


  14. Oh it looks so beautiful and dreamy! A magical place and it reminds me of my summer vacations at my grandparents house when I was younger! They had so many animals as well and I loved helping my grandfather with them!
    Also I really love how you edited these pictures! They have such a dreamy mood and look a little bit like they are made with a polaroid! Love it <3
    You should do a blogger blogpost about photography 🙂

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3