Barefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde0R2A9594-3Barefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde0R2A9208-2NAIL POLISH: You’re Such a Budapest // NAIL FILE: Sally Beauty Supply // SANDING BLOCK: Sally Beauty Supply // TOP : Townsen // JEANS: Rag & Bone // COAT: Maje (Sold out similar here) // OVERSIZED SCARF: ASOS // iPHONE 6 PLUS CASE: Zero Gravity

So I finally got around to peeling off my gel nails, and of course my nails are destroyed! Gel nails are starting to get a little too high maintenance for me. With Atticus it’s especially hard to find time to get my nails done, and since I threw out pretty much all my nail polish during the move, I had to get some more! So on Saturday, while David, Atticus and I were in Queens continuing the exploration of all the 5 boroughs, we stopped by Sally Beauty. I needed to get new lashes, and since I always get them at Sally, I figured I’d stock up on pins and hair bands. But then I discovered their new nail wall that is now in all of their stores, and can I say, it’s SO amazing, literally a rainbow with over 750 shades! I got a few new colors including this OPI color, You’re Such a Budapest. I LOVE it. I got a few other tools to do damage control on my nails and made off with a pretty good haul.

To get rid off all the scuffs, gunk and damage that gel nails leave behind, I used a sanding block to sand down and smooth my nail bed before filing. Then just applied the polish like normal.

*Thanks to Sally Beauty Supply for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Yeah, gel nails always sound like a good idea at first and then I get them and I’m like, “Never again!” …and then I do it again like two months later. LOL.

    Also, your lashes in that first pic are like literally perfect. <3

    Lauren | Disco Daydream

  2. Your nail color looks very pretty. I was thinking of trying few gel nails but then dropped the idea because they look weird after peel off.

  3. I love doing my own nails. For me it’s all about time and I find if I do them quickly at home it takes less time than driving to the salon and spending an hour there. Plus my nails are so strong now that they aren’t overbuffed. I have such a hard time picking out colours though. I would have stood staring at that gorgeous colour wall for ages!

    Love from South Africa

  4. I do my own gel nails at home with the sensational starter kit. I do them every two weeks and my nails aren’t damagard what so ever. Once and awhile I use cuticle oil just to make my nails super healthy! When I get gel nails done at a salon, my nails are in the worst shape after. I think it’s the chemicals they use.

  5. I love that periwinkle purple tint! it’s such a great transitional color from winter to spring, great choice love!

    xoxo hails.

  6. okay–so I just peeled my gel nails off last week and my nails are destroyed too!! they keep breaking off and stuff ahh! haha!! I know better but always end up here, could you tell me what you got to do damage control on your nails? I so need the help!!

  7. I have been wearing Gels now for over a year and yes, my nails are a wreck! Thanks for the Sally Beauty tip, I’ll have to check it out! 🙂

  8. Wow Amber: your Sally Beauty has an amazing selection! Mine is in the crappiest area – I don´t even want to go there lmao! Kisses, Sissi

  9. someone needs to make nail polish that is really strong like gel nails, but that doesn’t destroy our nails haha. i hate hate chipped nails, but you’re right. who has time to get gel nail refills all the time?!

  10. Have you always worn the fake eyelashes or have you gotten eyelash extensions before? I’m also a mom and don’t have time to get eyelash extensions touched up all the time, so I use the Ardell individual lashes! I can do them myself and I always have extra so when one falls out I can just replace it. They last over a week too without having any fall out as long as you are careful when you remove your makeup. You should try them out!

  11. I haven’t painted my nails in a long time, and I think a lot of my nail polish is just dried up or way past it’s expiry date. Time to stock up on some new, fresh, spring colors! I’ve never tried gel nails because they do seem a bit too high maintenance for me.

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins