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Saks Fifth Avenue is having a Friends and Family 30% off selected apparel, shoes and accessories sale (Use code FRNFAM.) I wanted to share some of my favorites! Vince is one of my favorite brands – my most worn pieces are Vince and Equipment sweaters and tops! They are so soft and such nice quality that they last years and years. So now is a good time to grab some!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Ours was pretty crazy but I’ve been up all night and I’m going to bed so I will share more later 🙂 xo

*Thanks to ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

Photos from Saks Friends & Family

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  1. I’ve read your blog for a couple of years even though I have a pixie cut(not much hair to braid) and much of what you wear is way out of my budget, because you write so conversationally and let’s be real, once Chauncey and Atticus(and now human babe two!) came on the scene I was hooked for good, but reading your posts turned out to be helpful for more than entertainment value when I found a Vince sweater at Nordstrom Rack yesterday for $60. It was navy and white, my preferred colors for basically everything I wear, and remembering that you love the brand and said that their pieces last forever sealed the deal. Thanks for sharing your experiences with high end brands!

    1. I know right?! Too much good stuff!! 😉 Thanks for reading love!! xo

    1. It is amazing huh?! So classy and simple!! Thanks for following along Casey, I appreciate it!! xo

  2. Love the pinks! That crossbody bag is super cute! I actually snagged myself a maxi dress for spring and summer. Woo!

    1. Totally!! I’m obsessed!! And ooo nice, I love maxi dresses!! So glad you got a spring dress 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xo

  3. There are so many great sales right now!
    I have been wearing the dutch side braid consistently and have gotten a ton of comments, so many that I decided to do my own tutorial on it. I credited and linked you in the post…..hope that is ok. Thanks for inspiration and amazing tutorials.
    $300 Shopping Spree Giveaway at Dresses & Denim

    1. Oh my gosh I know!!! Lots of spring shopping to be done!! Ahh I am in trouble 😉 And yay!! I am so glad you liked the dutch side braid!! And of course!! Thanks for the credit!! XO

  4. I love sales!!
    I hope little Atticus starts to feel better!<3
    Xoxo, Lacy

    1. I am right there with ya!! Too good to pass up 😉 And aww thanks love!! xo

  5. I am so excited to shop again in a couple of months. I love maternity clothes but I miss my old closet too hehe
    Only 3 more months to go! I can’t wait to meet my baby boy.
    What were your favorite maternity Spanx?
    I also love those pink Blush colors!
    Xoxo Andrea

  6. I hope Atticus starts to feel a bit better, the snapchat made him look so sad! Hope you can have a little rest day too. Much love being sent to you two, heal fast! xoxx, Beth.

    1. Thank you so much Beth!! He is feeling MUCH better, I am so glad! Poor little guy 🙁 Thanks for thinking of us!! Love ya! xo

    1. Amazing right?! So much cute stuff!! And he is feeling much better, thank goodness!! It was a rough couple days for sure 🙁 Thank you so much for checking on him! You’re so sweet!! xo